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The Producer (2012) · Short Film

The Producer (2012) is a short film written and produced by Dänna Wilberg. One of ten winning selections in the 2012 Access Sacramento screenwriting contest A Place Called Sacramento.

The story follows Evelyn Godfrey, a woman who believes the we are in control of our own story. Adam, Evelyn's son who is a filmmaker, who has estranged himself from his wife Sara. Adam is torn between his mother's incoherent ramblings about life and death and his responsibility to make his movie. Sara tries to comfort Adam about his mother, but his stubbornness supersedes his ability to reason and his preoccupation with producing his movie.

Evelyn begins the journey to the other side when she is visited by her husband Sam. Evelyn is then sitting with a robed man in a theater watching the credits of her life. And she is off to the next adventure.

1 Plot

Evelyn Godfrey is dying. She has had a wonderful life with no regrets. She reminisces about her husband Sam and how she has missed him.

1.1 Tagline

Ever wonder what happens when we die?

This film is dedicated to my Producer
Sonia Dennis
November 1927 - February 2011

Ever wonder what happens when you die? Evelyn Godfrey believes we are producers of our own the very end.

2 Cast

3 Production

3.1 Interview

Read the Weblog Aria Pictures PCS Journey Part 5: The Producer

3.1.1 Introduction

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 message
12:05:08 PM Dänna Wilberg: Hi Gerald, are you writing something for PCS?
12:05:27 PM Gerald: Yes and no. I am writing, but not sure if I want to submit it.
12:05:52 PM Gerald: I think my time is over. I did it two years in a row with two of my own, and with five other films. They may not want me.
2:21:56 PM Dänna Wilberg: I feel the same. This would be my 4th stab at producing. Not sure I have a winning script (in PCS competition not final) but something came to mind, not sure if it is appropriate. Very deep. Special FX of course, with a twist!  Cuz that's the way I roll. I wish you well, and if you do make it, keep me in mind. I'd love to help out.

On Tuesday, January 31, 2012, Dänna asks Gerald in a message if he will be attending the Crocker on Thursday. Gerald tells her that he is, and he was able to send in a better copy of the WATERING hole so they do not play the terrible copy they messed up at the Access Event. Dänna is going to pretend that she does not care if her Borrowed Time plays lousy.

3.1.2 Leading

On Friday, February 3, 2012, ^2Dänna asks Gerald, “How hard would it be to create angels and ethereal light at the Crocker? Just thinking.” Gerald tells her that, “Nothing is impossible. ^3It all depends on how good the person is you get and how much time you give them.” Dänna tells Gerald that she just submitted her screenplay and she mentions, “I may need your help, if you're willing.”

3.1.3 Evaluating

Monday, February 27, 2012 message
1:00:49 PM Dänna Wilberg: I emailed you my story "The Producer"
1:26:47 PM Dänna Wilberg: It is actually based on my mothers dying experience last year. She said we are all "producers" of our own lives. She picked her cast and crew in the end. What an exit.
1:28:22 PM Dänna Wilberg: I wrote the script in a couple of hours. She was a great infuence in my life.
1:28:58 PM Dänna Wilberg: Not sure if it would get picked though, maybe too morbid.
1:48:54 PM Gerald: I thought for sure last year they would select THE GOLdEN TREEs and see the continuing story ABOUT Sacramento's history
1:48:56 PM Gerald: nope.
1:49:11 PM Gerald: Or a tender family story called Petite Chardonnay.
1:49:16 PM Gerald: nope they chose the weird one.
1:49:20 PM Dänna Wilberg: All we can do is try. I guess. I would have to have permission to film in the Crocker before I would submit.
1:51:33 PM Dänna Wilberg: I visualized the last scene being shot at the Crocker. Its perfect!!
1:52:43 PM Dänna Wilberg: let me know what you think. I would want the SPFX to be right this time!!
3:33:07 PM Gerald: Nice story. Your hurdle will be the effects at the end.
3:33:12 PM Dänna Wilberg: I need to change some of the terminology and fix the location tags, but the story is what it is.
3:33:16 PM Gerald: There are a few monir formatting issues and film set lingo
3:33:49 PM Gerald: The First Assistant Director, actually if you only have one Assistent Director, they are the Assistant Director. The AD quiets everyone on set then says, "Role sound." This also is the cue for the camera to start recording. sound guys says "Speed." Camera Operator says, "Camera rolling." Ifyou have more than one, than Camera Operator Two says, "Camera two rolling." The 2 Assistant Camera is the slate, not the AD.
3:35:11 PM Gerald: No need to say "scene." We already know it is a scene. Just say the scene number, camera set up letter, and the take. Then snap and get out of the way. The the AD tells everyone to settle. The Director takes over.
3:37:45 PM Dänna Wilberg: I was looking at the behind the scenes reel Greg did to get the steps
3:39:51 PM Dänna Wilberg: I appreciate the input!
3:55:11 PM Dänna Wilberg: Do you think it's too dark for pcs? Depressing?
3:55:34 PM Gerald: Actually. It is just what they need
3:56:01 PM Gerald: Something with content. If you can get what you vision from the page to the screen the way you want it, then it will be amazing
3:56:48 PM Dänna Wilberg: lol, wouldn't that be a miracle!!
3:58:05 PM Dänna Wilberg: I want to try and direct. I may have difficulty, but at least I can do it my way
4:07:27 PM Gerald: Find people you know and trust and then let those poeple get people they trust and know to help.
4:14:10 PM Dänna Wilberg: Good advice. Thanks Gerald! I think maybe directing may eliminate some of the "misunderstanding."
4:14:38 PM Gerald: If you get a director, make sure that they see it the way you see it.
4:20:29 PM Dänna Wilberg: Well, I hope you submit yours and get picked. I love your story, and it will be amazing!! That's good advice. There is SOO much I don't know, but I do know one thing, I won't know until I try. You've given me great advice. And I don't mind suggestions, I feel there are many ways to do something, and welcome input.
4:25:04 PM Dänna Wilberg: I would like to work with someone who can be an extra pair of eyes and ears, make suggestions, be creative without rewriting the script.
4:38:52 PM Dänna Wilberg: I would like to have more input, with actors, how scenes are shot. I have NO clue about lighting and shadows, sound etc
4:40:00 PM Gerald: Sometimes you have to rewrite the screenplay to adapt to your limited resources. I know I have.

On Monday, April 2, 2012, Dänna Wilberg tells Gerald through a message that she got a response from the Crocker for the use for the use of the location and they want $3200. Dänna just laughs and says “Never mind! ” She did send them a plea to reconsider since it is for a fundraiser for public TV, and they are a publicly funded by the state, and donations as well. But they did not not budge. Dänna is hesitant about submitting until she finds another location. “Could that last scene be done effectively in post? ” Gerald replies, “^6As I mentioned before, it all depends on the skills and time the person doing them has. For something done by a non-professional, you have to look at the difficulty and complexity of the effect, and how soon and how good you want it done. Fast does not mean good.”

Dänna mentions she was thinking a fog machine may be effective. And maybe the Crest Theater has a smaller theater. “If the stairway is flooded with light, that may work. ***Are you ok with me brainstorming this with you? ” Gerald replies, “It could work, if that is the effect you want. All movies have to make adjustments for many reasons even locations. But they do not give up. Neither should you. If the story is strong, It will not matter where. You just have to make some changes and give up your baby.”

Give up your baby? ” Gerald explains that it is a term he learned that means when you create art: a song, a picture, a story and you started it because of a phrase, a lyric, a guitar lick, or something which is dear to you like a baby. At some point that baby is keeping the art from its potential, and you have to give up your baby so the art can grow. It is the hardest thing for any artist to do. Dänna thanks gerald states, “I just would like to make a really good film! Spending too much time dwelling on it. I have to get chosen first! LOL!

3.1.4 Negotiation

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 message
2:23:06 PM Dänna Wilberg: Hi Gerald, I am filling out my submission form for PCS, can I put you down for a position, like director?
2:23:49 PM Gerald: What? I thought you were directing?
2:23:53 PM Gerald: It is your vision and you need to be 100% involved
2:24:24 PM Gerald: How about if I will work side by side with you as co director?
2:25:25 PM Dänna Wilberg: Really?? That would be awesome!!
2:24:27 PM Gerald: I will NOT put you through what you have been through in the past. ^10But I will be honest about whether or not something can or cannot be done. You have to be open and adaptable to making changes
2:25:03 PM Dänna Wilberg: I am truly grateful for that!!
2:26:11 PM Dänna Wilberg: I appreciate it!! I would love to work as a team! ^8I know you have the expertise to help me pull this off, and I will do you proud!
2:26:59 PM Gerald: I know the writing is something I love to be involved with I appreciate the need and request. I have been wanting to work with you since The Push.
2:27:44 PM Dänna Wilberg: Thank you!!
2:28:02 PM Dänna Wilberg: Now...just have to get picked! LOL!
2:30:15 PM Dänna Wilberg: thanks! You made my day!

Dänna asks Gerald about camera operators and he tells her he has four of them he recommends. Brendan Brooks, Jim heck, Mark Hoffman, and Damon Chamberlain. Dänna knows Mark Hoffman from Borrowed Time. He is a neighbor of hers and her favorite actor. Gerald explains that Mark is taking up the camera to learn the cinematography side and that he would be a great director — an actor's director. Mark Hoffman was one of the cinematographers on the WATERING hole. “I hate to get this excited so early in the game! Thanks Gerald, I appreciate your help, and your FAITH in me and my story. Above all, I would love to have a project where everyone has fun, and is happy with the results.”

3.2 Selected

Friday, May 18, 2012 message
10:05:59 AM Dänna Wilberg: WE ARE IN!!  Not supposed to tell anyone, I don't think Ron meant our crew!!
10:06:37 AM Gerald: In? The producer?
10:06:54 AM Dänna Wilberg: YES!!
10:07:48 AM Gerald: Wow, Really?
10:08:37 AM Dänna Wilberg: Yes...perhaps we can meet before the Cast and Crew event?
10:09:52 AM Gerald: Congrats.
10:10:47 AM Dänna Wilberg: thrilled! Lets make it amazing, k?
10:11:26 AM Gerald: Gonna have to reschedule my summer
10:11:39 AM Gerald: I really did not expect this. Of course I figured you would get in. But I am in post with Petite Chardonnay. Mid-July my composer sends me all the music
10:13:30 AM Gerald: The Cast & Crew call is in two weeks + a day
10:28:30 AM Dänna Wilberg: Ok, cool. Let em know when you will be available.
10:29:30 AM Dänna Wilberg: I have a lot of work to do to prepare for pre-production.

Dänna asks Gerald if he is happy about the news or if it is going to be overwhelming to rearranging his schedule. Gerald reassures her that it has nothing to do with that. He told his crew that he was not submitting a screenplay this year, but might be helping if she gets selected. “And that person is so happy to have you! ” Dänna assures Gerald. Most of Gerald's trusted people made plans for the summer with their family. He is going to have to sweet-talk a few into helping him crew the film.

Friday, May 18, 2012 message
10:50:54 AM Gerald: Any idea about days, locations?
10:51:50 AM Gerald: I am in no way going to suggest or control the auditioning and casting process.
10:52:18 AM Dänna Wilberg: NOPE! That's what I will be working on beforehand. I want to give others a chance to participate. I wanted to pass some things by you before I make any requests.
10:52:52 AM Gerald: And if you were sill wanting me direct or help direct, co direct, then we should discuss your needs, and who you have worked with before that you want to help. But I need to be in charge of crew members before you bring them on
10:55:32 AM Dänna Wilberg: I have some actors in mind. Victoria Goldblatt for Evelyn, Glenn Koepple for "Figure", Jenyn Darnell for Sara.
10:57:58 AM Dänna Wilberg: Victoria was in Little Thieves and The Push. So was Glenn (Robber and Druggie) Jenyn is new.
11:00:02 AM Gerald: Oh you mean G August K?
11:00:19 AM Dänna Wilberg: I like Victoria because she is versatile. She can be 80 or 40. Glenn IS the perfect Christ figure, not sure about Adam. I want to audition for all parts. Mark can play the DP, we can get someone elde to film him, hahaha
11:03:08 AM Gerald: I might see about Rob Tillitz. He is getting into that now as well and wants to learn more, or do more with it anyway
11:03:39 AM Dänna Wilberg: Awesome! I thought about Rob for Adam too.
11:03:57 AM Gerald: Rob is a great actor
11:04:03 AM Dänna Wilberg: Woohoo! Thrilled!
11:04:20 AM Gerald: He might be my Johnny Depp to Tim Burton
11:04:32 AM Gerald: I am not Tim Burton
11:05:48 AM Dänna Wilberg: I have a make-up person, casting director, music.
11:06:09 AM Dänna Wilberg: That's awesome! I know I am looking forward to working with you. I feel VERY lucky!
11:09:13 AM Dänna Wilberg: My daughter will help me with casting. Music, guy from Juliard is chomping at the bit. He's been working on this since he heard I was submitting. I haven't heard what he has yet, but I have heard some of his work. He's amazing.

3.3 Casting

3.3.1 Access Sacramento's Cast & Crew Call

Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Cast & Crew Call 2012.

A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival 2012 Cast & Crew Call and Open House

Located at the Coloma Community Center on 4623 T Street, Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95819-4743

Ron Cooper Monday, May 7, 2012 email


Access Sacramento invites you to our Express Yourself Festival and "PCS" Cast & Crew Call on Saturday, June 2nd from 1 to 5 pm in the Auditorium and Television Studios at Coloma Community Center, 4623 T Street, Sacramento. Access Sacramento welcomes participation by filmmakers, artists, musicians, actors, major media organizations and nonprofit groups. Additionally, you can sign-up, audition, and help make a movie this summer. No experience necessary. We need hundreds of local volunteers to make ten short films

We will showcase major media contributors such as The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Press, KCRA Channel 3, KXTV News 10 and many others. Access Sacramento and other nonprofits will demonstrate their web sites and invite you to submit stories about your neighborhoods. Learn how these organizations invite "community reporting" from you and your neighbors.

Access Sacramento will showcase our volunteers, folks just like YOU, who have learned to produce short films, TV and radio shows. Additionally, maybe you will be selected to play a role in a "PCS" movie. Hear the ten filmmakers explain their projects. Bring headshots and contact info.

· Ten movies need your help - are you ready for "lights, camera, and action?"
· Come and learn how you or any Sacramento County resident can see yourself on TV or learn to host your own radio program.
· Ask questions of local major media organizations, learn how to use their web sites and share your voice and organizational press releases.
· See demonstrate of the chroma-key "green studio" and how easy it is to create public service announcements, talk shows and local newscasts.
· Are you into music? In the television studio, we will demonstrate studio production skills with guests from our "Listen UP, Sacramento!" program featuring local bands and artists.
· Our Media Lab will demo our new website showcasing digital content from our Neighborhood News partner organizations.
· Plus there will be food and fun for everyone. The celebration will showcase how Access Sacramento is "making a difference, one voice at a time." See you here!

Saturday, JUNE 2 from 1 to 5 pm

Access Sacramento is a nonprofit community media organization dedicated to bringing the tools and training for television, radio, film, and use of the Internet to all Sacramento County residents. We manage cable channels 17 and 18 and the web sites and for neighborhood news organizations and community reporter stories.

3.3.2 Auditions

Dänna Wilberg Wednesday, June 13, 2012 email

Hello Illustrious Actors, We will be holding auditions for The Producer (2012) on Sunday, June 17, 2012 -from 9am-1pm at Grape Video. (address below)* Please RSVP: if you will be auditioning, and the part you will be reading. (please arrive no later than 12:00pm to be seen)
The roles I will be casting:
Adam - 55-65 - Caucasian
Sara - 45-60 - Caucasian
Jack - 21-28
Diane - 21-28

Note: These roles will be cast according to the dynamics of the "couple." Adam and Sara Godfrey, and Jack and Diane,our young couple in love. The love scene between Jack and Diane requires passionate kissing, sexual innuendo, no inappropriate touching or nudity."G" rated! LOL. I appreciate your time and expertise!

Grape Video Productions
1787 Tribute Rd. Suite J
Sacramento, CA 95815

On Monday, June 18, 2012, Dänna messages Gerald “I was blown away by some the performances. Victoria is amazing! I just called Rob to play Adam. Wouldn't have it any other way.”

3.4 Pre-Production

3.4.1 Friday, June 1, 2012

Gerald asked Dänna through a message about getting the most current version of the screenplay so he can begin formatting it for his Director use and create reports for the cast and crew. ^7Dänna mentions that she is working on an alternate ending, if it can be done. “As each person rises in the theater, they dematerialize into light beams (orbs) and float away. When Evelyn and figure step out from the theater, they walk into clouds. They dematerialize and become light beams (orbs) very colorful, (figure-larger light) as they finish dialog.”

Gerald reviews the screenplay and questions Dänna about a hallway with a window. “Those are far and few between. I lived in one house with a hallway window, but that was in Illinois, and it was a 5 story house. I have not seen a window in a hallway in any California house. Not one that did not have 10 rooms in it.”

Dänna also had a tracking shot from a second bedroom next to Evelyn's coming through it and see Adam. Gerald tells her that the tracking shot will take time away from telling the story. Gerald asks, “if it can be Evelyn's room, and we track to her in bed and hear Adam and then cut to him outside the door?.” Dänna asks, “Do you mean her window? I thought of that. I would love to start there! YES, I can see that. We start in Ev's room with window. We hear Adam outside in hallway. A photo of Sam. Maybe Sam with an oscar? ” “Now you got it! ” Gerald encourages her.

Dänna tells Gerald that she thinks Randy Taylor would be the right person to play Sam, but Gerald is worried about who says cut at the end of the movie. Dänna affirms that that voice will be the Figure character played by Glenn.

Friday, June 1, 2012 message
12:12:14 PM Gerald: Wings? How many audience members? You might want to just have them in white robes, gowns, and such, and as the two rise and exit, the white screen glows and takes fills the screen. Then you can put the two where ever you want. Clouds, Walking somewhere.
12:12:39 PM Gerald: ^4Orbs may be time consuming and complicated, but if you can find an effects person with time and skills
12:15:33 PM Dänna Wilberg: The wings were costly, and still may use a couple, but I really think the orbs would be AMAZING!
12:15:55 PM Gerald: You have actual wings made?
12:20:52 PM Dänna Wilberg: No. I have the one I use when I am impersonating an angel. But those are very special, and I don't loan them out. They have super powers.

^1Dänna believes that all the Visual Effects should not be too difficult to do. Gerald knows this is not going to end well as there is no one in the area that has the time or skills that wants to or can do it in the time required for free. Gerald and Dänna discuss at great lengths the way the theater audience, Evelyn, and the Figure should, could, and when they exit the theater while still delivering the ending punch line. Dänna wants them to dematerializing into orbs before they exit the theater or afterward. It all ends with the way that it is worded, plus Gerald gives up trying to explain to her the amount of time it will take to see the characters cross to the exit of the theater from where she wants them sitting in the theater. And it will depend on which theater she is able to use. Gerald is not sure that fifty people are going to be easy to turn into orbs. That is fifty different effects shots for the person to create. And the time it will take to set up and capture the angles to create that could take more than eight hours. Gerald asks Dänna to reconsider and either lower the audience members or simplify the ending. He reminds her that, “The ending is crucial. Very crucial. Not that the rest is not, but this will linger with people. It needs to be thought out, romantic, angelic, special, and emotional, but not difficult to accomplish in the short amount of time we have.” Dänna agrees and states, “Victoria is going to blow the sox off this performance!

12:59:40 PM Gerald: The effects for the WATERING hole, which we had 4, and they were the same effect, took 4 weeks to complete.
12:59:55 PM Dänna Wilberg: And they were amazing! ^9That's why I know you can do this, and it will be amazing!
1:00:00 PM Gerald: I did not do them. Rob paid Devaughn Keys to do them
1:03:00 PM Dänna Wilberg: Oh...
1:03:14 PM Gerald: ^5If you were to just do Evelyn and the Figure as orbs, I would not be so anxious about the whole thing. That is just two effects, complex, but still just two. But adding the audience, is a big undertaking
1:03:56 PM Gerald: EFFECTS can MAKE or BREAK a movie
1:04:43 PM Gerald: Which is what I told Rob. He wanted water snakes and other things that totalled twelve effects. I said no. Even if he was going to pay for it. I asked him, what happens if they do not get done? we do not have a movie. He had illusions of grandure.
1:08:10 PM Dänna Wilberg: what if we have a few audience members following them, and everyone dematerializes at once? Then we see pops, like flashbulbs going off as eveyone turns into orbs?
1:08:34 PM Gerald: Each character is a different effect whether at the same time as the others or not. But that sounds less complicated if I understand your vision.
1:08:46 PM Gerald: I am wondering why we even need to see the audience do anything? The story is not about them. We are already in tight to Evelyn and Figure when we hear chears.
1:09:23 PM Dänna Wilberg: I was thinking family, soul group
1:09:33 PM Gerald: But will the audience get that?
1:16:20 PM Dänna Wilberg: I agree, and if I don't feel comfortable with the way we are approaching it, I will regroup. I don't want another "almost." It takes a lot of committment and my motto is where there is a will, there is a way!
1:16:23 PM Gerald: There is always a way, but do you have the money to make it happen, and the time? Get an experienced effects person from Skywalker Ranch, you are gonna pay tens of thousands, and they might get it done in 4 weeks. Just trying to be the Line Producer and keep you on the goal. A good story at a good price, done in a timely manner.
1:17:00 PM Dänna Wilberg: I think we will make a great team.

3.4.1 Friday, June 8, 2012

Dänna and Gerald discuss at length camera operators and camera equipment. Josh Mihal was mentioned, but he does not have his own gear, but he came across that he did. Dänna thinks Jim Baily is avoiding her, and Rob Tillitz was brought up as maybe he would loan his camera even if he is not the camera person in the film. Gerald feels odd about using Rob behind the camera since Rob is a good actor. Mark Hoffman was interested, but the scheduling for the production did not work with his schedule. Greg Parrish came to Gerald and offered his talents which included Camera, Cinematographer, and effects. But Gerald remembers Dänna telling him about her experience with Greg on another one of her films. She tells Gerald that she has no problem with Greg, other than he wanted things his way.

Dänna tells Gerald at 10:00am that, “I found an effects person who just graduated from college and does all kinds of stuff.” Gerald is not thrilled to hear about this. “Probably another AI student. But if that is all she has to choose from, that is what she gets.”

Gerald receives a message from Rob Tillitz in regards to using his camera, playing the role of Adam, and his encounters with Dänna “In the past, I've had three different experiences with her messaging me, getting me wound up about a part, telling me I'm the perfect guy, making me think I have the past, then last minute saying, oh by the way, you must audition. Then after auditioning I don't get it.”

Dänna messages Gerald at 11:00am with a question. “Just a thought. Your suggestion of showing a field of flowers at the end of the film has me thinking. What if instead of Figure and E walking out the door into clouds, they dematerialize AS they walk through the door, and on the other side of door, we hear them finish dialog? The sun is set ablaze momentarily, it sets, and we see one star twinkle next to it. Just thinking. The sun representing the figure, the star Evelyn.”

3.4.3 Monday, June 11, 2012

On Monday, June 11, 2012, Dänna informs Gerald through messages that she would like to have a production meeting to check out locations. She also tells him that she has a place to hold auditions, but needs to set a date for them, she was thinking about Thursday from 4:00 - 9:00pm or maybe Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm, because Jeneyn is gone until Sunday.

The Chapel is unavailable for viewing until the Sister gets back, but we have the Colonial Performing Arts Theater on Folsom for July 1st.” Dänna reports. Gerald tells her that Laura wanted him to direct her film this year, but he had to turn her down, and feels really bad about it.

10:19:59 AM Gerald: I think we might have the key crew committed. Cameras: Greg and Katelyn
10:20:13 AM Dänna Wilberg: Greg said yes?
10:20:17 AM Gerald: Audio is Scott, and I have equip for other, just need to find a person
10:20:38 AM Dänna Wilberg: I have PA's
10:20:46 AM Gerald: Greg said he would help me out on anything
10:21:10 AM Dänna Wilberg: He's already committed to 2 films.
10:21:56 AM Gerald: What? He never said that.
10:22:30 AM Gerald: argh!!!
10:23:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: Terri is the young man you had for PA
10:23:41 AM Gerald: I had a Terri?
10:24:06 AM Dänna Wilberg: Who is the young man you had on Petite Chardonay?
10:24:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: He was producer asst
10:24:33 AM Gerald: you mean Frank?
10:24:35 AM Dänna Wilberg: He was at the cast and crew call, you said he was terrific!
10:24:56 AM Gerald: He was the Assistant Director
10:25:06 AM Gerald: Basically the man in charge of the set
10:25:13 AM Dänna Wilberg: Young guy
10:25:34 AM Dänna Wilberg: His name isn't Terri?
10:27:37 AM Gerald: Basically I answered to him, unless I wanted to pull rank
10:28:16 AM Gerald: He kept the crew in the right spots, got things moved, quieted everyone down. organized things
10:28:31 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok. found him
10:29:06 AM Dänna Wilberg: super. I'm going to call him today. set up a meeting
10:29:47 AM Gerald: Okay. Katelyn Ellis for camera
10:30:22 AM Dänna Wilberg: Katelyn is in a wheel chair, did you know that?
10:30:33 AM Gerald: I did not.
10:32:03 AM Gerald: We will need to get another camera op for steady-cam, high shots, and to go into tight small places.
10:32:44 AM Gerald: A wheel chair does not effect talent, desire, or passion
10:33:07 AM Dänna Wilberg: I agree, but hard to film in tight spots, etc.
10:33:09 AM Gerald: You said her mom helps out or helps her
10:33:36 AM Dänna Wilberg: she film too, but I'm not sure if it is just a hobby with her.
10:33:42 AM Gerald: If she has a monitor and we have a camera operator, she can direct the camera operator in angles and such
10:34:00 AM Gerald: That is what a Director of Photography does. They do not always run the camera, but set it up for the camera operator
10:35:30 AM Dänna Wilberg: I do think she would be good for SPFX
10:35:58 AM Gerald: so give me the list of names you have for people that want to help, and what they do
10:36:28 AM Gerald: I have been getting actor requests, since they found out I was helping you
10:36:39 AM Gerald: From actors I have worked with but I told them to go through you
10:39:31 AM Dänna Wilberg: I am pretty sure I have most of the actors lined up, Rich Ryan said he'd love to play Jack, I have a couple girls for Diane in mind
10:40:17 AM Dänna Wilberg: I want to hear Rob read for Adam, and a couple of others wanted to audition. I want to hear Rob read with Jenyn
10:41:11 AM Dänna Wilberg: the most important thing is to get a camera person onboard!
11:01:42 AM Gerald: I begged and pleaded with Brendan and Jim one more time, but no go
11:01:49 AM Gerald: They do not love me anymore
11:06:57 AM Dänna Wilberg: lol...normally I am all set to go with everything! Without Mark coming out of the gate, we are behind.
11:07:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: Is 3 hrs enough for theater scene?
11:07:29 AM Gerald: Hard to say. But if the theater scene is going to be the first day, three hours is NOT going to be enough time to get to know the crew and how we work together
11:09:20 AM Dänna Wilberg: dslr ok or red?
11:10:05 AM Gerald: dslr at this time, red is a whole different set up for lighting, and post.
11:10:20 AM Gerald: If it is red, it will be one camera, cannot mix dslr and red
11:10:28 AM Gerald: Well, you can, more work in post. You have to downgrade the red media to match the lesser quality of the other camera. Then why use a red? Or just do one camera with a red. But a Red creates really Big Files. Not the kind you can easily transfer over the internet. At least not mine.
3:48:39 PM Dänna Wilberg: I normally have all my ducks in a row by now. This is frustrating.
3:49:01 PM Dänna Wilberg: Not to mention driving you nuts!! LOL!
3:49:46 PM Dänna Wilberg: It will all work out.

3.4.4 Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 message
5:36:20 PM ^17Dänna Wilberg: we have a DP! He's going to call you tonight, ok? I'd like you to discuss equipment with him. His name is Rich Beckermeyer, he worked with us last year on BT, I was going to use him as script super, but saw that he does video! We are good to go!
5:41:42 PM Dänna Wilberg: So we have Rich as DP and Katelyn as second camera and SPFX. GOOD?
5:42:59 PM Dänna Wilberg: I'm sure this is going to be good. He wants to work with us, there lies the difference! LOL
5:44:20 PM Dänna Wilberg: super, we have a crew!

3.4.5 Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frank Cosgriff Wednesday, June 13, 2012 email

Hi Danna, I'll apologize first for taking so long to respond, again for doing so via email, and a final time for the bad news I'm about to deliver.

I'm afraid I have to back away from helping you produce your film. Growing pressures at work would make it very difficult for me to commit to your project with the focus it merits. I would rather bow out now than rock the boat farther into production. Please feel free to keep me informed of your shooting schedule. Perhaps I'll at least be available to lend a hand on set.

I've Cc'd Gerald on this message, as he vouched for me and so is owed some of this apology as well. You're in good hands with him.

7:52:47 AM Dänna Wilberg: Morning Gerald! Did Rich call you last night?
7:53:00 AM Gerald: Nope
8:13:36 AM Dänna Wilberg: I am waiting to hear back from the Chapel today. I am going to check out the theater in old Folsom. It may be a better option. It's VERY small, but they may let us use it for the day, rather than 3 hrs.
8:14:01 AM Dänna Wilberg: There is also the Imagination Theater in Placerville.
8:42:45 AM Dänna Wilberg: Amber House
8:43:09 AM Dänna Wilberg: Check it out...We could have it on a Sunday afternoon or Monday
8:44:56 AM Dänna Wilberg: bedroom, dining, Sunday afternoon, or Monday all day
8:48:37 AM Dänna Wilberg: she said the kitchen is off limits, but the dining room is available. we could have Adam walk into the kitchen, grab the ketchup and walk back, and just show Sara walking to room with tray
8:48:56 AM Dänna Wilberg: I am going to check it out this week.

3.4.6 Thursday, June 14, 2012

On Thursday, June 14, 2012, Dänna messages Gerald that she went down to the Folsom Theater yesterday, but they were closed. Frank is not available. Diane Boyd can be the Script Superviser. Gerald requests that anyone she wants to get for above the line positions, he would like to talk to them before she confirms them. He mentioned that to her at the beginning. He would like to keep the crew down to a minimum for smaller locations. ^18We do not need people just to have people standing around. I can only train and keep an eye on so many people if I am the only experienced person on set and concentrating on getting the scenes captured. I did ask you to have them contact me before you commit them. I am not casting actors, please stop adding crew without me involved.”

Dänna receives an email that she has an appointment to look at the Chapel tomorrow, Friday, June 15, at 1:30, and she will also make an appointment with Amber House, the Bed & Breakfast location. “Are you opposed to shooting on a Sunday afternoon or Monday? I think most of the actors are available, and providing we have crew coverage, we could swing it.” gerald replies with, “Nay. As long as I have ample notice, I can rearrange my schedule. Chance favors the prepared mind. But even then, there is still 10 percent or less that could arrise that you have to deal with. Better than 50 or more. That is why three hours is NOT enough time for the first day of capture with many camera set ups for the effects you want. Maybe with a crew that has been together for years, but not us.”

At 2:00pm Dänna sends Gerald another message about Katelyn who says she has a green screen, a Canon T3i, a Sony 50, and a Sony 50U for cameras. Gerald mentions that the Sony 50u is a camcorder and will not work for principle photography, maybe for behind-the-scenes, but the T3i is what Jim Heck used on the WATERING hole. Dänna sends Gerald a video link of Effects Person's effects work. Gerald is stunned, flabbergasted, and excited as he watches it. “Are you are telling me she worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville Television shows?.” Dänna thinks that she added stuff or these are the effects she can do.

Thursday, June 14, 2012 message
2:32:58 PM Gerald: What? Effects Person put additional effects over someone else's work? You do not do that. You show your own original work, not how you manipulated someone else's. I cannot tell what Effects Person did from what the show originally has.
2:33:59 PM Dänna Wilberg: Guess I don't ask the right questions. I will talk to Effects Person.
2:34:41 PM Gerald: I am tired of these 'Outside-of-the-industry' schools. They pump the students up, teach what they think is going on in the real world, and then set them free. They do not care, they got their money. Poor kid. Effects Person should have read my information on demo reels.
2:53:53 PM Dänna Wilberg: no worries. I shouldn't be so trusting, ask more questions. Effects Person has been into filmmaking since HS. I will make sure Effects Person can produce what we need before handing the footage away. I would like to hold a production meeting next week. Katelyn and her mother make films. I also check them out on the PCS cast and crew DVD.
2:58:19 PM Dänna Wilberg: ^**I sent Effects Person the script, and Effects Person said she can do the FX
3:10:00 PM Dänna Wilberg: This is Effects Person's answer to my question: They are clips of commercials that i had to make and add effects. Those are my effects made in pro animator and adobe after effects cs5. text where made in pro animator ... the other stuff was made in after effects

Dänna is overjoyed about getting the Amber House for the Bedroom, Dining room, and Hallway. She will be setting up production dates with both locations today. The Amber house, and the Chapel. She offers her own home for Jack and Diane's scene and the editor scene, if she cannot find something sooner.

Thursday, June 14, 2012 message
9:47:20 AM Dänna Wilberg: We have theater set for Jul 1
9:48:04 AM Gerald: 3 hours?
10:16:04 AM Gerald: Gonna be 30 minutes to get gear of out the vehicles and 30 to set up the first camera set up. There went an hour.
10:16:42 AM Dänna Wilberg: we also have wardrobe to consider. just emailed Lucy Steffens to see if she had any ideas for a theater, free for the day. Folsom college has one, they have a non-profit rate, but I have a feeling it's going to be too expensive. the theater seats 200
10:17:12 AM Dänna Wilberg: I'm filling out the application, also, we may have to do it on a weekday, or sat
10:17:34 AM Gerald: ^11Well, if you can make it just Evelyn and the Robed Man to keep it simple in the theater, it can be done
10:17:59 AM Gerald: But 20 extras and moving through the theater makes it more complicated and more that can go wrong, and take longer time
10:27:11 AM Dänna Wilberg: I'd like to plan for 10-15 extras, maybe 5 will show up!
10:27:45 AM Gerald: That works for a party your are having, but a film, people always show up for that. You ask 20, you get 30. ^12Extra people, extra takes, extra scenes in the theater you will not get it done in three hours, i am letting you know now
10:27:53 AM Gerald: ^13You have to cut something
10:31:38 AM Dänna Wilberg: that's why I am trying to get a theater we can have more time in
10:32:33 AM Gerald: ^14More time is great, but your effects are too many for a recent graduate. I just see the two of them Evelyn and the Robed Man in a theater
10:32:43 AM Dänna Wilberg: ^15Then we scale back. it's an important scene, I don't want to skimp...if I have to pay for the location, I want it done right
10:33:04 AM Gerald: I just see the two of them, no one else
10:33:55 AM Dänna Wilberg: ^16it's in the script
10:33:57 AM Gerald: What does that have to do with anything? The conversation is between her and the Robed Man, no one else. concentrate on that and make that the best, the dialog, the acting.
10:34:14 AM Gerald: The audience does not read the screenplay.

Again, Gerald explains to Dänna that less is more. Writers, Producers, and Directors have to adjust and simplify by cutting things that they think are needed, but are not. Gerald understands what she is trying to show to the audience, but for the short amount of time it will be on screen, it is not worth all the headache and time to capture it. But Dänna still believes that the effects can be done for fifteen plus people by Effects Person who has never done these kind of effects. That a scene that would take four days in the real world can be done in three hours. What she asks and what people can deliver, for free and who do not have the experience, are two different things.

Dänna seems distant and deflated, “Let me see what I get get for a theater and time, then we will discuss "rewriting" the ending. I get what you're saying, and will take it into consideration. This is what generally happens, we start off grand, everyone can do "anything," but when we start to plan, things dwindle down to other than what I envisioned.”

Dänna you set yourself up for disappointment with your high expectations,lack of knowledge about filmmaking, and assuming things are easy.1 You started the illusions of grandure. You began our whole relationship by asking me if an effect could be done.2 And I told you it depended on the person you get to do the effects, their skill, and how much time you gave them.3 I kept telling you that your effects are too complicated,4 too many,5 and there is no one here that can do them.6 But you did not listen to me when I told you that the effects for your new additional alternated ending was not going to work.7 You assumed I could get them done along with everything else.8 9 I do not remember anytime in our conversations that anyone can do anything was ever mentioned. I told you that I would let you know whether or not something could be done on April 4th.10 I told you to just make it the two actors and it could be done.11 I told you adding extra people creates more takes and more time.12 And that you have to cut something.13 You said you will find a place that we can have more time,14 but that does not help the inexperienced effects person to get all the effects done. I was relieved when you said you would scale back,15 but you never did. You told me that it is in the script.16 You said you wanted to direct your own film and you should. You have a DP,17 so there is no need for me to be involved.”

Dänna did not even read Gerald's last message or she would have replied with something different than, “I will work to see that we have what we need. I don't like tacky, and if we can't do the special effects the way I envision them, fine, but until we have a team meeting, and iron out what needs to be done, I don't want to dash my hopes. Fair enough?

Anything is possible with time, tools, and skill. Money helps with all three of those. Time is also required to learn those skills. What Dänna does not understand is, Gerald has completed many productions from beginning to end. He not only wrote them, but produced, assembled, and delivered them. He knows what it takes to get a production from beginning to end. How long it will take to unload a vehicle, prepare the set with camera's, lights, and audio. Rehearse the scene with blocking. Then how long it will take to actually capture each camera set up with the action and dialog of the actors. Then you add an hour onto that for safety measure. He has scheduled production days to the minute, and although he was off by fifteen-minutes when they stopped for lunch, they were done five minutes before they scheduled it to be. That is experience, wisdom, and understanding. Something you do not guess at.

Gerald is beginning to understand why the others told her to go away and let them make the film. Just like Judith who wrote more than can be put into a 10-minute movie, Dänna wants more to be put into the movie than they have time to do. Gerald wants to make sure the movie gets finished, and as close to what Dänna envisioned as possible.

3.4.7 Friday, June 15, 2012

Gerald receives a message from Dänna at 8:32am on Friday, June 15, 2012, and he is ready for his termination papers to be accepted, but she just tells him that she has two locations lined up and they need to talk about the schedule.

Day 1: June 22 at Mercy McMahon Terrace 3865 J Street for the Chapel.

Day 2: Sunday, July 8: 1:00 - 8:00pm, Monday, July 9: all Day, Sunday, July 22: 1:00 - 8:00pm, or Monday, July 23: all day for the Amber House.

Gerald mentions that he talked with Rich who does not own any equipment, he borrows it from AI.

3.4.8 Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, Dänna messages Gerald that she is working on the crafty stuff for the cast and crew. “I just spoke to the sister. She is going to do the service for us, (a few lines) and she is checking into us using the private dining room for craft services. In which case, we can meet there at noon, I will bring sandwiches. That would be ideal!

Gerald was expecting his walking papers. At this stage, he was hoping for them just to avoid the troubles and aggravation that he knows is awaiting him on this picture. But a voice tells him to endure. Dänna asks if Vee can call him about equipment? He did not have a Vee on the crew list. Dänna tells him she is Katelyn's mom and they have a chroma key 10 x 20.

Dänna Wilberg Friday, June 20, 2012 email

Hi Everyone, This is SO exciting! I am thrilled to be launching this project with all of you. Our first shoot is at the Mercy McMahon Terrace. Sister Mary Augustine O'Conner is allowing us to film in the chapel, and has also obtained permission for us to use game room (overlooking the gardens)in between shoots. Please keep in mind, this is a home for the elderly, and let's respect their space. We are their guests. Some of the residentswill be attending the shoot to fill in as extras!

If you have any questions, please call me at 530-677-6852 or cell 530-748-5140. Those of you who would like to invite your family as extras, please note the time on the call sheet for extras to arrive. Thank you all for your time and expertise! Let's Rock n' roll!!

Rob Tillitz sends Gerald and Dänna an email saying he looked for director chairs online at dozens of sites with hundreds of chairs. He wanted one that was black wood with burgundy canvas, but no one could get it to him by Friday. He called local places and one of them said to try Pier One. They had the exact thing he was looking for. “Look what color! I think this is an omen. The first two pictures are okay, the last out of focus, but I liked the pose

The Producer (2012) Rob Tillitz Director Chair.

The Producer (2012) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Pink Shirt with ball cap.

The Producer (2012) Rob Tillitz on a director's chair 1.

The Producer (2012) Rob Tillitz on a director's chair 1.

The Producer (2012) Rob Tillitz on a director's chair 2.

The Producer (2012) Rob Tillitz on a director's chair 2.

Gerald gets a message from Vee Ellis to discuss cameras, audio, and post-production. Gerald is happy that Vee and Katelyn own a green screen and are willing to bring it. Dänna messages Gerald early in the morning after she sends out the email to everyone. Her and Gerald discuss crew members and where to put them. Dänna says Arlene Barshinger can fill in for Patricia for still photographer, But Gerald tells her that Patricia is on the call sheet and will be there.

Friday, June 20, 2012 message
8:23:07 AM Gerald: There is nothing wrong with having two still photographers
8:23:33 AM Dänna Wilberg: She does other stuff too?
8:23:55 AM Gerald: I'm looking for another AD
8:24:04 AM Gerald: might take Donna Faith and move her up
8:25:29 AM Dänna Wilberg: that'll work
8:31:21 AM Gerald: you know what I could make you AD
8:31:40 AM Dänna Wilberg: yes
8:31:42 AM Gerald: the AD keeps us on schedule, somewhat like a the line producer does
8:31:50 AM Gerald: But the AD is the person who hate on set. Because they always tell you to shut up, be quiet.
8:34:27 AM Gerald: So, it is a possibility if you want to be the bad guy on set
8:34:35 AM Gerald: But who could be mad at you?
8:35:34 AM Dänna Wilberg: No. We need a script super too, right?
8:36:09 AM Gerald: we have one
8:37:11 AM Dänna Wilberg: does Patricia do anything else?
8:37:18 AM Gerald: I was going to ask her
8:37:42 AM Gerald: She knows the drill on my set. But she is a very talented photographer and I love everything she's done
8:38:13 AM Gerald: I had Jim heck be a still photographer on THE GOLdEN TREE, then he wanted to do audio, he knows AUDIO like crazy, but he has a Fantastic eye for the camera
8:38:23 AM Gerald: So i gave up great bts shots for better audio
8:39:00 AM Gerald: Then he got his new camera and became a DP again, so I get to utilize his eye more than his ears, which were not bad, but his talents are behind running the camera
8:39:13 AM Gerald: Not sure if i want to give patricia up from behind the camera
8:39:31 AM Dänna Wilberg: Why isn't Jim our DP?
8:40:01 AM Gerald: He is done with pcs. We have done 5 movies for it
8:40:33 AM Gerald: And we won producer's choice for the WATERING hole. He asked me why am I doing another one. "What do you have to prove? Spend time on Petite Chardonnay and get it right."
8:41:05 AM Gerald: I know he is right, but I just like all aspects of filmmaking and a chance to work with the famous and wonderful Dänna Wilberg

3.5 Filming

3.5.1 Principle Photography

The Producer (2012) Production Schedule Day 1.

The Producer (2012) Production Schedule Day 1 Mercy McMahon Terrace: Friday, June 22, 2012: 12:00 hours

Gerald was concerned about the Mercy McMahon Terrace being a home for the elderly. He hopes they do not overstay their welcome. Gerald is excited to reconnect with Rob Tillitz, Scott Slotterbeck, Jeffery C. Vanacore, Patricia Collins, and Donna Faith. The cast and crew were in a game room sectioned off just for them. Gerald took his shoes off to be courteous of the Chapel and its meaning. Rich Beckermeyer and Gerald set up the camera for the angles they wanted to capture. Scott was his usual professional self with audio, Donna stepped up and did 2nd AC and script Supervisor. Katelyn Ellis did some camera work in the Chapel.

The first mission was to capture the visuals for the effect of the character Jack, played by Jay Reddic, to be crying next to Diane's urn at the front of the Chapel and have an angelic vision of Diane, played by Briahna Carter comfort him. That did not go as quickly or as simple as Gerald would have expected it. Everyone had an opinion and an idea. Which is great, but no one wanted to listen, so Gerald stepped back and let Rich and Katelyn set it up. He knew he would have more work when he edited, but it beats causing a scene in front of people on the first day.

After the visual effects capture was finished they set up for Sister MaryAugustine O'Conner's tender message. Sister Mary Augustine O'Conner did two takes and she was done, she was not a fan of being photographed, but did it for the movie.

They needed to capture the mourners while Sister Mary did her message, but she had someplace to be. And you have to trust her. Why would she lie? So Rich and Katelyn set the cameras up to capture certain sections or people as he babbled on about duck water jeans and such trying to get someone to break character. But no one really cracked during his four takes, but a few chuckled which looked like they were choked up, which made the cut to the mourners better..

The whole point of the Chapel scene is that it is in the film that Adam a film director and producer, played by Rob Tillitz, is making. Rich and Gerald set the camera's up to capture Rob in the director chair looking through the camera and watching the monitor as Jay played the scene again.

The Producer (2012) Production Day 1: Mercy McMahon Terrace in Sacramento, California - Friday, June 22, 2012.

The Producer (2012) Production Day 1 Gallery

Mercy McMahon Terrace in Sacramento, California - Friday, June 22, 2012.

Jay Reddic, Gerald Martin Davenport, and Dänna Wilberg

Photo by Patricia Collins - © 2012 Aria Pictures

DT.1 Down Time 1: Saturday, June 23 - July 7, 2012
Dänna Wilberg Saturday, June 23, 2012 email

Hi Everyone, We have booked July 29th, from 1-8pm to film at the Amber House - 1315 22nd Street, Sacramento, CA 95816. If you are unavailable, PLEASE let me know immediately. This is one of our biggest shooting days, lots of scenes to get done, so it will be essential that we have a full cast and crew.

Cast - Since this day will be broken down by scenes, we will let you know what time you will need to be on set. The quarters are confined, so the less people we have on set during filming, the better.

The Amber House is a Bed and Breakfast. The owner will be conducting business at this time, and asks that we don't "invade" the premises and disturb her paying guests. She is also very nice, and generous to accommodate us, so let's not be discourteous or disruptive and show respect for her property by not leaving trash or litter, or wandering through the house. :) *Any equipment not being used, please keep confined to a designated area. No drinking/cussing/smoking allowed (please!!).

Sunday, June 24, 2012 message
10:41:01 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok. We need shots of both then for ending. to see which is more magnificent. Thank you!!
10:41:53 AM Gerald: What is this regarding?
10:43:11 AM Dänna Wilberg: When they walk through the door, finish dialog, bright light (sun) she becomes star in sky...alt ending
10:43:40 AM Dänna Wilberg: or do you have hollywood magic for all that?
10:43:58 AM Dänna Wilberg: sun rising or setting over field of flowers?
10:45:06 AM Gerald: we'll have to look at the location and the theater first to figure out how it can be done
11:05:58 AM Dänna Wilberg: I will be holding rehearsals this week with the kids, Jack, Diane and Adam...checking into using a bar near here so we can shoot everything in one day, more convenient for you.
11:06:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: I will know more by tomorrow
11:08:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: have you looked at the footage?
11:08:15 AM Gerald: It all looks great!!!
11:08:23 AM Gerald: the audio is awesome
11:08:32 AM Dänna Wilberg: yey!! double yey!!
3:18:05 PM Dänna Wilberg: I am so excited! Just had Jenyn over, and Aliana who will be doing spfx make-up on Evelyn...we played around, got the aging looking so natural!! FUN!!
3:18:47 PM Dänna Wilberg: Jenyn's gonna rock the role!
Sunday, June 25, 2012 message
2:07:43 PM Dänna Wilberg: How does July 9th look for Jack/Diane shoot at my house?
2:08:29 PM Dänna Wilberg: I am going to ask the Elks club if we can use their bar...not dark and smokey, but it's a bar, and it has a dance floor, and tables, tons of room to film
2:08:53 PM Gerald: Cedar Room not good enough?
2:09:40 PM Dänna Wilberg: it's all about the hours...2-? Do you want to drive back to GV at 4 in the am?
2:10:25 PM Gerald: we can be there at 6 am till 9
2:11:02 PM Dänna Wilberg: Then we can go from here to there, do a couple of hrs, bing, it's done
2:12:24 PM Dänna Wilberg: That's still another day...unless we go there first, then here, and try an manipulate the light for the night shot
2:12:40 PM Dänna Wilberg: I have black sheets, we could darken the room
2:12:50 PM Gerald: darken the room for which scene?
2:13:20 PM Dänna Wilberg: Office, editor scene
2:13:31 PM Dänna Wilberg: BTW, the CREST said no.
2:21:35 PM Dänna Wilberg: The Guild Theater has brick walls. It doesn't really look like heaven, huh? Anything you can do about that Mr. Magic?
2:29:12 PM Dänna Wilberg: x sight usa. too modern?
2:34:10 PM Dänna Wilberg: yes, the theater, is it too modern? Do you like it? It's small, downtown on J street
2:34:42 PM Dänna Wilberg: I Left a message for Imagination Theater too, they may help us out...
2:35:04 PM Dänna Wilberg: Ok, let's plan on shooting bar scene and my house on 7/9
2:35:40 PM Gerald: what really matters is what you can get, for a fair price, FREE, and then we make do with it. as far as the cedar room, it's rob's place, he's in the movie, and has no problem, be good to get up and do that, take a break, go do another thing that same day,. hit them all in one
2:46:45 PM Gerald: ah
2:50:04 PM Dänna Wilberg: if we can get another bar, we can start here in afternoon. I don't like this part, it's like a driving through an obstacle course.
2:51:02 PM Gerald: not sure what bar will allow during biz hours
2:51:56 PM Gerald: just like the theater and evelyn's room, it plays a character, you don't want boring white walls
2:52:35 PM Gerald: i see adam taking people to the bar at the delta king. a very nice restaurant
2:54:05 PM Gerald: is monday a problem cause rich gets off at 3? and what scenes were monday?
2:57:46 PM Dänna Wilberg: Adam filming jack and diane, diane murdered
2:58:29 PM Dänna Wilberg: it is if we want to start shooting at 6am at Rob's, then come here

On Thursday, June 28, 2012, Gerald and Dänna discussed the bar location and her place without Rich, a camera operator, or even a camera. Monday is a great day if we had people to show up. Dänna mentions someone new that she never mentioned before who could DP for July 9th. Gerald is unsure about getting to know someone new on a long, tough, complicated day. He suggests that maybe they reschedule it or if the guy can handle it, they can do it without him. Gerald is stressed, overworked, and depleted doing too many projects at the same time.

Dänna Wilberg Thursday, June 28, 2012 email

Gerald, I have others who have volunteered to run camera, you don't have to stress. Or we can try to reschedule for the next day, 7/10. Rich will be available Tues-Fri in the afternoon. What I need is YOUR commitment. I will make some calls, but I can't pick up one end, if the bottom is going to fall out. I need to know we are working together on this.

I know you have a lot on your plate, that is why I am trying to get as much done as possible, to make this effortless for you, so you don't have to stress. The actors will be prepared, locations worked out from all angles, etc., and hopefully, shooting times are conducive to everyones schedule.

Under normal "filmmaker"circumstances, I may be overstepping my boundaries as writer/producer, but when you are asking for people's time, I try to put 100% of my own in before I ask for more time from others. If you feel I am excluding you, it's not my intention. I wanted to work with YOU because I felt you understood my vision, and what I want to accomplish for ALL of us.

I am a problem solver, not a problem maker. However, I don't settle for mediocre when it comes to my work. I will always raise things a notch, try different things until I get it right. When I work with others, I may come across as demanding, but I ask questions first before trying to implement my ideas. If you say, sure, we can do this or that, I believe you. If you say that impossible, I want to know why? You have seen my films, now imagine if my team had spent more time doing what I had asked (and they said was "no problem"), rather than opposing me.

I have to stand my ground this time,'re like the new boyfriend who pays for all the sins committed by the other guy. I told you from the beginning, I want things done MY way this time, and as I recall, you agreed that is how it should be. That doesn't mean I plan on driving a truck over your expertise, but I won't let you run over mine either. I am truly grateful to have you on my team!! Let me know what comes next.

Gerald Thursday, June 28, 2012 email

D, Sorry about this morning or any tone you might think I had. Yes. I am under LOTS of pressure to finish up several things by tomorrow, and then Petite Chardonnay tweaks to get the final mix to the composer, audio, and colorist. And then the pressure I put on myself on your project and the pressure you pile on, cause I want to make it the best it can be. I don't settle and I don't take short cuts.

You have a way with words when it comes to manipulating people. I do not settle for mediocre either, but there comes a time when you must accept that you are not going to get perfection because you do not have enough time, the right people, the proper tools, or the correct location. You either have to settle, adapt and make changes, or do it another time. Rushing it, pushing it, and forcing it is not going to make it perfect.

But adding on more things to an already complicated situation is not the best thing to do. When you say “If you say that is impossible, I want to know why? ” You do not leave any room for you to accept that it cannot be done. You keep asking why? What if we do this or that? Which is adding to the problem. We give you ideas and suggestion of what we CAN do in the time, resources, and tools we have available. But you want to get it YOUR way.

As you mentioned from the beginning, you wanted to direct your own picture. And I told you before we began pre-production that if you want it your way, you should direct it. I have no problem stepping down and handing you the reigns. You are in good hands with Rich and the rest of them. They actually ran the show Sunday. It would be best to do it your way, the way you planned to make everyone and yourself happy. I apologize for stirring up your emotions.

Dänna Wilberg Thursday, June 28, 2012 email

Gerald, As you know it is difficult enough to get everyone on board at the same time. I just had Rich cancel for the 9th. His work has scheduled meetings on Monday's that he has to attend. With that said, I am frustrated, and feeling that your backing out on me has added to the stress. There are unforeseen circumstances that can't be helped. I guess we'll just cancel the shoot.

Gerald was expecting his resignation to be accepted this time, but she did not even bat an eye. A miracle or a nightmare came when the power shut off in the area from 9:07am till 3:00pm, and Gerald was unable to use the computer to do any work. His stress level rose, but then lowered when he decided to work on another screenplay, by hand. He enjoying the down time although it did put him behind more than he already was. But what could he do? This gave him time to clear his mind and come up with a few possible scenarios. When the power came back on, he called Jim Heck and his problem was solved and let Dänna that there was no need to cancel, and that all will workout.

On Friday, June 29, 2012, Gerald receives a message from Dänna asking how he is doing? Gerald explains that she should not worry about the stress he is under as he puts it onto himself wanting to deliver everyone the best product he can. Mostly that he is worried about the theater scene. “I am really, really worried that the theater scene will be the last thing we do, which will not give Effects Person enough time to do her magic. And worried we do not get one, and have to figure out how to end it. It has to be a theater. The whole thread through the movie is it is a movie, and the theater ties it all together.” Dänna tells him not too worry she will find out about the Tower today, and if all else fails, they can go back to the Colonial that will cost money, but she will get a theater.

Dänna asks about the the extras for July 9th at the bar and as the film crew for Adam's movie. Gerald figures Jim can play the DP, Donna can be the second AC, and Scott will be audio for the film crew. Gerald mentions Rebecca Minter, Alianna Santos, Arlene Barshinger, and others could be at the bar. Gerald is upset that Dänna was one of the mourners, she could have sat next to Rob as the producer. “And the film crew could be at the bar as well, just in the background.” Dänna suggest that Gerald be in the bar scene as well, but he replies with, “No. Editors are not on location.”

On Monday, July 2, 2012, Gerald receives a message from Dänna they did not get the Tower Theater. But they can get the Imagination Theater on July 17, all day until 5:00pm; however, they are building a set on stage. But then she finds out that Victoria will not be available.

Dänna sends Gerald a message on Monday, July 3, 2012, at 8:21am to tell him to add Randy Taylor for craft services and that she wants him to be an extra at the bar. He is going to play Sam and he is dead.

Thursday, July 5, 2012 message
8:05:51 AM Gerald: If you are going to show it completed then it can be done on a monitor, but he should be sitting with his producer(s) watching it
8:06:56 AM Gerald: it can be done on a tv; however, they watch it all the way to the end of the credits. so, you may want to have him click pause, or something and look to the producer and wait for a response or something
8:07:37 AM Dänna Wilberg: I will sit with MY editor to watch the finished product.
8:07:41 AM Gerald: After it fades to black
8:08:09 AM Dänna Wilberg: what don't you like about the way it's written?
8:09:00 AM Gerald: Not the writing, the set up. Editors sit in front of the editing machine
8:09:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: I see Rob standing over your shoulder, or sitting next to you, you are both watching the ending, we see credits role, you turn to Rob, high five, DONE
8:09:29 AM Gerald: We don't high five
8:09:40 AM Dänna Wilberg: why?
8:09:52 AM Gerald: Maybe if the movie is something upbeat and action packed, maybe
8:10:06 AM Gerald: Go ask other editors if they do that.
8:10:34 AM Gerald: Like a Psychologist using the word sane or insane. That is something lawyers use, not the doctors
8:10:47 AM Gerald: Over hollywoodized and incorrect
8:10:56 AM Gerald: I have never high fived anyone
8:11:09 AM Dänna Wilberg: Wow.
8:11:29 AM Dänna Wilberg: are you trying to get out of being the editor???
8:11:54 AM Gerald: yes!, I am not an actor
8:12:17 AM Gerald: I do not high five.
8:12:18 AM Dänna Wilberg: How about if Rob pats you on the back? Or shakes your hand? How do we express elation and gratitiude with out words?
8:17:29 AM Gerald: Editors do not walk down the red carpet at the academy awards
8:17:37 AM Gerald: Well some do, but you do not know who they are
8:18:13 AM Gerald: Editors are the technical end and get there award before the show
8:18:38 AM Gerald: they are the stars, not the editor
8:19:46 AM Gerald: it should be you and Rob, since we will be setting that up with you sitting next to him at the movie shoot
8:23:41 AM Dänna Wilberg: can we get Katelyn to do spfx on the chapel footage by Monday?
8:23:54 AM Gerald: not sure, can we?
8:24:23 AM Gerald: and there is that question of how much do you want to see of that on the monitor?
8:25:04 AM Gerald: It is a complicated task either way, i just woke up to it yesterday after realizing what was needed and I freaked. still freaked out about it
8:25:19 AM Gerald: such a short small scene, but the prep is enormous
8:25:29 AM Dänna Wilberg: I wanted to see from where she says her last line
8:25:58 AM Dänna Wilberg: Don't freak will be fine
8:26:13 AM Gerald: "until we meet again my love"
8:26:20 AM Dänna Wilberg: yes
8:30:28 AM Dänna Wilberg: I sent a note to Katelyn. If she can get the spfx done by Monday, we will be fine.
8:31:41 AM Gerald: I was going to come down with one of my editing computers with the actual clips in the timeline for that scene and have the effect finished
8:32:03 AM Gerald: it's just green screen, nothing too difficult
Saturday, July 7, 2012 message
1:57:28 PM Dänna Wilberg: Could you please send Gary the shot list?
1:57:40 PM Gerald: he has not contacted me at all
1:58:09 PM Dänna Wilberg: are you two hooked up on FB?
1:58:22 PM Gerald: he has not responded to anything i have sent out
1:58:24 PM Dänna Wilberg: He has been asking me
1:59:01 PM Gerald: I asked Rob to bring his camera not knowing if Gary is showing up
1:59:29 PM Dänna Wilberg: He will be at me house.
1:59:49 PM Gerald: He has not responded to my emails
2:00:21 PM Dänna Wilberg: ?? He keeps asking me about shot list and equipment
2:00:32 PM Dänna Wilberg: I will send him your email
2:00:40 PM Gerald: He should already have it. I have sent him emails
2:01:24 PM Gerald: We will be going over the shot list on set
2:01:53 PM Gerald: And the email you sent me I responded to it, but no response back.
2:02:02 PM Dänna Wilberg: He comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
2:02:30 PM Gerald: What does that have to do with him not replying to my Facebook request and emails.
2:03:30 PM Gerald: I cannot send him anything. I will not send him anything until he responds to me.
2:03:30 PM Gerald: There is a chain of command. A respect for the people already involved.
2:03:30 PM Gerald: I do not care who he is. I opened the lines and introduced who I was wanting to get to know him before we get on set.
2:20:31 PM Dänna Wilberg: You know what would be really great?
2:25:19 PM Gerald: uh oh
2:25:38 PM Dänna Wilberg: uh oh??
2:25:48 PM Gerald: 2:20 PM Dänna Wilberg: You know what would be really great??
2:26:12 PM Gerald: That is an "okay, now what is she going to want to add now?" Uh oh
2:26:54 PM Dänna Wilberg: I think it would be REALLY, REALLLY GREEAATT, if you would play the role of the editor!! Isn't that a really, really, GREEAATT idea??
2:27:32 PM Dänna Wilberg: yes. I forwarded the email to Gary again. and your email address...I hope he contacts you Cedar Room Bar: Monday, July 9, 2012: 06:00 hours

The Producer (2012) production day two started at the Cedar Room at 06:00 hours. The cast and extras were small, the crew was even smaller, and the comfortability between Rob Tillitz and Briahna Carter took a while to open up. “We did all we could do, but it was not perfect, but I think the tension and uncomfortableness played to the scene between the two much better than it would if they knew each other for years. It felt natural.” Gerald wrote in his journal. Wilberg Home: Monday, July 9, 2012: 10:00 hours

Day two of The Producer (2012) continues at the Wilberg Home in Eldorada at 10:00 hours. Jim Heck arrives and Gerald is delighted with joy that he has someone he knows and knows him, so the production will go a little smoother.

Since the morning Cedar Room Bar scene, Rob Tillitz and Briahna Carter have broken the ice and are more comfortable with each other and it shows in the scene that Rob plays the director. Though Rob's Directorial performance is somewhat over the top, but that was on purpose as he puts it. “As a director you are like an actor, but bigger. You are the ring leader. You have to do it big on camera, and I did to show the separation between home Adam and filmmaker Adam.” Scott Slotterbeck, Donna Faith, and Jim Heck were excited to be on camera, but doing what they do behind the camera, not real acting, but real action.

Jay and Briahna were having fun with the murder scene. As was Rebecca Minter, Alianna Santos, and Dänna doing the make up and blood effects that got all over the place at one point. Gerald and Jim just captured what they gave them.

The last scene the captured was one Gerald hoped she would forget about. It was the editor and director scene. Gerald finally got to play a scene with Rob Tillitz that he did not write or direct, he let Dänna direct it so she would feel empowered.

The Producer (2012) Production Day 2B: Wilberg House in Eldorado Hills, California - Monday, July 9, 2012.

The Producer (2012) Production Day 2B Gallery - Arlene Barshinger

Wilberg House in Eldorado Hills, California - Monday, July 9, 2012.

Rebecca Minter, Dänna Wilberg, Scott Slotterbeck, Jim Heck, Donna Faith, and Gerald Martin Davenport.

Photo by Arlene Barshinger - © 2012 Aria Pictures

The Producer (2012) Production Day 2B: Wilberg House in Eldorado Hills, California - Monday, July 9, 2012.

The Producer (2012) Production Day 2B Gallery - Jim Heck

Wilberg House in Eldorado Hills, California - Monday, July 9, 2012.

Jay Reddic, Rob Tillitz, and Briahna Carter.

Photo by Jim Heck - © 2012 Aria Pictures

DT.2 Down Time 2: Tuesday, July 10 - Monday, July 23, 2012
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 message
12:49:58 PM Dänna Wilberg: can we give Louis something to go on?
12:50:26 PM Dänna Wilberg: raw footage?
12:50:40 PM Gerald: Raw media? Without pacing and timing?
12:51:18 PM Dänna Wilberg: yes, just to get an idea of where the emotion is going, I could even send him the auditions.
12:53:07 PM Gerald: It is unedited video, with director talking, goofs, and such.
12:53:37 PM Dänna Wilberg: not sure that matters, just hearing the way the dialog is delivered would help
12:54:41 PM Dänna Wilberg: it would be a start.
12:56:30 PM Dänna Wilberg: hearing the script read is so much different than reading it. the inflection on the dialog, and I agree, along with the actors expressions are what drive the emotion. right now all he has is a flat surface to go by
12:57:25 PM Dänna Wilberg: I'd like him to see the actors acting, so he gets a feel for the characters they are playing
12:57:39 PM Gerald: I understand what you think you are doing.
12:57:58 PM Gerald: But that goes against everything rule that any Editor, Filmmaker, or Producer knows
12:58:18 PM Gerald: You do not share raw media outside the studio, unless of course he is local, then he can come by and view it. But you do not just give it to someone. That would be 68 different clips totalling about 8 gig in size. No, I am not sending him anything at this time. too soon.
12:58:43 PM Dänna Wilberg: k
2:14:24 PM Dänna Wilberg: a way to convey the emotion we are looking for in the music score.
2:15:31 PM Dänna Wilberg: i know he's a professional, and I am sure he will get it, but just wanted to give him some lead time to be thinking about where we are headed.
2:16:20 PM Gerald: I could zoom with him and show him some clips?
2:16:56 PM Dänna Wilberg: maybe.
2:17:02 PM Gerald: Did he request a sneak peak?
2:18:00 PM Dänna Wilberg: No. I just think he needs a few seeds to start
Gerald Tuesday, July 10, 2012 email

Subject: Music for the producer
Mr. Louis Conti
Greetings, I am Gerald, the director and editor for Dänna Wilberg's movie The Producer (2012)
I understand you have agreed and signed on as the composer.
We have finished day 2 of production and I understand your need to get an idea of what to compose for — being a composer myself on indie films I understand.
However, I have nothing I can show to help you: none of the scenes have been assembled yet — will not start that until August 6th.
And as soon as I have a rough cut approved by Dänna Wilberg I will get that to you.

On Wednesday, July 11, 2012, Gerald uploaded video files for Effects Person and Dänna messages Gerald that she is downloading video files. Gerald tells her they were for Effects Person and he was just letting her know that he sent them. He tells that she can keep downloading since they are her clips from her movie, and in the end, he will be giving all the files to her anyway.

Louis Conti Wednesday, July 11, 2012 email

Hello Gerald,
Thank you so much for your kind mail.
I completely understand that a rough cut will not be available until August. I was not quite certain where you were in the production phase -- and I guess I just wanted to make sure I was on the same page with you.
I wish you and the crew best wishes as you continue with the shooting. I wish I can be there with you all to witness the miracles of creativity — especially in the beautiful California — but, for now, I remain with you all in spirit...!
Warmest regards, Louis Fujinami Conti, Ph.D.

On Thursday, July 12, 2012 Dänna messages Gerald that they have the Sutter Street Theater in Folsom from 9:00am - 6:00pm. Rich Beckermeyer is not available until 1:30pm, but Gerald could get Jim Heck to sit in until he shows up.

Dänna sends Gerald an email at 09:50 on Monday, July 16, 2012, stating that they do not have a DP because Jim is entertaining company. Gerald reminds her that he is camera operator not DP. They have Katelyn, but they are concerned about her blurry video from the Chapel. Later that day Gerald receives a message from Dänna that she invited Tom Petit to do camera on 7/24, if he is available. Gerald reminds her that “bringing in new people disrupts the flow of what we have going. Again why do you keep adding people without asking me, like i asked you to?18 Besides, I have been doing most of the camera operation so far.” Dänna asks Gerald “What choice do we have? I didn't want to assume you were going to do the work. And you didn't say, 'don't worry about it. I will have a camera and do it'.” “I am not sure why I have to say that. If you have not noticed so far, I only chime in where there are issues. So do not worry about it, I will have a camera and do it. Feel better? ” Gerald replies, and Dänna tells him she will not worry about it now. Sutter Street Theater: Tuesday, July 24, 2012: 09:00 hours

The theater was not scheduled as the first day of production. Being that it was a theater and they could use it all day with no one coming in or out, would have been the perfect location for a first day of production for everyone to get to know each other. But like with any film in history, things doid not go as planned.

The Sutter Street Theater in Folsom lent a uniqueness to the story that the Crocker and the other theaters that Dänna wanted to use. Its quaintness felt welcoming and enduring. Mark Hoffman came up to help with the camera operation duties, Gerald was ecstatic to have him there. The team captured Briahna in front of the green screen to recapture the chapel scene that needed to be redone after Gerald looked at the video. Thanks to Vee Ellis and Katelyn Ellis for their green screen equipment. Gerald tried as often as he could to involve Katelyn on the camera set up for the visual effects, but with the theater being cozy small and the isles not conducive for many people, it was difficult to include her on everything.

There were a few too many people for the location to be hanging around where they were recording. The extras showed up too soon and then hung around getting in the way since it was one large small room that included a stage.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 message
2:39:57 PM Dänna Wilberg: there was a lot of wasted time yesterday, waiting for people and so on. If we have all ducks in a row, small crew, no mess to clean up and so forth, we can do it.
2:40:45 PM Gerald: I kept my mouth shut.
2:41:15 PM Gerald: It was eating at me, but I smiled and waited.
2:42:13 PM Gerald: The heat, the time, the craziness
2:42:21 PM Dänna Wilberg: yes.. that's typical of a larger cast and crew.
2:42:27 PM Gerald: They kept our wits, but me forgot one shot
2:43:55 PM Gerald: It was small and I really would liked to have had the food and drinks to be elsewhere to get more space. Sometimes when we were working, people were in the way eating or talking.
2:44:37 PM Gerald: The three girls were fine but noisy
2:44:42 PM Gerald: They are heard in the audio
2:44:57 PM Gerald: People in the back talking is also heard
2:45:17 PM Gerald: Poor Katelyn. I tried to involve her as much as I could
2:45:50 PM Gerald: Did not want to leave her out
2:46:42 PM Gerald: BB may have gotten in the way, but she was doing her job without being asked to. You don't find that at this level that often, a rare quality. KEEP HER!
2:46:51 PM Dänna Wilberg: Yes, there was a lot of aggravating circumstances, there are certain people who are disruptive as well. I am trying to limit the people coming on Sunday. We don't need drama, or extra bodies
2:47:32 PM Dänna Wilberg: BB, bless her heart, had to bring her girls or couldn't come, what do you say?
2:48:03 PM Gerald: I figured that, but be nice to let them know this is work and please be courteous.
2:48:55 PM Dänna Wilberg: I guess I was focused more on some of the grown-ups being loud.
2:50:46 PM Gerald: Sure glad Rich showed up. Each day I work with him the more respect and admiration I have for him!
2:51:15 PM Gerald: Did you notice I stepped back and let him run half the show?
2:51:22 PM Dänna Wilberg: He's good! And I think he can handle picking up the shot so you don't have to stress, don't you?
2:51:32 PM Gerald: Scott and Donna noticed, as did Mark.
2:53:18 PM Dänna Wilberg: Victoria took me aside and said, (about you) "He's good!"
2:53:31 PM Gerald: She blew me away!!!!
2:53:54 PM Gerald: You can see the difference with Glenn and Victoria, they are both pros and experienced!
2:54:32 PM Gerald: Then you go to Briahna, new, good, but new, working on her self-confidence.
2:55:07 PM Gerald: They did okay. then there is Randy
2:55:35 PM Dänna Wilberg: o.O
2:55:49 PM Gerald: Handsome man. Good look, but didn't listen to me. He was the one always in the way
2:56:05 PM Dänna Wilberg: I know, sorry about that
2:56:11 PM Gerald: Every time i looked up he's walking were he shouldn't be
2:56:28 PM Gerald: "What are you doing? Go sit down. No, don't go that way. Don't touch the green screen. Why are you touching that? Leave the lights alone
2:57:19 PM Gerald: But, no one gets paid, it is a pcs film, people are hopefully learning, growing, and having fun.
2:57:49 PM Gerald: There is no need, and I will NEVER EVER raise my voice to anyone in front of others, because they are giving of their time.
2:58:09 PM Gerald: Unless of course they are very disruptive or stealing
2:58:31 PM Gerald: It is my fault for not having a meeting before hand, we just started.
2:59:16 PM Gerald: You either blame the producers, AD, and lastly the Director for the energy, demeanor, and work ethic on the set.

Gerald sent the media to Effects Person so she can begin working on the theater scene effects as soon as possible. He also sent her the screenplay, notes from Dänna, and also asked Dänna to send her any new ideas and keep tabs on Effects Person so it gets done as soon as possible, and the way she wants it done. He reminds Dänna that the visual effects are out of his hands now and into the Effects Person's the one she chose to do them.

The Producer (2012) Production Day 3: Sutter Street Theater in Folsom, California - Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

The Producer (2012) Production Day 3 Gallery

Sutter Street Theater in Folsom, California - Tuesday, July 24, 2012.

Gerald Martin Davenport, G August K, Victoria Goldblatt, Rich Beckermeyer, and Mark Hoffman

Photo by unkown - © 2012 Aria Pictures Amber House Bed & Breakfast: Sunday, July 29, 2012: 12:00 hours

Day five of Principle photography for The Producer (2012) was more relaxed that the previous days, and it was mostly people Gerald worked with before. They knew their duties to get things set up without being micromanaged. Victoria was in makeup for sometime and when she came out, the makeup did not have a realness to it, but Gerald said that can get fixed in post with lighting, coloring, and some blurring. But Dänna was not happy with it and they proceeded to try and fix it.

Gerald let Rich take over the camera set up duties which freed Gerald up to watch the performances and make suggestions. The scene when Rob and Jenyn were talking in the hallway, Gerald used two camera to capture both actors. Gerald asked if there was enough light for Rich's camera, and Rich said yes.

As they were involved in the dinner scene with Rob and Jenyn, Dänna was told by the owner of the AMber House that they need to leave as soon as possible. So they rushed the last few camera set ups, packed up and left. I do not know what we did. “We were pleasant, courteous, and quiet. We kept most of the equipment in the entry against the wall. We did not make a mess or even move things like most production companies do when they use someone else's home. But Dänna said, we need to hurray and get out. We were told we could go until eight, but it was only six.” Gerald wrote in his journal.

Wednesday, July 30, 2012 message
8:04:29 AM Dänna Wilberg: good moring!! did I have a dream or did we film yesterday, and get some amazing footage?
8:05:06 AM Gerald: So now the trouble is Tuesday: camera: green screen, and media
8:05:37 AM Dänna Wilberg: I have to ask Rich if he can get a camera
8:05:46 AM Gerald: No Mark? I heard Rich said he has to RENT the camera, unless you can get Katelyn and Vee there
8:05:49 AM Dänna Wilberg: I am picking up green screen today
8:06:08 AM Gerald: Then, the media. how does rich get the media off the card to me?
8:06:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: I have to find a red wig to stand in for Evelyn, JC will be there
8:07:35 AM Dänna Wilberg: Did Rich mention whether he would have equipment?
8:08:22 AM Gerald: I said he said he had to rent the camera. he may not have lights unless you got Donna coming.
8:08:34 AM Gerald: I thought he was coming with a camera yesterday
8:08:56 AM Dänna Wilberg: I know, that really surprised me.
8:11:13 AM Dänna Wilberg: I thought he got it from school
8:11:23 AM Gerald: He says he has to rent it
8:13:58 AM Dänna Wilberg: so, how did yesterday go?
8:17:10 AM Gerald: You were there
8:18:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: Yes, but wanted to know how everything looked on film
8:21:43 AM Gerald: What I thought? But didn't have time to fix it, it is dark in some areas
8:22:07 AM Gerald: we needed more lights in every scene
8:22:24 AM Gerald: but gonna have to make do with it, just a little dark...
8:23:25 AM Dänna Wilberg: I'm sure you can perform your magic...other than that, did it have the impact I think it had?
8:27:28 AM Dänna Wilberg: are you pleased?
8:43:21 AM Dänna Wilberg: you're not sounding very encouraging...
8:44:20 AM Gerald: Well, I forgot to mention the key phrase. REMEMBER NEXT TIME when you do this to give yourself MORE time on each scene and location
8:44:58 AM Dänna Wilberg: yeah, it was tight
8:45:10 AM Gerald: in a real production you would spend 12 hours just for the dining room scene. most of the time is lighting and camera set ups
8:45:23 AM Gerald: but that IS the difference between indie and hollywood. TIME
8:45:37 AM Gerald: LIGHTING
8:45:37 AM Dänna Wilberg: I realize that, but are we going to have a good movie?
8:46:43 AM Gerald: At least your actors knew the story
8:51:14 AM Gerald: Add music, editing, coloring, sound effects, and it will rock!
8:55:10 AM Gerald: I am telling you. it's not GREAT, the acting is great, the performces are wonderful. the angles, lights, and coverage are, well, some are less than stellar. but they are usable and mixed with the others will fit in just nicely to make a compelling story. now the magic of editing comes in to take the good and bad and make it awesome!
8:56:02 AM Gerald: Again. I am happier than I was on the WATERING hole, and you saw how that came out.
9:02:33 AM Dänna Wilberg: yes, I am disappointed that we didn't get more...that's always the case...shoulda, coulda, woulda...but knowing we got what we needed, and can make it all work, and work well is all we can expect without a huge budget, and no time constraints.
9:14:00 AM Dänna Wilberg: I love the shot of the musical angel. Did you know that was BB's memorial piece for her daughter that passed 19 yrs ago? She would've been 19 yesterday
9:14:38 AM Dänna Wilberg: She asked me if I could put it somewhere in the room.
9:15:12 AM Dänna Wilberg: did you know that Vee also lost a child a few years back?
9:28:13 AM Dänna Wilberg: Thank you so much. I AM very grateful to you for all that you have done. I am very excited to see what you come up with!
The Producer (2012) Production Day 4: Amber House in Sacramento, California - Sunday, July 29, 2012.

The Producer (2012) Production Day 4 Gallery

Amber House in Sacramento, California - Sunday, July 29, 2012.

Amber House building #1

Photo by Patricia Collins - © 2012 Aria Pictures

3.5.2 Additional Photography Sutter Street Theater: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gerald is unable to attend the pickup day for missing media for the theater, so Rich, Glenn, Dänna, and Rebecca went to Folsom and grabbed the plate for the visual effects and other angles.

3.6 Post-Production

Post-production did not officially start until August 7, 2012, but Dänna messages Gerald on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, needing to know how things were progressing from Effects Person doing the effects for the Chapel scene and the ending. Gerald told Dänna, that he has not heard from Effects Person in a couple of days, he told Dänna that she had to keep an eye on Effects Person.

On Monday, August 6, 2012, Dänna messages Gerald that Louis needs a timeline for a rough cut so he can book a studio, has Gerald received everyones media, and Effects Person said she was going to send him some media. Gerald responds with he will contact Louis, he has not seen anyone since the Amber House, and nothing from Effects Person.

3.6.1 Assembly Begins

Tuesday, August 7, 2012, Glenn messages Gerald and asked who was doing the credit roll, and could he be credited as G August K. Gerald began the post -production process with renaming the video and audio files by their scene number, camera set-up, and take, and then organizing them into their scene folder. This only took a few hours to do the remaining files he did not finish from the AMber House. He already prepared the files from the previous production days when he was not working on Petite Chardonnay or other projects, so he could review the media and let Dänna know how it looked.

Gerald messages Dänna early on Wednesday, August 8, 2012, to tell her that he is assembling a rough cut to get an idea of the length of the picture. Rough cut as in it will be without effects, some audio issues, and no coloring. Dänna asks Gerald about the files Effects Person was going to send to him. Gerald tells her that he has not heard from her in since July. Dänna also said Effects Person needs the other media that he was going to send her, and Gerald said it is already waiting for her, he sent an email. Dänna tells him that Effects Person said she was waiting for the media, and Gerald reiterates that he sent an email and all the info is in the email, which is in writing. “Sometimes the written communication is better than the verbal. When it is technical like this situation, written instructions work bests. If Effects Person needs help, she can call me. She has not answered the times I have called her. I do not have time to play phone tag.”

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 message
12:03:15 PM Dänna Wilberg: Did you send Effects Person any different options of Jay in chapel? I was thinking, since we changed Briahna's green screen, perhaps there is another shot of Jay that would work better.
12:04:15 PM Gerald: They are all the same
12:05:52 PM Dänna Wilberg: wasn't crazy about the preportions
12:06:46 PM Dänna Wilberg: what did you think? did you see it?
12:07:08 PM Gerald: Is Effects Person done already?
12:07:26 PM Dänna Wilberg: She had a rough cut, yes
12:07:27 PM Gerald: She didn't tell me she grabbed the new media for Briahna
12:07:52 PM Dänna Wilberg: She was gave it to her, didn't you?
12:08:44 PM Gerald: She never said she had it or did anything with it when we talked on the phone last friday
12:09:37 PM Dänna Wilberg: I saw it, she must have it
12:10:05 PM Dänna Wilberg: I told her she needed to get her files to you. Did you guys talk today?
12:10:29 PM Gerald: She never said she had it or did anything with it when we talked on the phone last friday
12:10:40 PM Gerald: meaning I have not heard from her since
12:11:02 PM Dänna Wilberg: uh, oh...she said she would call when her phone was charged.

3.6.2 19-Minutes

Assembling many hours during the day and into the night since Tuesday, August 7, 2012, Gerald finishes a very rough cut of The Producer (2012) on Thursday, August 9, 2012. Yes, two days. Gerald messages Rob Tillitz that the first cut is 19-minutes long. Rob Freaks out and and asks if he can view it. Gerald says he is working on a shorter version for Dänna and that there are quite a few problems with the media once he looked at it closely and assembled them together. Lighting, odd camera angles, and not enough coverage, which is a result of many factors. He tells Rob that each day of production had its own issues, but the recurring issue was not having enough time to get what they needed. And the day that they had enough time, there were too many people confined in a small place.

Gerald tells Rob for the dinner scene there is one take of the wide at the table, three takes of Rob in close up, one take of Jenyn in close up, and Gerald cannot use any of hers. He can only use Rob's up to a point. The whole scene will mostly be played in wide. Rob Tillitz wrote, “I looked at the clips of my crying and they were so dark I couldn't see any of my face, let alone tears. And noticed the table scene was sparse. It was too rushed, but that's what we've got. Oh well.”

Gerald called Dänna instead of messaging her to give her the news. He did not feel good about telling her he told her so, but they are stuck with the aftermath of her not listening to him by spending time on scenes that will probably not make the film and the ones that will got the short end. Gerald reminds her that it is quality over quantity.

Thursday, August 9, 2012 message
1:02:42 PM Rob Tillitz: First, yes, I agree the time managment was making me crazy. And we lolligagged for lunch when we everyone could have scarffed as they had breaks. Hey, I just thought of one idea which lead me to another: 1) what if she wrote the script and let Davenport/Tillitz make the movie next year?; and 2) what if she wote the next episode of "the WATERING hole?"
1:03:42 PM Gerald: We, would have to see if she would be interested in doing a speck screenplay.
1:04:55 PM Rob Tillitz: I like her imagination, and she's got the perfect "Twilight Zone" mentality for TWH.
1:05:23 PM Gerald: Yes she does.

Dänna messages Gerald Thursday, August 9, 2012, around 3:30pm asking how the battle is going. Gerald tells her that the ending will have to be done with the theater scene without the effects and it is just the two main characters. There is only 4 seconds of screen time to make any visual effect happen at this time. Dänna is concerned that her idea of them walking into the light with the field and the star will not be in the film. Gerald tells her he is still working on that, but that Glenn is not in front of the green screen so it will have to just be Evelyn, if it were to happen. Dänna tells Gerald that Effects Person has that clip of Glenn in front of the green screen by himself. Gerald is more focused on deleting 8-minutes from the film.

The big visual effet scene is the Chapel and Effects Person is supposed to get that to Gerald soon. Dänna says that it can be cut down to just Jay and Briahna's two lines, a smidge of Sister Mary and her eulogy during the montage. Gerald is will get her her a viewable copy so she can actually see what he is talking about, so she can make her cuts in the morning.

Thursday, August 9, 2012 message
10:42:09 PM Dänna Wilberg: How did the end, with the screen and all that go? Do I need to get a sunset shot for Effects Person?
10:43:13 PM Gerald: I have to do some key framing to keep the image still on the screen.
10:52:12 PM Gerald: It will still be a little long, so you can see it and then see what needs to be cut, but it looks pretty good considering the issues
10:52:39 PM Dänna Wilberg: how did the FX turn out, like the light flickering, so it looks like they are watching movie?
10:52:43 PM Gerald: some glitter here, polish there, spit shine that, and buff that out
10:56:51 PM Gerald: Effects Person called me and said she has the other files. I told her to concentrate on the chapel scene. she said she did that. I said send it to me.
10:57:34 PM Gerald: And then work on the ending where evelyn goes through the door, create a black wall so jesus can open it and she goes.
10:58:10 PM Dänna Wilberg: ok. and we need to see them looking at screen in theater.
10:58:33 PM Gerald: Well, we need a shot behind them looking at the screen, and the screen being there
10:59:01 PM Gerald: I have to have something to put the image on, if they are in between the screen and the camera
10:59:22 PM Gerald: Not sure how it was photographed.
10:59:39 PM Gerald: I don't have the media
10:59:47 PM Dänna Wilberg: we put the GS on the stage and backlit it
11:01:03 PM Dänna Wilberg: did you ask her for it?
11:01:22 PM Gerald: I just said she called me earlier today and said she got the media I uploaded
11:01:36 PM Gerald: I told her to do specific effects
11:02:09 PM Gerald: And she was going to send me the extra stuff at the theater and the finished or so it sounded like it was finished, chapel effect.
11:02:27 PM Gerald: When she got home later this evening, which I assumed was around 4 — 7
11:02:50 PM Gerald: And at 11:02 there is still no media for me to view
11:03:06 PM Gerald: she forgot? had troubles, or ...?
11:04:05 PM Gerald: So, the rough will be without those effects in it and have to keep in mind to cut out enough to put them in
11:04:42 PM Gerald: Back to work, to get it exported. I am going through it again to refine the rough cut so it is not so, abrasive around the edges

3.6.3 Dänna Wilberg First Viewing

Gerald struggled with his internet to get the movie uploaded, but it finished around eleven am so Dänna can view it.

Friday, August 10, 2012 message
1:32:04 PM Dänna Wilberg: I'm freaking out about her face!!
1:32:18 PM Dänna Wilberg: the shine and patchy look
1:33:02 PM Dänna Wilberg: other than that, its great! I have a few suggestions, comments, questions.
1:34:11 PM Gerald: it looks like she is sweating
1:35:39 PM Dänna Wilberg: Seeing what you have accomplished in the short time you've worked on it, I have to doubt that it's going to get better and you said. I am kicking myself for not seeing her face on screen before we shot the whole thing like that. I don't think so, neither did my sister...I don't belive anyone else will either...they may not know how we did it, but they will wonder what's "wrong" with her face!!
1:36:40 PM Dänna Wilberg: Lisa Farr always uses a color correction program to smooth me out for our show, is that something you have in your bag of tricks?
1:40:53 PM Dänna Wilberg: I downloaded chrome. watching it on HP video viewer
1:42:20 PM Dänna Wilberg: when do we send files to Louis?
1:43:12 PM Gerald: well he can get an idea of the story and mood if you like what you see so far and then changes should not matter to him as I can tweak the music to fit what ever he makes
1:43:29 PM Dänna Wilberg: yes
1:43:51 PM Dänna Wilberg: Just the ending may be a little longer?
1:49:34 PM Gerald: it needs effects shots ending credits...
1:49:41 PM Gerald: tweaks
1:49:46 PM Gerald: send me your list
2:10:19 PM Dänna Wilberg: yes! Ok, working as designed, I want the best of both worlds!! I love the "editor" scene!! We can cut it shorter, drop the dialog, transition to Adam in hallway befoe E dies...or...maybe put editor scene in sooner? How can we incorporate both? I need to watch them a few more times. Wow! I'll bet you the longer version will be AWESOME!!!!!
3:14:04 PM Dänna Wilberg: if we don't get Evelyn's face fixed, I'm heading for the BRIDGE!!
3:14:19 PM Gerald: I really think that is the least of your worries
3:14:38 PM Gerald: we need the visual effects shots, an ending, and credits
3:15:02 PM Dänna Wilberg: So, do we have a shot of Sara pouring the tea?
3:15:24 PM Gerald: nothing that works with what i have already
3:15:45 PM Dänna Wilberg: If I send you names, can you put the crew titles?
3:16:34 PM Gerald: I can use names yes, but where? we're over 10 minutes
3:16:51 PM Gerald: We have some time we need to cut to add what Effects Person is doing, if she is doing it, it has been a month.
Saturday, August 11, 2012 message
8:45:05 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok, thought very long and hard last night about clips...and I have decided that if you can't fix Evelyn's face in post, I want to reshoot the scenes. She has been flooding me with emails freaking out about it, and I have to agree, it WILL spoil the film. This will give us a chance to get what we need, and do it right. We can keep most of it, but redo Sara and Ev. What do you think? I know your goal is to get it to ten minutes, my goal is to get the best film I can get, and then worry about ten minutes.
8:46:25 AM Dänna Wilberg: I know this is asking alot, but honestly, it was a huge mistake on my part not to film her face and see results before continuing.
8:50:27 AM Gerald: Are you going to use a different location?
8:50:43 AM Dänna Wilberg: no
8:50:56 AM Dänna Wilberg: I will see if I can rent the same room
8:52:13 AM Gerald: You have three weeks till deadline
8:52:18 AM Gerald: When you planning it?
8:52:40 AM Dänna Wilberg: But I would like to see if you can perform some magic on her face first...what do you think? I am so upset with myself, and I really feel that everyone did such a magnificet job, this would be a HUGE disappoinment to them.
8:52:43 AM Gerald: You will have to redo every scene she is in
8:52:50 AM Dänna Wilberg: We would have to shoot it this week
8:53:17 AM Dänna Wilberg: The dying scene we may be able to get away with?
8:54:00 AM Gerald: Effects Person is sending me files. 4 gig of media
8:54:15 AM Gerald: I did not want everything, but i guess she did not know what was good and what was not
8:54:41 AM Gerald: The chapel visual effects shot should only have been 200 — 300 megabytes, if that
8:55:11 AM Gerald: I only want the effect shot not the entire scene
8:56:48 AM Dänna Wilberg: I haven't heard back from Louis, that scares me
8:57:18 AM Gerald: He accepted the share on dropbox
8:57:24 AM Gerald: So he is connected to the folder
8:57:48 AM Dänna Wilberg: that's fine with me!
9:01:23 AM Dänna Wilberg: so what do you want to do? Will you try and fix the problem this am, so we know? Or should I just start making plans to reshoot?
9:03:26 AM Gerald: Say I do fix it, you still have a problem with the tea.
9:04:31 AM Dänna Wilberg: that's a problem, but has nothing to do with actors. Seriously, I cannot do that to Victoria, the make-up looks awful!
9:05:44 AM Dänna Wilberg: that's why I am asking, if I can get the Amber house and actors, can you get crew?
9:06:13 AM Gerald: I do not know, not sure if I can even get down there. What day? Donna is busy trying to finish hers
9:06:31 AM Dänna Wilberg: Maybe we can do a weekday, get Jim, then no hard feeling for Rich
9:06:35 AM Gerald: It is an undertaking. Have to have a tentative day
9:07:33 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok, I will check with Amber house
9:08:28 AM Gerald: opening up in after effects to do a quick run through
9:08:57 AM Gerald: Scott is possible, he is retired. Jim I am not sure if he is in town, also retired, but wife and him are always busy
9:11:07 AM Dänna Wilberg: We can't do 8/18, Jenyn's son is getting married
9:11:08 AM Dänna Wilberg: I'll see if Jenyn can get off work early
9:11:08 AM Dänna Wilberg: I have to check with Victoria. It may have to be in evening
9:11:08 AM Dänna Wilberg: We can do anytime this week, providing I can get the room
9:28:02 AM Gerald: spent this amount of time with it and it will have to be key-framed cause she moves
9:28:27 AM Gerald: so 10 seconds could take an hour to do
9:29:30 AM Gerald: that is if you want it overly perfect. but don't have that amount of time. unless you can get Effects Person to do it
Saturday, August 11, 2012 message
9:32:44 AM Gerald: Dänna wants to reshoot
9:33:51 AM Rob Tillitz: Which scenes?
9:34:09 AM Gerald: The Amber House bedroom scenes
9:34:16 AM Gerald: Says make up on victoria looks horrible
9:35:20 AM Rob Tillitz: Those baggie-wrinkly things did look fake.
9:38:48 AM Gerald: Told her she should have gotten Laura Tapia
9:43:21 AM Rob Tillitz: Is Laura good in your opinion then...I always do my own so have not really paid attention.
9:43:36 AM Gerald: No. I think she's great!
9:44:12 AM Gerald: She made a scar on a woman on her face for An Ignoble Caper, and I was a fraind to ask her about it, after the shoot she asks me if I liked her scar
9:44:37 AM Gerald: That is when I realized it was make up. It fooled me and I was 2 feet from her. Laura that did it
9:47:47 AM Rob Tillitz: And I was unhappy with the cry scene....very dark. I had the clips, you know, and tried to lighten them with my limited resources and still could not see a tear though there should have been plenty of water as I squirted half a bottle of liquid tears into my eyes.
9:48:10 AM Gerald: I mentioned that to Dänna9:48:28 AM Gerald: all that prep and time and we cannot see it
9:48:40 AM Gerald: I don't think he cared after day one
9:49:04 AM Gerald: He never brought a camera after that and he said he would. He was suppose to be the DP, now he's just a camera operator
9:52:37 AM Rob Tillitz: I was stressed and, of course, not happy about my big day at Amber House. Everything was behind and the clock ticking and I didn't get my 15 minutes moreoever, as we say, the media was poor.
9:59:03 AM Rob Tillitz: I agree. I've been frustrated from the start with the way things go here. I spend two years training at It Factor before ever auditioning for anything, and when I started doing films was shocked as this was not what Ryan described when he taught me set etiquette and protocol and procedure. That's why I have changed my mission statement and no longer say I'm an aspiring big time actor, I say now that this is just a hobby, cause that is all I will ever achieve here.
Saturday, August 11, 2012 message
9:55:44 AM Dänna Wilberg: what does it look like?
9:56:23 AM Gerald: now i can create a blur effect over the area and it looks good, but it will also have to be a key frame thing where that area has to move with her face and camera movement, which may be noticable
9:58:29 AM Dänna Wilberg: It was my idea to do the wrinkles that way. Alianna didn't want to do it that way. When we experimented at Victoria's house, it look amazing...the day of the shoot, everyone was in a hurry.
9:58:55 AM Gerald: Well there is that, rushing and filmmaking don't mix
9:59:03 AM Gerald: like oil and water
9:59:09 AM Dänna Wilberg: yes
10:01:23 AM Gerald: So, it is possible to fix it, but will take some time, not as much as after effects. But if Effects Person has time and can do it, then.
10:01:48 AM Dänna Wilberg: would it be better to reshoot?
10:08:40 AM Gerald: well you have to start the ball rolling by first finding a date that works for the Amber House, if there is one, then asking the crew that we need if that works for them, depending on who we get, it well tell us if it is a go or not
10:09:12 AM Gerald: all you can do, meanwhile I will work on softening and blurring the area together
10:10:08 AM Dänna Wilberg: if I get a straight on picture of JC, what can you do to fix that? I don't think I can get it back again
10:10:28 AM Dänna Wilberg: I hope my brother left it on the wall so I can at least get photo
10:10:35 AM Gerald: fix what?
10:11:00 AM Dänna Wilberg: Rich's reflection in the glass
10:51:46 AM Dänna Wilberg: can you send me a still of the face you worked on?
10:59:43 AM Dänna Wilberg: Victoria is putting it out to the universe that we can work it out. She's booked solid.
11:00:04 AM Gerald: She is booked? Wow
11:06:57 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok, you did the forehead, right? did you do cheek area too? forehead looks fine
11:08:05 AM Dänna Wilberg: if we can make her face look like forehead, we should be good
11:09:03 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok, its still a little shiny but mo bedda
11:09:48 AM Dänna Wilberg: you can still see the paper outine
11:10:11 AM Dänna Wilberg: maybe make the cheek "blotchy" looking?
11:11:13 AM Dänna Wilberg: I am sooo sorry this didn't work out. I think we thought it looked good because the lights weren't on her when we looked into the camera, we didn't see the shine
11:11:23 AM Gerald: well it is the same process and this is real quick, to get it right you have to spend time on it
11:11:34 AM Gerald: and then you have to move it with the camera and her movement
11:11:39 AM Gerald: one frame at a time
11:15:29 AM Gerald: again filmmaking is not pushing a button and whoo hoo we have a winner

3.6.4 Visual Effects

Gerald hears that Effects Person is editing another PCS film, which could be the reason she is not working on, or not giving The Producer (2012) visual effects all the attention it needs. Gerald tells Dänna that the Chapel visual effects that Effects Person did is unusable and she has to redo it.

The makeup does not make her look old and wrinkled per se, but we don't know why she's sick and dying. These could be burns or hanging skin as the result of fever. In other words, it gives the audience the sense that she's sick, and, thus, dying.” Writes Rob Tillitz.

On Monday, August 13, 2012, Effects Person messages Gerald thanks for the dropbox. Gerald asks her if she received the email that the chapel scene needs to be redone. She says yes.

Dänna messages Gerald at 12:30pm with more notes on what to cut and what to add for the theater scene. Back and forth the two battled. Gerald wanted to make it simple and keep to the story, while Dänna wanted to keep adding effects and complicated fixes for things that are not working. Gerald tells her that he got the length of The Producer (2012) down to 8:15 seconds.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 message
8:06:18 AM Gerald: Now you just need an ending
8:06:41 AM Gerald: And not sure if I have to do the Chapel scene and take off Effects Person for effects
8:06:49 AM Dänna Wilberg: I told Effects Person what I wanted, haven't heard back. Not sure she understands
8:07:38 AM Dänna Wilberg: I will give credit to everyone who tried to make it work, volunteers, remember?
8:07:59 AM Dänna Wilberg: They have gone out of their way, and I appreciate that
8:08:24 AM Gerald: Why credit someone for a job they did not do?
8:08:31 AM Gerald: Remember, people are also using this as a resume
8:09:01 AM Gerald: You make them and yourself look bad when they go work for someone else
8:09:09 AM Dänna Wilberg: Didn't do it? Or didn't do it to my standards?
8:09:21 AM Gerald: Did not do it.
8:09:41 AM Gerald: If I do the Chapel scene, the theater scene, and the ending, tell me what work she did that we used in the film.
8:09:47 AM Dänna Wilberg: Special FX Assistant?
8:09:58 AM Gerald: She did not assist me
8:10:13 AM Dänna Wilberg: She did the original fx
8:10:20 AM Gerald: But, what she did, is not in the film
8:10:36 AM Gerald: Why give her credit for work in the film that she did not do in the film?
8:12:08 AM Dänna Wilberg: So what do you suggest I give her credit for? Driving from Lodi, showing up, lending us equipment so we could go back and make more mistakes, or how about being a good sport about not getting all bent out of shape that we are not using her work?
8:12:34 AM Gerald: We would use it if she would do it
8:12:39 AM Gerald: She has not contacted us. In over a month, I have nothing.
8:13:03 AM Gerald: Why do not give her credit for AD, Director, and Writer of the movie as well
8:13:16 AM Gerald: Oh wait, she didn't do any of those
8:13:37 AM Dänna Wilberg: if I was paying everyone, it may be different
8:13:43 AM Gerald: nope
8:13:59 AM Gerald: They get paid and if not used or let go, no credit in film. a thank you maybe.
8:14:08 AM Gerald: Do you remember back to the future?
8:14:22 AM Gerald: Eric Stoltz filmed for two weeks as Marty McFly
8:14:31 AM Gerald: They fired him and got Michael J Fox
8:14:39 AM Gerald: Do you see Eric Stoltz name in the credits?
8:14:41 AM Gerald: NOPE
8:14:44 AM Gerald: He got paid for the time he was there.
8:14:48 AM Gerald: Same with crew
8:15:14 AM Gerald: I will not give her credit for she did not do
8:15:20 AM Gerald: Or anyone else did
8:15:36 AM Gerald: She has not done any visual effects and the stuff she has done needs to be fixed.
8:15:46 AM Dänna Wilberg: I will call her.
8:17:19 AM Dänna Wilberg: Are you going to give her the chance to make it better?
8:17:41 AM Dänna Wilberg: Vee helped on set
8:18:29 AM Gerald: I have been saying, We'll use her effects if she does them. And Vee got a Production Assistant credit as well
8:19:17 AM Dänna Wilberg: Ok. I don't want to piss anyone off, this is supposed to be fun, learning experience
8:19:32 AM Gerald: Yeah. And you are learning that you should have had a contract with the cast and crew defining their roles on the film before bringing them on set. It is also suppose to be professional
8:19:45 AM Gerald: It is not right to give anyone credit for work someone else did, or work they did not complete.
8:20:15 AM Gerald: She's gonna take that and pitch it around and show people what she did and she didn't do any of it. YET!
8:20:22 AM Dänna Wilberg: But if she's trying to do the work, but we tell her it's not good enough, where's that?
8:20:40 AM Gerald: Then she needs to fix it. It is not what she promised she would deliver. If you're not happy with it.
8:20:48 AM Gerald: This happens all over
8:21:19 AM Gerald: The matrix spent 120,000 dollars to a effects house at the beginning and their first stuff sucked
8:21:26 AM Gerald: They paid them, but went else where.
8:21:40 AM Gerald: The first people don't get credit for anything in the movie no matter how hard they tried
8:21:50 AM Gerald: This is not kindergarten, we do not give out stars
8:22:10 AM Gerald: If sacramento wants to be a film hub it has stop worrying about hurting feelings
8:22:49 AM Gerald: Yes, this is a learning experience, and as you say suppose to be fun, but people cannot improve if you keep the bar low and coddle them
8:23:40 AM Gerald: Some people, like me, want to move on to bigger and better things, and this is a place to LEARN, GROW, and build our resume
8:23:44 AM Gerald: portfolio.
8:36:53 AM Dänna Wilberg: how long are the credits so far?
8:37:11 AM Gerald: 60 seconds
8:37:25 AM Gerald: we are sitting at 9:56
8:37:58 AM Gerald: 4 seconds to spare. I can make them 64 seconds, but still have the murder scene to tweak and the ending to generate.
8:38:03 AM Gerald: I am Hoping she at least does that one
8:38:04 AM Dänna Wilberg: the end of the credits we have the field, sunset, and star?
8:39:00 AM Dänna Wilberg: Maybe they can just walk into the light, we roll credits, at end we dissolve to sunset and star?
8:39:29 AM Dänna Wilberg: what do you think?
8:40:08 AM Dänna Wilberg: that way we can make the statement, without having to rush through it
8:40:32 AM Gerald: Are you giving up on Effects Person?
8:40:48 AM Gerald: You not wanting her to do an orb with Victoria?
8:40:50 AM Dänna Wilberg: I don't know...
8:41:09 AM Dänna Wilberg: I haven't seen anything yet
8:42:33 AM Dänna Wilberg: The only reason I got someone for spfx is because you said you didn't want to do them, but look who's whipping them out!
8:42:37 AM Gerald: No. You thought I did them for the WATERING hole and told you I did not. I did not have the time to that complex of an effect and edit the film. And I would not have the time to do the effects you wanted, you needed to find someone else to do them or your film will not be done. I did say good effects take TIME
8:43:04 AM Gerald: And the effects I have done, are not really REAL effects
8:43:47 AM Gerald: It falls under the classification of editing, but some union said anytime there is altering of the image it is an effect
8:45:54 AM Dänna Wilberg: Ok. I'll call her. Don't know what's going on. They have some family drama stuff that may be interferring, I will check
8:46:15 AM Gerald: Family stuff, always gets in the way. just hope she's doing okay
8:46:38 AM Dänna Wilberg: Me too, she wasn't feeling well after the theater shoot
8:46:45 AM Gerald: Scott tells me she is the editor for squatters and they are in a bind too to get it done
8:47:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: too much on her plate?
9:02:05 AM Gerald: So are you going to talk to her about what you want at the end? Have you decided? Can she do it, have time? You will not know until you contact her. Keep in mind that if she is unable to do it, I need plenty of time to do something
9:05:03 AM Dänna Wilberg: can I see what you have looks like so I can envision what we can do to enhance the scene? It's shorter now, the color added with screen, and all, like I said,
I like tasteful, and don't want to OVERDUE the ending...if Evelyn and JC dissipate into orbs into light, we can have ethereal clouds to run credits on that clear into sunset and star when credits are done
9:05:39 AM Gerald: Robed Man cannot turn into an orb
9:05:47 AM Gerald: He's not in front of the green screen
9:05:59 AM Gerald: Victoria is
9:06:51 AM Dänna Wilberg: you have them looking at screen
9:07:02 AM Gerald: But that is not the ending ending
9:07:27 AM Gerald: You have a screen shot of that then they do their dialog then they get up and walk toward the door and then it ends
9:07:36 AM Gerald: That is where we need to know what you want
9:07:42 AM Gerald: And who can do it
9:07:50 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok, so if Evelyn turns into an orb, light flood screen, we see ethereal light/clouds that fill screen, run credits, the light dissolves into sunset and does that sound?
9:08:39 AM Gerald: I was doing the credits with the theater image like we are watching the credits from Eve's movie
9:08:47 AM Gerald: But that is not in concrete
9:09:08 AM Gerald: The issue would be the light, orbs, clouds. sunset and stars
9:10:24 AM Gerald: Are you smoky down there?
9:10:40 AM Dänna Wilberg: I have some awesome sunset photos, I'm sure Patricia and Arlene have some, maybe Noreen
9:11:29 AM Dänna Wilberg: yes, I am smoky down here...Clearlake is on fire, Glenn says they're ok
9:11:54 AM Gerald: Closed the windows and doors this morning around 6:30
9:12:16 AM Gerald: It all depends on Effects Person. Need to know where she stands
9:12:34 AM Dänna Wilberg: So, what do you think of ending that way, do you have any suggestions?
9:13:11 AM Gerald: There are several components that need to be in place before it can happen and one is Effects Person. If she cannot do that, I cannot promise I can get that done. You will have to simplify it due to my time constraints.
9:13:35 AM Dänna Wilberg: Yes I agree, I feel like I'm on standby
9:14:11 AM Gerald: Cannot move forward until we know
9:15:08 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok
9:19:34 AM Gerald: funny
9:19:48 AM Gerald: Effects Person says thanks for the dopbox invite but she is not on the list of people
9:21:50 AM Gerald: So has she dropped herself?
9:22:51 AM Gerald: She's not one of the people listed and I have not dropped anyone, well i just did, arlene, she already saw it and loved it.
9:25:13 AM Gerald: Never mind, she got the invite but never accepted
9:25:57 AM Gerald: No where on my events does she join
9:27:57 AM Gerald: And she is not on the list of pending.
9:28:06 AM Dänna Wilberg: Just talked to Effects Person, she is making minor adjustments, will have them today, Chapel scen AND ending...she is sending me a screen shot in about an hour.
9:29:15 AM Dänna Wilberg: I will call her after I get the screen shot, and then will discuss how we can tie it all together...
9:54:42 AM Dänna Wilberg: fingers crossed.
11:26:58 AM Gerald: I said slow down, listen to what I say and spelled it out, I said it all in the email. You are the Master, your mother said so. So show us.
11:27:10 AM Dänna Wilberg: you talked to her today?
11:27:17 AM Gerald: yes
11:27:46 AM Gerald: Says she editing 2 movies for pcs
11:27:56 AM Dänna Wilberg: Ok, cool. I didn't get a screen shot from her. It is hard to know what she is doing with the footage, and I may not like it!
11:27:57 AM Gerald: Laura's movie, and of course laura is not done and Effects Person is also camera
11:28:39 AM Dänna Wilberg: Maybe offer to take the project off her hands if she does not have time
Wednesday, August 15, 2012 message
10:05:45 AM Gerald: Rough cut #15
10:08:15 AM Dänna Wilberg: Well...other than missing the angel, which I love, and the spfx, it all're a genius!
10:09:20 AM Gerald: The angels are there. Nothing has changed from the first cut you saw up to 2:33
10:09:32 AM Dänna Wilberg: oh
10:09:52 AM Gerald: Effects Person's chapel scene did not work
10:10:11 AM Gerald: So hopefully she can get something done for the ending
10:16:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: I sent Effects Person some ideas for visual effects for ending, I don't know how to explain what I want...
10:16:43 AM Gerald: well, added factor that she needs extra explaining
10:16:43 AM Dänna Wilberg: I couldn't find an example of what I want
10:21:00 AM Gerald: And i tried like heck to get the dining room scene shorter and more intimate, but her hands were a big issue, nothing continuous
10:21:28 AM Dänna Wilberg: I think the dining room scene looks great!
11:38:23 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok, I found it all by myself...The flow is good, not sure about the format with Adam's movie, the black bars seem to cut a lot of the actors faces off. I will send you an updated list for credits, some misspellings of names...Since we will be removing "SPFX" make-up, put Alianna under BB's name, since she did most of make-up for Amber House, not just spfx. I like the ending the way it is...if we had more time to get creative, which I hope we do in time...we could do more with it, but we are going for "clean"...and the theater is clean.
11:45:32 AM Gerald: another reason for the difference in matting it lets the audience know they are watching Adam's movie
Thursday, August 16, 2012 message
8:19:52 AM Dänna Wilberg: I spoke with Effects Person yesterday, she said she was going to TRY and have something by last night. I haven't seen anything yet, I checked my email
8:21:36 AM Gerald: It doesn't have to be done so fast you want quality
8:21:38 AM Dänna Wilberg: What did you mean you were going to leave it like that? No bars?
8:22:48 AM Dänna Wilberg: we gonna keep it this way... it works, it's actually easier, less work for me.i always go above and beyond, but i guess it doesn't work for this.
8:23:05 AM Dänna Wilberg: I hope I didn't hurt your feelings...
8:23:29 AM Gerald: You liked it right. I am not going to give friction, it is the way you want. It works too. I am trying to reduce your anxiety and issues list not add to them, and to do that is to give you what you ask for.
8:24:13 AM Gerald: Not hurt feelings just thought you wanted my magic. You could have anyone cut this
8:24:46 AM Dänna Wilberg: I wanted to see it both ways. I agree with you, it did define what was Adam's film.
8:25:40 AM Dänna Wilberg: The change I really like is the addition of the editor scene.
8:27:05 AM Gerald: I had to make the kissing scene longer cause nothing to cut away to so she only has 15 seconds to do the effect
8:27:47 AM Gerald: Again, though we can make the credits roll faster so she might have more time.
8:28:04 AM Dänna Wilberg: The bars do make it work, I would like to see them thinner if possible.
8:28:43 AM Dänna Wilberg: I imagine on the big screen, it will look different too
8:33:27 AM Gerald: If Effects Person needs time she has till the 23rd to make it look good?
8:33:42 AM Dänna Wilberg: not really, Victoria is tied up, not sure about others. my only regret is the make-up
8:34:05 AM Gerald: Can Effects Person do something with it?
8:34:16 AM Dänna Wilberg: I think she should be giving us a rough cut so we know we are all on the same page
8:35:50 AM Gerald: I know that's putting more on her plate but she's the master at creativity
8:35:53 AM Dänna Wilberg: I didn't ask her...I don't want to count on her for any more since she hasn't delivered yet. I am counting on your expertise on this one, and you know I am holding my breath...I screwed up, should've known it would look different with lights, and larger...
8:36:55 AM Gerald: Effects Person is edited two movies she says, did the effects for this one, which I have not used
8:37:26 AM Dänna Wilberg: Didn't use because not to your standards?
8:37:49 AM Gerald: Funny you ask that. You be the judge. I uploaded what she did. Watch it.
8:45:49 AM Gerald: Have you seen it? You want me to use her Chapel scene?
8:48:06 AM Dänna Wilberg: No. Can you fix what she did?
8:48:20 AM Gerald: NO. it is already in concrete.
8:48:26 AM Dänna Wilberg: Okay. I like what you have, I'm fine with that?
8:48:45 AM Dänna Wilberg: You've given me food for thought, giving credit where I shouldn't
9:55:20 AM Gerald: Waiting for Effects Person... she'll come through.
9:56:25 AM Gerald: oh and the music. almost forgot that...
9:57:02 AM Gerald: that would have been silly to export the movie thinking it was done without the music
9:58:45 AM Dänna Wilberg: I hope so, this is the part where I lose keep avoiding my question, Mr. Editor...can YOU fix it? I don't want to ask her, I don't feel confident that she can do the job I KNOW you can do!!
9:59:18 AM Gerald: Only with basic editing tricks that you see.
10:00:23 AM Gerald: Time consuming to track the face. Two hours of time to get 10 seconds done
10:00:47 AM Dänna Wilberg: If you can photoshop, can you also do blotchy skin? If you were to take some of Donna Benedicts wrinkles, can you patch them on V's face?
10:00:49 AM Gerald: I can blur it more and make thew scene more soft
10:02:12 AM Gerald: i guess my magic is not good enough. sorry
Friday, August 17, 2012 message
9:27:58 AM Dänna Wilberg: Morning Gerald! Got a message from Effects Person, she's downloading something you should get this morning?
9:31:30 AM Gerald: okay we'll nothing uploading at this time
10:15:18 AM Dänna Wilberg: Can you check this out and tell me what you think? Effects Person sent it to me.
10:15:24 AM Dänna Wilberg: for ending
10:18:18 AM Gerald: It is a prefabbed effect
10:18:27 AM Dänna Wilberg: yes
10:19:11 AM Gerald: The video does not help me much as I am not sure how she is going to integrate that into the film
10:19:17 AM Dänna Wilberg: I asked Jeff Sturgess, he's the spfx guy I told you about, he called, and said he'd look into it.
10:19:57 AM Dänna Wilberg: they would walk into the effect
10:20:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: she's not getting it
10:20:15 AM Gerald: THEY cannot walk into it
10:20:26 AM Gerald: Only Victoria, she is in front of the green screen
10:20:46 AM Dänna Wilberg: she has them both dissolving into it
10:21:13 AM Gerald: Okay, not sure how. i would like to see a sample of that not the canned effect she's going to use
10:21:23 AM Dänna Wilberg: she said she can't do anything with Victoria without him too. Can't separate
10:21:37 AM Gerald: Yes you can
10:21:46 AM Gerald: Oh my gosh really?
10:29:01 AM Dänna Wilberg: Do you want to talk to her?
10:35:48 AM Dänna Wilberg: She isn't coming up with anything!!
10:36:36 AM Gerald: She's not doing anything she says?
10:36:48 AM Gerald: Lets see what she has at least... hmmm
10:37:09 AM Gerald: Or has she not done anything? I think she's spending more time editing
10:47:23 AM Dänna Wilberg: I just got off the phone with Effects Person, she's off to the bay area, doesn't have time to work on it. I told her we would pick it up from here. I can't deal with this anymore. told her we needed to have more of her time to do it right.
10:47:57 AM Dänna Wilberg: nothing personal...just need to move on
11:04:14 AM Dänna Wilberg: sad not happy
11:04:26 AM Gerald: Who is sad. She or you?
11:04:47 AM Dänna Wilberg: me, another bad decision.
11:05:07 AM Gerald: I told you to find another director and editor...
11:06:22 AM Dänna Wilberg: ya know, people have given me chances to prove myself, I like to pay that forward, every chance I get, and sometimes, it comes back to me, and sometimes.
11:07:29 AM Dänna Wilberg: no not you!!
11:21:26 AM Dänna Wilberg: so what do you suggest we do?
11:23:05 AM Gerald: Guess I have to formulate an idea
11:23:17 AM Dänna Wilberg: magic?
11:24:28 AM Dänna Wilberg: what annoys me? Effects Person didn't even look at the rough cut, or the video links I sent her. She picked one and went with it
12:38:16 PM Dänna Wilberg: I think she's a great kid, but her involvement with this project has been lacking. Perhaps because she's not in charge of all the editing we are taking a back seat, but bottom line is we have to get 'er done, and I don't want mediocracy because she's too busy. I asked the questions before we began...can we do this, and can we do that...she hasn't even started on the orb thing with the parents and Sam...

3.6.5 Music

Thursday, August 30, 2012 message
5:21:50 PM Dänna Wilberg: How is the music?
5:22:03 PM Gerald: What do you want to know about it?
5:22:20 PM Gerald: Good recording, Clean.
5:23:03 PM Dänna Wilberg: Does it fit? Do you like it?
5:23:10 PM Gerald: Expressive. I am making it work.
5:23:25 PM Gerald: I had to extend parts and delete other parts
5:23:59 PM Gerald: Moved pieces around to hit emotional cues
5:24:12 PM Dänna Wilberg: Yey!
5:24:59 PM Gerald: Problem with credits though, they are short and pretty fast you maybe able to fit a few names in but then will go by too fast to read
5:25:33 PM Gerald: Some of the romance I liked, the piano and used it for the mantage, it fit real nice.
5:26:59 PM Gerald: The ending is, well, kind of cheesy, but all I could do in the amount of time
5:27:04 PM Gerald: You will see
5:27:22 PM Dänna Wilberg: Can't wait!
Saturday, September 1, 2012 message
8:14:40 AM Dänna Wilberg: Ok. Would it be ok to get together today?
8:16:12 AM Gerald: What did you need to go over?
8:33:40 AM Dänna Wilberg: This is where editors want to choke me. Sorry...but its these little things that you would be going over if it was Chardonay, right?
8:33:54 AM Gerald: What things?
8:34:46 AM Gerald: I have 204 hours invested in post already
8:35:05 AM Gerald: 17 days with roughly 12 hours a day
8:35:10 AM Gerald: I know the movie inside and out
8:35:22 AM Gerald: And backward

3.7 Access Sacramento Deadline

Gerald went down to Access Sacramento on Tuesday, September 4th 2012, to deliver The Producer (2012) to them in an HD format so they can screw it up like they always do by recompressing the films to put onto a DVD. The process was easy, he just handed them a hard drive and they pulled it off of it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 message
11:14:47 AM Dänna Wilberg: Morning Mr. does it feel to have another monkey off your back? However, I am still here, lol. Just wondering what would be the best way to get the footage from you? How big of an external drive would I need? I thought perhaps I could give one to you, and when you have time, download the footage, and I'll pick it up...does that work for you?
11:15:07 AM Gerald: that works...
11:15:29 AM Dänna Wilberg: k, how big?
11:16:08 AM Gerald: If you are planning to do this again with another movie, I would say the larger the better for you, at least 1 terabyte or more
11:17:50 AM Dänna Wilberg: planning to do this again with another movie?
11:18:07 AM Gerald: if you are going to be doing another movie you will need space for that media
11:19:21 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok, I have a terabyte, and I have a goflex thats 500gb
11:20:15 AM Dänna Wilberg: I can give you the goflex if you think its big enough, I'll tranfer my other files to my terayte
11:20:33 AM Gerald: all depends on if I can write to uit, what did you give me to try when i was at your house
11:20:51 AM Dänna Wilberg: goflex?
11:21:03 AM Gerald: I can read it but could not write to it
Ron Cooper Thursday, September 6, 2012 email

Subject: Mishandling of your PCS film submissions - our apologies
Date: Thursday, September 6, 2012, 6:29 PM
PCS filmmakers..... In the directions we gave you to submit your final films, we erroneously omitted "Blu-Ray" DVD's. Many of you were frustrated trying to copy your HD films onto a standard DVD..... our apologies for the confusion.

We all want your films to be projected uncompressed onto the big screen at the Crest Oct 7 in all their glory. To be sure we have the highest quality, could we ask you to re-submit your films at 1080i MPEG 2 formatting by bringing them to us one more time, uncompressed on a flash drive, thumb drive or an external hard drive?

Some of you have done this already, I know. But Bhim is out ill for a week and I want to make sure we have all ten films in hand at the highest quality. If you come in tomorrow (Friday) just check with the front office - we have an "upload station" you can use. Ask for help from TD Trice our Programming Director.

Thank you for your patience.... in this way, we will be sure to have your best efforts for projection on October 7. Thank you and once again we apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding.

Gerald wrote in his journal, “Access did it again. They asked for high demanding requirements that BEGINNERS, like the ones who did the other films, did not understand. Access does not project at HD quality, they down convert it to Standard DEF. You cannot get 10, ten minute movies on a dvd and be in such high quality. Look at their disks from past years. 10 movies that are 2.5 Gb in size do not fit on a 4.7 Gb disk.”

Thursday, September 6, 2012 message
10:25:51 AM Dänna Wilberg: is it too early to talk about a trailer?
10:28:06 AM Dänna Wilberg: In previous years I had 100 copies made to distribute, it cost me $3 per DVD, you mentioned $10. If we sold them on website, that would be a doable, but I cannot pay $10 per dvd. Any thoughts on that?
10:28:45 AM Dänna Wilberg: the dvd had artwork on lable, menu, trailer, behind scenes photos
10:28:48 AM Gerald: I would tell everyone to buy the $10 dvd at the crest with all the other films on it
10:30:20 AM Dänna Wilberg: And for our movie, with trailer and behind the scenes photos?
10:30:52 AM Dänna Wilberg: I would like to give one to everyone as my thank you
10:31:15 AM Gerald: if they buy the DVD at the event, they have the movie. Then you would need to put the disk into the computer to find the pictures and th3en create a slide show. There is no trailer.
10:32:56 AM Dänna Wilberg: oh...they won't show up on TV?
10:33:02 AM Gerald: no.
10:33:08 AM Gerald: You have to create a slideshow for that
10:33:24 AM Dänna Wilberg: I guess that's what I did before.
10:34:36 AM Gerald: So you have the pics and can do that again for Sean
10:34:36 AM Dänna Wilberg: only Patricia's, right?
10:34:48 AM Gerald: I have no idea's who they are...
10:35:13 AM Gerald: who ever gave me their card and patricia's is on there not sure if anyone else's
10:36:27 AM Gerald: Well once you have all the media you can do what ever you want with it.
10:38:54 AM Dänna Wilberg: You seem a little cranky today, Mr. Davenport...have I overstepped my boundaries?
10:39:26 AM Gerald: What you mean?
10:39:50 AM Gerald: I'm just saying if you want me to put it together, my fee is $120 an hour
10:40:18 AM Gerald: So asking for $10 a disk is not asking for much to put it together, TIME, RESOURCES, and such
10:40:51 AM Gerald: I charged $25 for the THE GOLDEN TREE DVD and sold 110 if them
10:41:30 AM Gerald: course it was a 45 minute version, 4 trailers, a 30 minute slide show, plus the 10 minute version on there
10:41:59 AM Gerald: And that was not including the complimentary copies the cast & crew got.
10:42:42 AM Gerald: in total I made 160 disks
10:43:05 AM Dänna Wilberg: Ok, I'm not in it to make $, that could all go to you.
10:43:15 AM Gerald: It is not about making money, it is about covering the cost. It covered the blank disks, the ink for the disk, the amaray cover printing (not at home), the amaray case.
10:43:42 AM Gerald: And the process including both movies took 7 months to complete the disk. The artwork, disk menus, trailers, slideshow, and such. Was not an overnight thing. An attention to detail and it looks like a disk you buy at the store. Disks, printing, and ink are not cheap.
10:44:11 AM Gerald: If I do something I don't just flick a switch and it comes out of a program with default settings
10:44:27 AM Gerald: I delve into it and do say like 220 HOURS if editing
10:44:35 AM Gerald: to make sure it is the best it can be
10:45:05 AM Dänna Wilberg: I understand that, that why I said the proceeds could go to you.
10:45:53 AM Gerald: I think what you have is sufficient. just to make copies.
10:46:11 AM Gerald: Unless of course you have a slideshow in the works and can figure out a trailer.
10:47:47 AM Dänna Wilberg: Slideshow no problem, don't have software or expertise to make trailer.
11:49:24 AM Dänna Wilberg: did we submit on blu-ray disc? got letter from Access saying all film had to be submitted on Blu-ray
11:50:04 AM Gerald: The oposite they did not want blu ray
11:50:15 AM Gerald: People sent it on blu ray and they do not want that
4:32:05 PM Dänna Wilberg: I usually take the $ from poster sales and put it towards a party at my house. Since there are more people coming this time, family coming from all over, I thought this would be better
4:32:33 PM Gerald: wow all over?
4:34:27 PM Dänna Wilberg: Jenyns family, my family, Louis is coming from NY, friend from Mississippi, kids from San Diego, Tracy,
4:34:34 PM Dänna Wilberg: Bay area
4:35:10 PM Dänna Wilberg: Anyone you want to invite, let me know
4:36:00 PM Dänna Wilberg: I'll send out evites when I get the place nailed down. Right now, I think I'll send out "save the dates"
4:36:22 PM Gerald: Did a few demo reels now taking a break, HA a break, and assembling a trailer. well starting to get something
4:36:56 PM Dänna Wilberg: thanks...really, thanks so much
4:37:14 PM Gerald: It is not just just piecing it together as a story seeing if it makes sense
Gerald Friday, September 7, 2012 email

TO: Access Sacramento
We all want your films to be projected uncompressed onto the big screen at the Crest Oct 7 in all their glory. To be sure we have the highest quality, could we ask you to re-submit your films at 1080i MPEG 2 formatting by bringing them to us one more time, uncompressed on a flash drive, thumb drive or an external hard drive?

First off I have been doing film and video for 33 years, spent lots of money at film school and post production school and know a little about the subject [sarcasm]

I have no idea how you people think the movies will be "projected uncompressed" when you take an HD movie and down convert it to SD. HD = 1920*1080 SD = 720*480 [and they do not ratio properly, too meet the 16*9 format it should be 720*404. Anyway. the movies once put onto DVD are NO LONGER HD. please stop thinking they are. please stop telling beginners that they are.
#1) 720*480 is NOT HD
#2) you cannot fit 10 HD movies onto a DVD, even if you could a DVD is NOT HD. but ten 2 gig movies is 20 gigs.
how do you take 20 gigs and put it onto a 4.7 gig DVD?
You compress the heck out of the movies and they all become less than 450 megabyte in size. Bottom line, the movies played at the crest are not HD especially if they are on a DVD let alone all on one DVD. I have been asking since 2009 why you want us to photograph in HD and project in SD. Why can't you put them on to a blu ray and project them the way we captured them? - gerald davenport

Dev Singh Friday, September 7, 2012 email

Subject: Re: Mishandling of your PCS film submissions - our apologies
Date: September 7, 2012 2:50:16 PM PDT
I agree with you, you can not put 1920x1080 HD in a regular DVD. This was done without my input and knowledge and frustration.

Robert Anderso Friday, September 7, 2012 email

Subject: Re: Mishandling of your PCS film submissions - our apologies
Date: September 7, 2012 6:54:21 PM PDT
Thank you Mr. Davenport you have adressed many concerns that we have as well. I called The Crest yesterday and they do in fact project in Blu-Ray.
Their in-house projection is either 35 mm or Blu-Ray. If the format is DVD, then the equipment will need to be brought in.
I agree that the final format should be in Blu-Ray. Thanks

3.8 Crew

Directed by

Gerald Martin Davenport
Jim Heck … co-director
Mark Hoffman … co-director
Dänna Wilberg … co-director

Writing Credits

Dänna Wilberg … (screenplay by) and (story by)

Produced by

Dänna Wilberg … producer

Music by

Louis Fujinami Conti

Cinematography by

Rich Beckermeyer
Jim Heck
Mark Hoffman
Gerald Martin Davenport

Film Editing by

Gerald Martin Davenport

Set Decoration by

Dänna Wilberg … key set decorator

Casting by

Dänna Wilberg

Makeup Department

Rebecca Minter … key makeup artist
Alianna Santos … makeup artist

Sound Department

Gerald Martin Davenport … sound editor
Scott Slotterbeck … boom operator / sound recordist

Visual Effects by

Gerald Martin Davenport … compositor / digital effects
Katelyn Ellis … on-set effects assistant
Vee Ellis … on-set effects assistant

Camera and Electrical Department

Gerald Martin Davenport … camera operator
Rich Beckermeyer … camera operator
Jim Heck … camera operator
Mark Hoffman … camera operator
Noreen Stenberg … camera operator
Katelyn Ellis … camera operator
Donna Faith … gaffer / second assistant camera
Patricia Collins … still photographer
Arlene Barshinger … still photographer

Casting Department

Olivia Wilberg … casting assistant

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Rebecca Minter … wardrobe

Music Department

Louis Fujinami Conti … composer / conductor
Emy Todoroki-Schwartz … musician: piano
Yinin Li … musician: violin
Muneyoshi Takahashi … musician: violin
Entela Barci … musician: viola
Sean Katsuyama … musician: cello

Location Management

Dänna Wilberg … location finder

Script and Continuity Department

Donna Faith … script supervisor

Additional Crew

Amanda Carrillo … production assistant
Vee Ellis … production assistant


Donald Wilberg … location - Wilberg Home
Sister Mary Augustine O'Connor … Location - Mercy McMahon Terrace
Rob Tillitz … location - Cedar Room Bar
Connie Mockenhaupt … location - Sutter Street Theater
Judith Bommer … location - Amber House Bed & Breakfast
Mark S. Wilcox and Jorge Gocobochi … Girasole Pizza
Panera Bread Company
Anthony H. Sadeghi … Karma Café & Lounge
Rick Litteral … Pizzeria Classico
Ron Cooper … Access Sacramento

Production Companies

Aria Pictures (presents)


Aria Pictures (2012) (USA) (theatrical)

Other Companies

Brendan Brooks … (camera, lighting equipment)
Jim Heck (camera equipment)
Katelyn Ellis & Vee Ellis (camera, lighting, green screen)
Rob Tillitz (camera equipment)
Noreen Stenberg (camera equipment)
Rich Beckermeyer (camera equipment)
Donna Faith (lighting equipment)
Scott Slotterbeck (audio equipment)

4 Marketing

4.1 Website

As with any other film that Gerald is involved with, he offers to volunteer to create a website for the film, the actors, and the crew. Dänna Wilberg agreed toit, but she also had her own website for the film. The The Producer (2012) website on Aria Pictures is a simple slide show of images with information on them.

4.2 Posters

Version B of the The Producer (2012) movie poster.

Version A of the The Producer (2012) movie poster

Version C of the The Producer (2012) movie poster.

Version C of the The Producer (2012) movie poster

5 Release

Dänna Wilberg Saturday, September 8, 2012 email

Subject: Cast and Crew Party- Please READ and RESPOND
Hello, Illustrious Cast and Crew!

The film has been turned in, and it looks great! I hope to see all of you at the premiere! To show my appreciation for everyone's amazing talent and expertise on this project, I am planning to host a wrap party near the Crest theater after the premiere on Sunday, Oct. 7th from 4-6pm. What I need to know is... how many of you would like to attend, and how many in your party, so I can plan for refreshments. Please let me know by 9/14! I will be sending out e-vites once I hear back from everyone and establish a location.

And once again, I am truly grateful to all of you, so if I forget your name, or fail to mention you during my speech, please forgive me and keep in mind, sometimes I forget where I am, and my own name, too! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Monday, September 10, 2012 message
10:27:13 AM Gerald: Do you know if the actors are wanting pieces for their demo reel?
10:30:07 AM Dänna Wilberg: I can ask.
10:30:40 AM Gerald: Cause if they do, it is best to get it from me, the uncompressed files
10:31:12 AM Gerald: It beats getting it from the dvd, which is SD not HD and compressed three times
10:31:32 AM Dänna Wilberg: ok, I will let them know. Are you charging for that?
10:31:46 AM Gerald: Let them know, if they want their clip for their demo reel it will not be ready till after the event
10:31:55 AM Gerald: They must wait to see it on the big screen before having it
10:32:02 AM Gerald: Nope, no charge
10:32:43 AM Gerald: I charge people that are not in my movies for making a demo reel or clips, but actors it is a little thing I think the film maker should do for the actors
10:32:55 AM Gerald: Since they weren't paid. just an extra bonus
10:33:12 AM Dänna Wilberg: thank you, I agree.
10:34:21 AM Gerald: So it would be Rob, Jenyn, Victoria, Briahna, Jay, and Glenn
10:34:30 AM Dänna Wilberg: yes
Thursday, September 13, 2012 message
11:13:18 AM Gerald: Mr. Conti. I understand you are heading this way for the showing of the movie?
11:14:16 AM Louis Fujinami Conti: Actually -- I am still working out the details... I will let you know for sure though.
11:14:51 AM Gerald: I just heard and was saddened cause I won't be there
11:19:01 AM Gerald: Did you show your musicians that they are on IMDb now?
11:21:07 AM Louis Fujinami Conti: Since we (musicians) are not too familiar with IMDb, I did not realize the importance of it. I have to check it out -- and will let the folks know. Thank you very much for that!
11:21:37 AM Gerald: You can now say you are listed just like John Williams
11:22:09 AM Louis Fujinami Conti: Yeah -- the only difference is that he is "sort of" rich!
11:22:56 AM Gerald: Your time will come as well
11:23:23 AM Gerald: perseverance, humility, and talent
11:23:57 AM Louis Fujinami Conti: ... and many help from the directors, producers, etc. etc.
11:25:17 AM Louis Fujinami Conti: I am about to start another short film project here in New York. I believe they will be start shooting in couple of weeks -- so I'd imagine I will start working on it mid Oct or so.
11:25:39 AM Gerald: SWEET!!! glad to hear that
11:26:39 AM Louis Fujinami Conti: Yeah...since I have a late start writing for films, I have to keep writing for different projects... have to catch up to guys like.... well, John Williams.
11:27:37 AM Gerald: i would have liked to have given you a PICTURE locked version so you could compose to the movie, but there were many things undone and I had to do all the visual effects when I told her I did not have time too, so they are what they are
11:31:08 AM Louis Fujinami Conti: it's all good — It gave me an opportunity where I would not have otherwise composed without the film, story, characters, emotions.
Saturday, September 15, 2012 message
11:49:51 AM Dänna Wilberg: Effects Person and her mother have disowned me
11:50:18 AM Dänna Wilberg: they are VERY upset about credits
11:50:42 AM Dänna Wilberg: and, they think I threw them under the bus.
11:51:01 AM Dänna Wilberg: They knew what credits they were given
11:51:17 AM Dänna Wilberg: they must have seen it as Access
11:51:31 AM Gerald: Oh really, did not know they showed the movies to people before hand
11:51:51 AM Dänna Wilberg: they may be helping Bhim
11:51:56 AM Gerald: I know Ron says they don't, unless they are connected with Michelle or someone there
11:52:25 AM Gerald: What is wrong with the credits, they got credited for what they did
11:52:43 AM Gerald: what more do they think they did?
11:52:46 AM Dänna Wilberg: She said she felt I used them for their equipment
11:53:10 AM Gerald: Is that not that what you asked of them?
11:53:28 AM Dänna Wilberg: The mother was a good producer assistant, isn't that a PA?
11:54:02 AM Gerald: no. PA is production assistant
11:54:10 AM Dänna Wilberg: I don't bothers me, I don't like to hurt anyones feelings.
11:54:23 AM Gerald: producer assistant could be a variety of titles depending on duties
11:55:19 AM Dänna Wilberg: The mother felt she didn't get the proper credits, that she was script super too, and noted all the sound cues for you
11:55:43 AM Gerald: She helped out a half day as script supervisor
11:57:07 AM Gerald: Sound cues? What are sound cues. did she keep the sheets. I never seen them.
11:57:17 AM Dänna Wilberg: I know. What can I say. Can't please eveyone, right?
11:58:17 AM Gerald: You cannot give them credit for every little thing they do. I mean if that is the case my name would be running on everything except make up
11:59:22 AM Gerald: Well as my daughter says there aren't small roles but small actors
11:59:37 AM Gerald: Same with crew there aren't small jobs there are small crew members
12:01:15 PM Dänna Wilberg: I told her it was a TEAM effort. yes, I'm learning. I told her you defined the roles in a professional manner, the titles given people were done accordingly, even mentioned your correcting me on the DP thing, and that it wasn't meant to demean anyone. She said to take her off the website, that she doesn't want to be associated with our production
12:02:16 PM Gerald: That also tells me the level of the education of people and the level of professionalism. Home movies and home made festivals like PCS make sure we credit our cat, dog, mom and dad for creating me, neighbor because they said good luck, and best friend because they hugged me. If you want to be noticed or acceptance in the REAL world of filmmaking, you do things as they do. Or you look like a 8 year old home movie.
12:03:34 PM Dänna Wilberg: Your right. And I'm one of those who wants EVERYONE to get credit, even if it's a walk-on sneeze. Because I truly appreciate people time and effort.
12:04:21 PM Gerald: well you had a choice to do a professioanl looking one or a home made one, which one you want?
12:15:16 PM Gerald: I had 1 SS on Petite, but when Krystina was on camera McKenna did it, and when McKenna was on camera and Krystina was not there Lisa West did it
12:15:26 PM Gerald: Did you see more than one script superviser credited?
12:15:40 PM Gerald: NO
12:15:58 PM Gerald: They had their position as 2nd AC and Lisa was Craft and PA, that was contracted. You do any other work for less than two days, it does not count.
12:16:05 PM Gerald: PA = PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (kind of bottom of the rung for crew members)
12:16:06 PM Dänna Wilberg: well, as Ev said...gotta be careful who you select for your cast and crew next time! LOL.
Monday, September 17, 2012 message
9:59:57 AM Dänna Wilberg: I'm sorry if I hurt your feeling, didn't mean to. Telling this story was near and dear to me as well. And being that this was my last PCS film, I wanted it done the way I had invisioned it. That didn't mean I disregarded your talents, expertise, or "magic," I wanted to see other possibilities, toy with possibilities, see which way looked me thats creating...when I write, I rewrite until it feels right, sounds right. That takes time, and sometimes I go back to my original words because they were the best way, but if I didn't try, I wouldn't know that. Not knowing what tools someone else is working with leaves a lot to the imagination. I was thinking about Effects Person, and how she told me to pick an orb and send it to her. Without knowing what she had in her toolbox, I had no idea how to proceed, however when she sent me something she threw together from a picture I merely "suggested," I knew that I couldn't collaborate with her on creating a "vision"

On Friday, September 21, 2012, Dänna sends Gerald an email that she is upset that Gerald is not coming the Access Event on October 7th and to the wrap party. Gerald has learned her manipulating ways early on and does not succumb to guiles to get him to attend. No matter many guilt trips she throws at him.

Monday, October 1, 2012 message
10:42:47 AM Dänna Wilberg: Just spoke to Ron Cooper, he gave us kudos!
10:43:28 AM Dänna Wilberg: he said it was the best one I've turned in so far
10:44:13 AM Dänna Wilberg: BEST so FAR!!
10:44:33 AM Dänna Wilberg: He's never complimented me before.
10:44:44 AM Dänna Wilberg: Said WE did a great job
Monday, October 8, 2012 message
8:58:58 AM: Rob Tillitz: I had a lot of fun. There was a HUGE turnout. Place was packed. Danna's party was very nice too.
8:59:24 AM: Gerald: Good... I thought bacero bros would win, figured hers was professionally done
9:00:49 AM: Rob Tillitz: It was done well.
Monday, October 8, 2012 message
9:08:16 AM: Dänna Wilberg: yes 2, Crumbles audience fav and Man vs Sac producer fav
11:15:53 AM: Dänna Wilberg: A lot of people felt we should've won, but the guy who did Crumble even said, he probably won because he had the most people in the audience...they came from all over. The film that won producer? Well, his mom most likely voted for him, and 1 other would do it. o well! We had a great response. Sorry you missed it.