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Our Privacy Policy

This policy outlines the information Aria Pictures & Gerald Martin Davenport (collectively, “we,” “us,” or “our”) collects, how we use that information, and how you can control how we share your information. This policy applies only to Aria Pictures Films Encyclopedia (“Site”), operated by us. Please be aware that when you follow a link to an outside site, this privacy policy does not apply, and we have no control over what information that site might collect from you. Please further note that if this policy conflicts with our “Terms of use,” the “Terms of use” controls.


A cookie is a tiny piece of information placed, transferred, and stored on your computer, mobile phone, or any other device used to access a website, by the website that you visit. It is generally used for authentication purposes such as when you revisit a site you need to log into. Cookies are also used for tracking purposes. Every cookie expires after a certain period, but that period varies depending on what the cookie's purpose is and how your browser's configuration. A “session” cookie is one that generally expires when you close your web browser or mobile application. A “persistent” cookie is one that remains in your device, even after you close your browser or mobile application. A persistent cookie expires according to the duration set by the site that set it (or when you delete it manually). This site does not use cookies to collect and store data. If you look at your cookies, there is a cookie in there named Aria Pictures Films Encyclopedia, but when you read the data in that cookie, there is none. The browser generates a placeholder for a cookie for any website, not us.

Google Analytics

This site Does not use Google Analytics to collect site visits, page hits, geographical information, site traffic, and other information about where the visitor came from (direct link or third party link), pages visited, and the site's popularity.

Tracking Pixel & other trackers

This site does not use tracking pixels in email correspondence, it is done the old-fashioned way — send you an email and hope you read it and reply. A tracking pixel (sometimes called web beacons, transparent GIFs, pixel gifs, or pixel tags) is a tiny, invisible image embedded into an email. It allows advertisers or other entities to know when you open and read an email, what links in that email you clicked, and how many times you have opened and clicked those links, plus what email app you used, where you were when you opened it (home, work, or on mobile).

Information Displayed on Aria Pictures Films Encyclopedia

Names & Likeness

Permissions were given to allow us to display the names of the actors, crew, and supporters & their likeness when used for the projection, information, and marketing of the film they are contracted.

The accounts, chronicles, and descriptions of the production

The accounts, chronicles, and descriptions of the production are from our records and archived information from the production's journal documented during production. Unless otherwise noted, the retelling and translation are from our files.

Location Addresses (Businesses)

Addresses of businesses used as locations in Aria Pictures productions are publicly available. We are giving them more SEO traffic to their site and free marketing.

Location Addresses (Private Residence)

Addresses of private residences used as locations in Aria Pictures productions are not displayed except the city they are in.


Information, including addresses, of companies providing support and products used as props or equipment in Aria Pictures film productions, is publicly available. Email addresses of contacts at the companies are not displayed.

People Pages

We only display the necessary information about a person on their profile page, such as name, image, the film they were in, and links to acting or business websites. Information about their life story, acting history, and contact information will only be displayed when the individual gives permission, which will be noted on the page. Not everyone involved will have a profile page or have more than the basics on their profile page — we are not responsible for blank or limited information about a person that was involved with or connected to an Aria Pictures film production.

Information Contributed and Submitted to us

Information Contributed and Submitted to us by Actors, Crew, Location Owners, and Parents or Guardians of them will be verified and validated for authenticity and receive written permission of approval from the person it is regarding. We will not display any information about anyone on this site that is not public record or if permission not granted.

How to Contribute and Submit Information to us

Aria Pictures Films Encyclopedia site relies on contributions from anyone and everyone that was involved with or connected to an Aria Pictures production. If you have information you want to add or update to any page, please send us an email of intent to submit with a phone number to. PLEASE NOTE: We will need a phone number to call you to verify who you are and what data you want to add or change before we accept any data and add it to the site.

Once verified we will send you a form that outlines the format to send us text information which will include how to do links, internal links, footnotes, and such. It may be a long or short process, but it is a process we need to take to protect everyone's privacy and personal information that they do not want to be publicly available. We would rather have an incomplete or blank site than one with incorrect and private data open to the world.

How to protect your privacy on the internet

We recognize that most people are not computer or internet savvy, but they know how to do facebook, send email, watch videos on youtube, and play games on their mobile device. Most people do not care or worry about their digital footprint and how their internet activities, shopping habits, and what they search for, tell marketers and others. It is you people that keep hackers, advertisers, and the dark web in business by allowing them to access and use your private data which puts all of us at risk.

Visit our page on Internet Privacy and Security, as well as Davenport Website Designs article on Security for you and your website to find out how you can protect yourself from prying eyes.