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Internet Privacy and Security

Protect your information, identity, and your family from the prying eyes on the internet

When it comes to online privacy, information protection, and identity theft too many people have no clue that their private information is open to anyone that knows where to find it. Many people might say they are concerned about Internet (Online) Privacy and Security, but a majority do not take action because they either do not know what to do, or do not care to worry about the consequences and they have nothing the hackers want — this is the group that keeps the hackers in business and mess it up for the rest of us that have something the hackers want.

Davenport Website Designs' mission is to provide affordable, high-end, quality web design for local people and businesses, and also to inform and educate people about their private and public information and how it can be accessed and used and how to protect themselves from prying eyes.

Aria Pictures Films Encyclopedia cares about you and your family's privacy, both on and offline, as much as we do ours as our Privacy policy & Cookies page states. We do not want to tell you how to run your life, manager your information, and protect your family, and although 100% privacy and protection may not be attainable — other than avoiding the internet altogether — there are ways to mask 95% of your data and only show what you want them to see. So, if you are looking for guidance on such matters, we can assist and recommend procedures, browser plugins, apps, and things that you can do to help protect you and your family — take responsibility for you and your family's privacy and life.

How the Internet Works: A Summary

There are a plethora of sites that explain the inner workings in detail of the extensive operations of how the internet works; therefore, this is not the focus or the purpose of Aria Pictures Films Encyclopedia or this page.

Many organizations seek information about you such as your search results, your search patterns, sites you visited, what you bought online, where you bank, and so much more. It varies as to what they do with the information they gathered about you or you shared with them.

Google and Amazon, two major companies that gather and store your internet activity (internet life), will tell you they use the data they collect about you to help them make your experience more productive by giving you results from your previous internet activity. They say it in a way that makes you think they care about you! Their intentions may have begun with that mission, but they have mutated into data gathering to create algorithms to calculate the most common outcome or result they think that will save you time. But at what cost to our privacy and individuality?

Advertisers also seek out your information from your internet activity to give you results tailored just for you. A positive and caring thought as they want you to believe; however, the deceit and fraudulent operations are hidden behind that facade.

Just like hackers, thieves, and scammers, your legitimate, large corporations play the same game by accessing, taking, and using your information for their gain, not yours. Again, many people do not care or worry about this as they have no clue what is happening to their data and identity.

1 Three Kinds Of People

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, but people can be taken down to the core of simplest form and separated into three distinct groups. Yes, there are only three kinds of people in the world. Now some people cross over into the other kinds at certain points in their life, or the day, and some people can be in more than one kind, say a little of this and a little of that — it all depends on the person and their agency.

People that MAKE things happen.
People that WATCH things happen.
People that wonder “What the heck just happened?”

Cannot be any more simpler than that, and cannot be said any other way. It is plain fact.

People that MAKE things happen

Think about the people you know in the world that make things happen. Scientists, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Toyota, NetFlix, and this list can go on. These are people that dictate how we live. We buy their products, their services,; we follow their rules, their ideas, and so forth. Of course this is in the big picture. You may know someone in your life closer to you that makes things happen in your neighborhood, town, community, city, or state.

People that WATCH things happen

The people that watch things happen may also be people that make things happen. 40% of the human population watches things happen on TV, the internet, books, magazines, in person, and so forth. They understan what is going on around them for the most part.

People that WONDER “What the heck just happened?”

People that are in this group depend on others to help them live their lives. They are afraid to make decisions and do anything on their own. They buy what they are told because they saw it on tv, or the internet. They believe what they are told because they saw on tv, or the internet. They do not make any effort to better themselves or trust themselves. I am not talking about people with disabilities — most of them are smarter than me and I have all my faculties — I am talking about people who follow one form of information without verifying it with other sources.

What is my point?

If 40% of people WATCH things happen, and we know only 10% of people MAKE things happen, then that leaves 50% of the people wandering “What the heck just happened?” It saddens and scares me to see people going through life without a clue day after day. And when you try to help, they do not take it seriously thinking it will not happen to them. It is too late when it does happen to them as they were careless about their surroundings, their privacy, and their loved ones. It may just end up as an inconvenience replacing a credit card, getting the car fixed, deleting lots of spam, or it could be life threatening with identity theft, stalking, and human trafficking.

My point? Please remove yourself from “What the heck just happened?” to at least the WATCH things happen and take the proper steps to protect yourself by following our Internet Privacy and Security Guide.

2 Protecting Your Daily Life

We ask that you review the terms of our Privacy Policy & Cookies so that you are aware of how we collect and use your information. People all over the world will view the information you submitted to us and granted us permission to display.

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