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If We Really Loved Each Other (2012) · Short Film

If We Really Loved Each Other (2012) is an American short film directed and produced by Vincent Dee Miles for the 48-Hour Film Fest & The Sacramento International Film Festival.

1 Plot

Maria and her husband are at a crossroads on whether to salvage their relationship or end it. What will they do?

1.1 Tagline

2 Cast

3 48-Hour Film Fest

3.1 The Contest

The Sacramento International Film Festival holds an annual 48-Hour Film Fest for the local filmmakers and actors in the area to showcase their talents, have fun, and meet & work with new people getting involved with filmmaking.

3.2 Rules

The rules are simple. Although, Gerald does not remember them and he was not really involved with that portion of the production.

· The film's Run-time cannot be longer than 7-minutes
· It cannot already be a pre-made film, or any portion of the film be made prior to the 48-Hour time frame
· The film must be turned in at the specific location and specific time of the contest end
· To curb the pre-writing urge people may have before the Film-Fest, the contest creators made the producers choose a theme and other items from a blind grab — the filmmakers must incorporate the theme, a character name, and a prop into their film that is randomly selected.

4 Production

4.1 Filming

4.2 Post-Production

Vince Dee Miles called Gerald on Saturday, May 30, 2012 and asked if Gerald could come down tomorrow, Sunday, April 1st to edit his new short film for the 48-hour film-festival. Gerald agreed after Vince sweet-talked him.

Gerald showed up late at the Governor's Inn Hotel on 327 Richards Boulevard in Sacramento a little after 10 am. Trevor Williams was organizing audio files on his laptop when Gerald walked up and sat down ready to get assembling. Trevor's laptop was not fast and by the time he finished with organizing the audio files and they listened to them, there was no time to use the audio from the microphone.

When Gerald was done assembling the export took a long time as did the burning of the disk. Vince grabbed the disk but after he left, the two realized the did not finish due to poor compression settings from Trevor's computer.

Vincent Dee Miles Tuesday, April 3, 2012 8:34:48 PM email

Subject: Dennis Willis address, etc.
Hey Gerald, Here is the contact info for Dennis Willis, the gentleman who you are sending the "clean" copy of "IF WE REALLY LOVED EACH OTHER" to. Send him an email informing him that, per Marty's instructions, you are sending a better copy as the previous one was a bad disk/copy. Thank you very much Gerald.

Love, Peace, Health & 2 Seam Fastballs, Vince

Liaison, Sacramento International Film Festival

Gerald Wednesday, April 4, 2012 09:05:06 email

To: Dennis Willis
Subject: SFF 48 Hour - better copy
Dennis. Apologies for the horrible dvd, bad disks come and go, we all have had a few.

I am heading to the P.O. very soon to send you a better copy per Martin Anaya's request. I am Vincent Dee Mile's Post guy so the information has stopped with me and I am sending it for Vincent. The dvd contains a playable version, the m24 and ac3 files along with of it. you choose which one is best to use for your compilation disk.

3.3 Music

4.4 Crew

Directed by

Vincent Dee Miles

Writing Credits

Lew Osteen … written by

Produced by

Mark Hoffman … producer
Vincent Dee Miles … executive producer
Gerald Martin Davenport … producer

Music by

Gerald Martin Davenport … music supervisor

Cinematography by

Damon Chamberlain

Film Editing by

Gerald Martin Davenport
Trevor Williams … assistant editor

Make Up

Laura Marie Tapia … key make up artist

Sound Department

Adim Coleman … production sound & boom operator

Camera and Electrical Department

David Osteen … gaffer
Steven Bourasa … gaffer


C.J. Brobeck
Toni Greenwell
Governor's Inn Hotel
The Artisan
Bryan Cooper
The Law Offices of Linda Dankman
The Delta King
Janice Betchel
Martin Anaya
Cheryl Leff

Production Companies

Aria Pictures
Capital Arts & Entertainment
Igno Bull 42 Films

5 Release

The release of If We Really Loved Each Other (2012) took place on April 28, 2011 at 6:00 or 6:30 PM at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.

Vincent Dee Miles Sunday, April 29, 2012 email

Hello Everyone. I'm still very upset about the bad copy faux pas at last night's premiere. Horrible and mortified is what I'm feeling as you all patiently waited to see the film and disaster happens. For whatever reason, the correct disc did not get loaded on to the master disc with all the other 48 Hour films. Gerald Davenport, (editor), made sure that Dennis Willis received the good copy.

I really feel absolutely horrible because each and everyone of you made awesome contributions to making this project a success, a winner and overall just a beautiful film. This was done as a labor of love as for most independent films are. This was by far the best assembled team of cast and crew that I was blessed with and I'm not just saying that to appease you all. I really mean that.

So, here is what I'm going to do. I'm setting the date of SATURDAY MAY 19TH to have the film shown with the good copy. The location is to be determined, but will let you know as soon as I have it confirmed. Hopefully, Mark Hoffman will be available to have it screened up in Auburn. Again, I really apologize for this happening and as the director I take full responsibility. You all have amazing talents, but even more importantly, you all are amazing individuals. I pray that you all will work with me again in the future. Also, very important, I will be submitting IF WE REALLY LOVED EACH OTHER to other film festivals. Thank you all again for your wonderful contributions in making this labor of love come to life.
Love, Peace, Health & 2 Seam Fastballs, Vincent DeeMiles

Vincent Dee Miles Sunday, April 29, 2012 email

Hello Everyone. Just wanted to remind everyone about Saturday the 19th of May at Mark Hoffman & his lovely lady Denise's house up in Auburn. We will screen IF WE REALLY LOVED EACH OTHER, the final version and as an added bonus Mark will show his new award winning short entitled THE CHOICE. It recently won multiple awards at the Life Festival down in L.A. So, make sure you congratulate Mark when you see him. Mark and Denise has suggested we make this a potluck affair. So, if we all can bring a food dish or non-alcoholic beverage that would be good. Please remember this is a NON-ALCOHOL home. Also, if you want to take a dip in the pool or hot tub please be sure to bring something to swim in. Please scroll down to read the directions to Mark and Denise's home. The directions are from the previous email. Ok everyone, I really hope you all can make it on Saturday the 19th of May. Until then. Be well..
Love, Peace, Health & 2 Seam Fastballs, Vincent DeeMiles

Vincent Dee Miles Saturday, May 12, 2012 email

Hey Gerald, First I want to congratulate you on your success with the "LIFE FESTIVAL." I'm quite sure this will be added to your long list of accolades to come. Hopefully, all of your other projects are either "in the can" or very close to it. As for me, you probably heard about the disaster during the 48 Hour Film screening where the "bad copy" of "IF WE REALLY LOVED EACH OTHER" was shown and not the "good copy" you sent Dennis Willis. Apparently he forgot to load it on to the master disc with all the other 48 Hour Films, or he just flat out misplaced it.

Marty confronted him about it as I pretty much went ballistic. I had a good number of friends and colleagues in attendance, but more importantly the cast and crew who so patiently waited to see it, saw an uncompleted film that skipped during the final two scenes. Needless to say, that was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. So, here I am trying to make it right by submitting to other festivals. That being said, can you please make about 5 copies of it with the label and all. I'll be more than happy to compensate for the ink, etc.

There are a few approaching deadlines toward the end of the month/early June I want to make so the fee won't be as much. Oh, is it possible you can delete the Sacramento or 48 Hour text at the end of the credits? Also, you have my phone number listed wrong by having (926) 320-4541 instead of (916) 320-4541. Can you have the copies done for my by this Saturday the 19th and give them to me at the gathering at Mark's house? I know you're busy, but if you could help me make this happen I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you sir.