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Detective A (2009) · Short Film

Detective A (2009) is a short film written, produced, and directed by Victor A. Nieto. One of ten winning selections of the 2009 Access Sacramento screenwriting contest A Place Called Sacramento.

The story follows Detective A when he wakes up to a piercing, high-pitched sound in an office. He begins to ask questions of who he is and where. Coming to the conclusion that he is a Detective, he goes searching for answers around Sacramento. He meets Frau Hine, a sweet looking sinister woman, who gives him advice and subliminal direction on what his task is. Frau Hine meets up with a wild and unruly young scientist known as Dr. X who is working on his latest version of the formula. Dr. X has a meeting with the man in charge of the entire operation, Mr. Mason, who tells Dr. X that the plan must work to help with societies preoccupation with human emotions.

Detective A enters an art gallery on J street and visits the campus of California Sate University, Sacramento while he looks for answers, while being monitored and manipulated by Frau Hine and Dr. X. Frau Hine has some reservations about the project and plan that she had signed on to help with. Who is Detective A? is he really a Detective? Who is Mr. Mason and what is his end game? Is Dr. X creating a drug to control people?

1 Plot

Detective A wakes up in a strange office and begins putting pieces together to solve the mystery of who he is. Dr. X visits Detective A giving him advice and direction of what he is suppose to do, but Detective A has doubts about his instructions and begins remembering things about his life and digs deeper.

1.1 Tagline

Have you ever felt that life was a mystery? Detective A discovers his life – one day at a time.

2 Cast

3 Production

3.1 Access Sacramento - Cast & Crew Call

Read the Weblog version Aria Pictures PCS Journey part 1 - Place Called Sacramento and Aria Pictures PCS Journey part 2 - Detective A

PCS 2009 Cast and Crew Call.

PCS 2009 Cast and Crew Call

Wednesday, May 20 6:00pm

Coloma Community Center

4623 T Street in the Courtyard

Gerald was visiting his Daughter, Kyriè Sierra Davenport, as she was attending acting classes in at It Factor Studios in Sacramento. Ryan McKinney told the class that Access Sacramento was looking for actors for their screenwriting contest A Place Called Sacramento. Gerald looked it up online and saw they were looking for cast and crew.

Ron Cooper Tuesday, May 19, 2009 Email

Make a Local Movie This Summer - Join Our 10th Annual "PCS CAST & CREW CALL" Wednesday May 20
Access Sacramento and The Tenth Annual "Place Called Sacramento Film Festival" invite all local folks interested in local filmmaking to come to the Coloma Community Center at 6:00 PM May 20, 2009. Local, short 10 minute scripts have being judged by local filmmakers and the top ten have been selected for production.

On May 20, the ten selected writers/producers will introduce themselves and invite your participation. Experience and inexperienced actors, directors, producers, production, post-production. location scouts, and "craft services" are invited to attend and select which volunteer team you would like to help. Introduce yourself and maybe you will be "cast" or selected to help produce a film to be seen on the Big Screen at the Crest Theater October 4 and posted "on-demand" at

Bring your business cards, resumes, head shots, etc. if you have them but they are not necessary. This is NOT a traditional "stand-in- line audition". Plan to attend from the very beginning (6:00 PM sharp) to hear the scripts and then introduce yourself to the filmmakers of your choosing.

Join the fun this summer and help make a movie about y our hometown. All ages are invited. Invite your friends and family - we expect to see more than 200 people but hundreds more can be accommodated. Access Sacramento builds community by making movies - only in a place called Sacramento.
Ron Cooper, Executive Director
Access Sacramento
4623 T Street
Sacramento, CA. 95819

Gerald Wednesday, May 20, 2009 journal

Read the Weblog version: Aria Pictures PCS Journey Part 1.

I brought four copies of Paint. I could not find my demo reel. Brought five copies of my resumé and some business cards. NOTE: need to redo cards with email and contact info on them. I met Tamara at Wonderful III for lunch and to get Kyriè's photo and she told me where to get her resumé. I printed ten.

I got started late and ran into some stop and go traffic twice. Found the street which was easy and just before I go to where I needed I found a nice spot to park on the road under a tree — the whole street was tree lined.

It was the community center which had a large courtyard where they had everything set up. twelve tables for the writer and director or camera or producer, or the kids, of the movie and a place for people to be on camera.

A nice gentleman told us we needed to fill out this form and get on camera, JUST for actors. I asked about my daughter and he said how is the director going to know if she's not seen? I then heard we needed to all be on camera even crew. So I got in line, and he wanted to let me cut. I told him I am fine. I am used to showing up early and leaving late, I am crew.

Stood around while the writers and their partner introduced themselves. The Push, by Danna Wilber needed a teen girl, and since I was standing by her table, while waiting to do my camera introduction, I handed the guy Kyriè's photo and resumé. She then mentioned she needed an editor, so I handed the guy my resumé.

The director for The Push happened to take a picture toward me and I got out of frame and I told him I am not in front but behind and he asked me what I did and I asked him if he was Gary the Director and he said yes. We talked about editing and filmmaking and my daughter, so I hope he calls as he needs more editors to help him on his other short movies.

I went to several of the tables and left my resumé and at a select few, three that is, I left a copy of paint. It was fun, but it was also very amateurish in nature, but the fun was in the journey. Various skill levels and expertise along with a wide range of ages and nationalities were there as both representing a movie and as actors or crew, which by the way was about 75% actors and 25% crew, so the people I talked with made it as though I was in demand, and I knew I would be.

Gerald walked up to the table with Victor A. Nieto and Jason Moore, representing Detective A, were recent graduates of a digital film school in the area, and were ecstatic when Gerald told them he was an editor. The first question they asked him was “Do you know about 'L' cuts?”A Gerald was confused at why they were asking the question. “Uhm. Yes I do, but it does not matter what my timeline looks like, what matters is the finished delivered product.” Victor and Jason asked Gerald to be the editor for their film.

During the drive back home, Gerald started thinking about a National Treasure type of story about the gold rush in California to submit to next year that becomes THE GOLdEN TREE.

3.2 Filming

3.2.1 United Way California Capitol Region: July 6, 2009

Day one on set at the United Way California Capitol Region located ay 10389 Old Placerville Rd, Sacramento, CA 95827. Victor A. Nieto, Ryan Lomeli, Jason Moore, Eric Shackleford, Gerald Martin Davenport, Gary Agid, and Tyler Jerome Thompson were ready to capture take 1 of the ominous scene between Mr. Mason and Dr. X. The Gary was in front of the camera, Gerald had the audio, Jason was behind the camera, and everyone was waiting for Victor, the director, to say something to start the take. Gerald looked back at Victor and said “Audio is ready, volume is good.” Gerald looked back the Gary and reset himself holding the microphone. There was silence as time passed and Gerald turned back to Victor and Jason to see what was the hold up that they have not started the take. Realizing that maybe Victor was shy or the first assistant director was new to filmmaking, Gerald said “Roll Sound,” and looked back at Jason. “Start recording. Ready?”

Gerald looked back to Victor and motioned to take charge then he reset himself with the audio and looked at Gary in front of the camera. Seconds of silence passed when Gerald looked back at Victor hoping Victor would see they were waiting for him to start the take. Gerald looked back at Gary and waited and there was still silence. Gerald looked back at Victor then at Jason to find out what the hold up was when he realized that they had no idea what they were doing. Gerald looked back at Gary, who seemed to be getting annoyed until Gerald said “Action.”

When the take was finished, Gary stopped and held his last look toward the camera. Everyone waited for Victor to stop the take, but again, there was silence. Gerald looked back at Victor and then back to Gary. “Cut! Mark that take one, lets reset, back to one for take two.” Jason turned toward Victor and said, “See that's what your suppose to do.” B

The rest of the day, Victor and Jason took charge, following the example that Gerald set, and the production moved forward. Lacking an actual stale and a boom for the mic, gerald knew that post was going to be a mess and that the audio would need some cleaning.

Jason and Victor spent time setting up a visual effects angle where Mr. Mason is looking out the window through the blinds as the camera dolly's toward him while zooming out with the lens to give a strange effect on the background. The set up, rehearsal, and capture of the take went over an hour, but it was something that Victor and Jason wanted to try ever since they learned about it in digital film school. Gerald and the rest of the crew sat impatiently waiting fort them to stop wasting so much time on an angle that may or may not get used in the film.

3.2.2 Ronald W. Dahl Law Office: July 24, 2009

The scene with Detective A at his office was captured at the law offices of Ronald W. Dahl in Sacramento. Gerald was surprised to that the office in the scene is exactly the way it was in real life. there was little, very little, set decoration done other than adding the Det A name plate and the intercom — the office was that messy.

Gerald Friday, July 24, 2009 journal

The office was messy, I mean, papers all over the place, I will get pictures when I get the footage to cut and show you the mess. We had a blast trying to get the light to match what we want. Victor brought yellow normal light bulbs which do not do well on video — they make everything look yellow so we had to push blue. Gonna be fun correcting that part of the movie.

Jason and the rest of us had a blast bugging Victor about the lack of food that should have been there, but after a while Victor was not to pleased or thrilled with our jokes and puns. Pizza finally showed up and we had to eat it fast to catch the last few shots in this messy office and the entire place.

I helped with the last minute shots outside the lawyers office, Lomeli had a great idea, i did as well, victor wanted an odd shot that we would have to blur out the license plate.

3.2.3 CSUS Humboldt Hall Room 221: August 3, 2009

Victor Nieto Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Email

Victor Nieto
Wednesday, July 29, 2009 1:48:01 PM
Hope everyone is doing well this week and thanks for all those that helped with the shoot last Friday.

We have finally received permission to shoot at the Sac State biology facilities in Humboldt Hall, room 221 from 9 a.m - 1 p.m. on Monday August 3. I'm really excited about this room. It has a great stale look to it, perfect for Doctor X/Frau Hain scene and most importantly there is a lot of space in the room for equipment and lights.

Last week wasn't our best shooting so I'll be sure to bring water and snacks in between shoot but lets try our best to work together and keep a serious perspective when film set ups are involved.

Parking: Cost of permit is $6 per day. We can all meet some place prior to 9 a.m outside of campus and then I'll take everyone in my van.
Thanks. Looking forward to Monday
Victor A. Nieto

Gerry, our wonderful boom operator and editor will be developing a website promoting Detective A for the 'A Place Called Sacramento.' So at your easiest convenience send him a bio of yourself, interests, film experience, profession and anything else you would like to add. Please try and keep description to around 100 words. If you can also send a head shot of yourself that would also be great for the time being. We'll try and organize another photography session later.

The scene in Dr. X's laboratory was done at California State University Sacramento in Humboldt Hall in room 221 on Monday, August 3, 2009. Jason, Victor, and Gerald discussed the scenes and the best way to capture them. Gerald jokingly said “I wish we had a dolly, we could track Dr. X while he works around the test tubes.” Jason and Victor looked at each other and began practicing the move by hand. After a short rehearsal with the camera and Tyler's actions, Jason felt comfortable and confident that he could do it by hand. After they took the first one, they reviewed it to see what they needed to fix. And Gerald thought that it was going to be another Mr. Mason time wasting angle.

The scene when Frau Hine enters Dr. X's laboratory and slaps him took twelve takes because Tyler winced and cracked up because Cozette smacked him harder than expected.

Victor Nieto Monday, August 3, 2009 Email

Thanks everyone for putting in the long effort today. I'm digging the shots I've seen so far and am enjoying the physicality... again... and again... and again... Way to be a good sport Tyler.

The last big scene takes place Wednesday, CSUS Library, second floor, library research room 2024. Expect on 2 to 3 hours of filming. The time will be between 11 - 3p.m. ( within this range). I'll have a definite time by tomorrow afternoon after I speak with the head librarian again.

3.2.4 CSUS Library Research Room 2024: August 3, 2009

Detective A does research at the California State University Sacramento Library on the second floor in research room #2024. He also walks the campus in the area, which is used for voice-over.

Victor Nieto Friday, August 7, 2009 Email

Great work everyone and thanks so much for all the time and work you've put in thus far into this production. Things are looking great and Gerry our editor is currently molding the 3 plus hours of footage into what I'm sure will be a great 10 minute short.

There will still be needed b-roll footage and ADR from our principle actors but for the most part the hardest part the bulk of production is finished and I just wanted to thank everyone again for their help.
Victor A. Nieto

There is nothing documented or remembered about the day or time they captured the art gallery scene at Solomon Dubnick Gallery

3.3 Post-Production

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 Message
Gerald (10:47 AM): DUDE!!!
Gerald (10:47 AM): Or Mr. Nieto, sorry sir.
Victor Nieto (10:48 AM): Yo... just sent you something
Gerald (10:48 AM): oh, am sending you the screenplay with blue on it
Victor Nieto (10:49 AM): How much edited footage do you have right now and does anyone need to do ADR work besides Det. A?
Gerald (10:50 AM): YES!!!
Gerald (10:50 AM): I have all scenes that were shot edited into a final timeline and it is over 16 minutes long
Gerald (10:51 AM): but that includes the long version of all three office scenes for det A as they run too long with few cut aways to shorten it.
Gerald (10:51 AM): and the laboratory scene is really long too, I need to shorten it
Gerald (10:52 AM): AS for version, there will be a 10 minute for the contest and a longer one for everyone else on the DVD.
Gerald (10:53 AM): As for ADR and room tones I have a list, well lists, for each scene. One list is NEEDS, the other is why I did not use this shot and why I used this shot...
Victor Nieto (10:53 AM): Nice... Ron was very specific to me about making sure the time was 10 mins or less... "everything over will get cut off "
Gerald (10:54 AM): no prob, 10 min will be adhered to...!!!!
Gerald (10:55 AM): I'm just saying whilst editing for the festival, and if it plays well, I am going to make a 13 - 16 minute version or longer for our personal enjoyment... In fact I start with the longer and then cut it down.
Gerald (10:56 AM): to inform you now... I have shown a few people the Mason scene and they like the version without the vertigo...
Victor Nieto (10:56 AM): Okay... but I got to see both ways...
Gerald (10:56 AM): they don't understand it, and if I have to cut some time out, it may go to the floor, but I want it in the longer version
Victor Nieto (10:57 AM): okay... Whens a good day or time to go up there and check it out?
Gerald (10:57 AM): EVERY SCENE, other than the office scenes, is so easy to color correct and get a great mood with lighting, it goes to show you when you have real lights the color spectrum is there to play with...
Gerald (10:58 AM): What else you doing friday?
Victor Nieto (10:58 AM): I was hoping to get about 4 mins of film, edited with sound and premiere that at wrap party.... I talk to composers last night. They say they're on it. I'll push them hard in the next few days to get it done.
Gerald (10:58 AM): I only ask as we are in the middle of a move to a new house and all but the bedrooms and half my office is packed up
Gerald (10:59 AM): oh... we could have a full rough cut ready by rap party
Gerald (10:59 AM): but not enough that they won't show at the festival..
Gerald (10:59 AM): of which I have about 10 - 20 people coming and maybe more..
Victor Nieto (11:00 AM): Exactly... show good quality and get them interested even more...
Gerald (11:00 AM): what day is it so I can spread the news more on facebook and to my f and f
Victor Nieto (11:00 AM): Oct. 4 Sunday
Gerald (11:00 AM): Oh it's awesome...
Gerald (11:00 AM): that is the ff at the crest?
Victor Nieto (11:00 AM): yeah
Gerald (11:01 AM): sweet!!!
Gerald (11:01 AM): so if you are not doing much else afterward on friday, I can bring the set up and let you see the progress and give me notes
Victor Nieto (11:02 AM): Okay. that works. We're probably going to shot from 3 - about 730pm. So any time before 3pm or after 8pm...
Gerald (11:03 AM): you are doing late city scenes?
Gerald (11:04 AM): Friday you are doing city scenes and so forth at 3 - 7:30?
Victor Nieto (11:05 AM): yes
Gerald (11:06 AM): Um.. I understand the art gallery has moved
Gerald (11:07 AM): or they were planning on moving
Gerald (11:07 AM): did you get my email and detA.pdf?
Gerald (11:07 AM): reading the blue text ONLY!!!
Gerald (11:08 AM): I did not change any thing else... well, change is such a strong word, and it is not really changed just tweaked
Victor Nieto (11:10 AM): didn't really see changes.... script felt the same...
Victor Nieto (11:11 AM): What's your reasoning for the tweaks?
Gerald (11:11 AM): GOOD.. did not want to change it just the pacing and the acting, and added a shot from the surveillance camera
Gerald (11:12 AM): when DA falls to floor Frau is concerned as to where he went, implying that maybe someone heard or is watching
Victor Nieto (11:12 AM): I wouldn't mind a shot from the surveillance camera POV throughout the scene
Gerald (11:12 AM): FRAU HAIN (O.S.)
Detective A?
Detective A?
Gerald (11:12 AM): DA slowly gets up on his knees at eye level to intercom and looks at it with weary eyes.
FRAU HAIN (O.S.) (cont'd)
Ah. Detective A. Landlord called. Says rent's due tomorrow.
Gerald (11:13 AM): and then action with the photo, nameplate, water, and so forth so it is a fluid motion.
Gerald (11:13 AM): and i have been looking for a different poster of sac
Victor Nieto (11:14 AM): On the version for the festival what's the time....
Gerald (11:14 AM): the time will be 11:15 and 00 seconds
Gerald (11:14 AM): HA!!!
Gerald (11:14 AM): too funny.
Gerald (11:14 AM): the time will be 10 minutes like it should be right?
Victor Nieto (11:14 AM): I mean what's the time now...?
Victor Nieto (11:15 AM): I'm adding some really cool parts that take a few seconds... kind of need to know what wiggle room I Have
Gerald (11:15 AM): right now I have edited the scenes to make them make sense with these things in mind: continuity, performance, and flow.
Gerald (11:16 AM): they are long, like i said when put together they run around 16 minutes... this is not the final long version as the new office scenes will take the older ones place
Gerald (11:17 AM): I am now beginning to look at each scene by scene and see what can be taken out, a few seconds here and there to get to 10 minutes
Gerald (11:17 AM): so, do what you need and want to do, we can fit it in... we just make adjustments elsewhere
Victor Nieto (11:18 AM): with new transitions and flash backs we're going to need film to be around nine minutes prior to adding those parts..
Gerald (11:18 AM): for example the vertigo looks great, we spent so much time on it, you spent so much time on it, well, Jason did, but it just doesn't work for the 10 min version... It's got to go, but it doesn't mean you won't see it in the longer one.
Gerald (11:19 AM): not going to have a final tally until the new scenes -- office scenes -- are shot...
Gerald (11:19 AM): here's an idea of what they are now:
Gerald (11:20 AM): art gallery runs 1:30
Victor Nieto (11:20 AM): Well next week some time well get together and figure what shots are good or not so good for festival version.
Gerald (11:20 AM): sac state and library (includes him walking out side) runs 2:00
Gerald (11:21 AM): i was wanting to show you friday what I have so far...
Gerald (11:21 AM): the lab scene is 2:40
Victor Nieto (11:22 AM): Okay that''s probably the first to shed some meat..
Gerald (11:22 AM): but can be dwindled down to about 2 or less... I made it real long with the shot that spins around him... looks cool, but needs to be dwindled a bit
Gerald (11:23 AM): the opening office scene runs and hold your panties, 3:30
Gerald (11:23 AM): where DA wakes up and looks around office and DR X comes in.
Gerald (11:23 AM): not much I can do there, of course it is going to be redone, so it needs to be played out a little quicker on both actors parts
Gerald (11:24 AM): there was a lot of hesitation and waiting for direction and then there was very little to cut away to to shorten the other shots
Victor Nieto (11:24 AM): okay... sounds promising
Gerald (11:25 AM): MASONS office is 2:45 and fairly tight, but I can tweak it down a few more seconds
Gerald (11:25 AM): We will be at 10 right on with an extremely awesome story...
Gerald (11:25 AM): not too worry my master
Victor Nieto (11:26 AM): Alright ten mins... thanks for putting in the work...
Gerald (11:26 AM): so friday is good to come down and help then show you what I have?
Victor Nieto (11:26 AM): I'll email you new things we're adding and slight changes
Victor Nieto (11:26 AM): yeah... just not while were shooting...
Gerald (11:26 AM): DUH!!!
Victor Nieto (11:27 AM): glad you got it
Gerald (11:28 AM): Well let me know where you meeting and when... I can order pizza or take the main crew, you jason, and I, and ... out or take out to see what has been assembled
Gerald (11:28 AM): oh to show you my needs lists
Victor Nieto (11:29 AM): okay I'll get back to you later... thanks..
Gerald (11:29 AM): peace

The camera that Victor and Jason were using recorded onto tape — this was one of the last films Gerald edited that was recorded using tape — so he had to bring his equipment down to digitize the video for editing. Gerald pondered whether to use Avid or Final Cut Pro 5.0.4 to edit the film. After coming to the conclusion that he needs to get it done as soon as possible because the deadline to submit the film to Access Sacramento was less than three weeks away, he chose Final Cut Pro.

Victor wanted to be apart of the editing process and Gerald agreed, but Victor was going to have to drive to Grass Valley to do it. Gerald was not going to drive down every time to edit with Victor over his shoulder.

Victor agreed, but never showed up any of the days he said he would. Gerald moved forward with editing and sent a few scenes for reviewing to appease Victor's need to control things and being in charge — Gerald knew it was Victor's film, but knew Victor had no idea what he was doing, so the less he had to have Victor around, the better.

Gerald spent as much time as he could finetuning the story in post. Due to the lack of experience and knowledge of filmmaking by the director, cinematographer, and other crew, and being Sacramento actors, Gerald felt the story was good and the images, although not great, were usable and he wanted to make a statement and an impression about his talents, so he gave it that extra care, specially since it was going to play on the big screen at the Crest Theatre.

Gerald sent Victor an almost complete version of the film for review and final changes. “Wow! How did you make it look like real film?” Victor asked Gerald. “I went to a real film school.”

Gerald not satisfied with the variety of music representation from the composers, he put in additional music to intensify certain scenes. The 10 minute version was now complete and sent to Victor to submit.

Monday, August 24, 2009 Message
Victor Nieto (10:11 AM): Yo... in class right now. What's up?
Gerald (10:11 AM): CLASS?
Victor Nieto (10:11 AM): JC final cut pro class...
Gerald (10:11 AM): ah...
Victor Nieto (10:12 AM): What are you working on this morning?
Gerald (10:13 AM): looking at DA and then exporting some footage that I have been doing for the behind the scenes of a movie made in 2007
Victor Nieto (10:14 AM): For Paint... or you do another film?
Gerald (10:14 AM): winter and spring
Gerald (10:26 AM): when you click on their name, it should play the video, but I have the video right now, sending it to them on dvd... they will upload it, so soon it should be done
Victor Nieto (10:29 AM): What happened with that other film? Winter and Spring? Short or feature?
Gerald (10:29 AM): feature
Victor Nieto (10:30 AM): she sell it?
Gerald (10:30 AM): and, a weird story about it, sort of strange, well, the director and writer of it is a great guy, funny, very talented
Gerald (10:30 AM): but, he had some issues with the movie and does not even have a rough cut to show people, he is not happy with it
Gerald (10:31 AM): and he spent 80k on it
Gerald (10:31 AM): so, it doesn't seem to be coming out anytime soon, it is on the shelf as I understand.
Gerald (10:32 AM): so his roommate, or apartment sharer, is another good friend of mine and sort of my master — the guy that wants me to edit his stuff for him anytime just need to get down to hollywood. anyway.
Gerald (10:33 AM): he shot the behind the scenes while the movie was being made, he shot over 150 hours of footage.
Gerald (10:33 AM): he is trying to motivate Kristian to get the movie done by doing these interviews and also making the movie from the behind the scenes POV camera... odd, but hey, they are geeks about production
10:36:52 AM Victor: Wow.. rough... 80 k...
10:37:38 AM Victor: better get something out soon. Film seems interesting. I kind of want to see it now
10:38:06 AM Gerald: oh the behind the scenes i have created are hilarious and interesting
10:38:33 AM Gerald: there is so much info that I knew, but it is nice to hear others make a point of it about movie making
10:39:20 AM Victor: Nice..
10:39:48 AM Victor: can't believe the deal here for students.. I can buy the studio version for $300
10:39:49 AM Gerald: i's send you a link, but I have to upload and it is slow right now, borrowing someone else's in the area
10:40:10 AM Gerald: Final Cut Pro, studio v4
10:40:15 AM Gerald: 7...
10:40:21 AM Victor: Yup with 7...
10:40:48 AM Gerald: what I got mine for, but not 7 i am on 5
10:40:53 AM Gerald: or 6
10:40:54 AM Victor: nuts... but I wont be able to upgrade in future because it' student program
10:41:08 AM Gerald: just buy the real thing by then
10:42:53 AM Victor: yeah.. Gotta run.
10:43:12 AM Victor: Can you bring white reflector tonight?
10:43:34 AM Gerald: i have white reflector boards yes...
10:43:40 AM Gerald: also the intercom?
10:44:28 AM Victor: Yes.
10:45:03 AM Victor: Alright then. See you later
10:45:03 AM Gerald: need to know when the best time for you to come and capture
10:46:25 AM Victor: Sure. Capture footage Thursday during day or Wednesday at night
10:46:38 AM Victor: What ever works best for you just let me know ahead of time
Gerald Friday, September 4, 2009 journal

I edited it up and got 9:53. I sent Victor an email and he replied with:
9:53.... don't know how you did it.... Just kidding. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing the fine tuning. Victor A. Nieto

3.4 Access Sacramento Deliver The Movie

Victor Nieto Tuesday, September 8, 2009 Email

We met deadline for Detective A submission but Access Sac is intended to convert it to reel so they need either a quick time file of Detective A or converted to mind HDV tape. Most of the films did the same thing so Ron gave all of us extensions to turn in file or tape.

Let me know if you have any problems doing this. Obviously we'll need to convert it to highest HD quality.

PCS 2009 Countdown - 10 Years - 100 Films.

PCS 2009 Countdown

10 Years - 100 Films

26 Days Left

October 4, 1pm at the Crest Theatre

Ron Cooper Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Email

10 Years - One Hundred Films - See you October 4 for 12 New Local Movies!
By Ron Cooper
Yesterday we held our breath awaiting the 2009 filmmakers bringing their final productions in by the deadline. Good News! We have 12 new original films for the 2009 Tenth Annual "Place Called Sacramento" Film Festival.

Productions have been rolling along since early June. Many challenges faced the twelve production teams. Actors moved away after shooting commenced. Plans for specific, vital locations were confirmed, canceled, and then rescheduled. Editors struggled with formatting questions as we shift from standard definition (SD) films using a 4-3 aspect ration to high definition (HD) with a 16-9 aspect ratio. Favors were requested, sweat poured on hot summer days, equipment failed, replacements found, frustration mounted.... but all these challenges were surmounted and we have ourselves a film festival in high definition at the Crest big screen Sunday October 4 at 1:00 PM.

One again here are the filmmakers and their work. Congratulations to the hundreds of volunteers for your perseverance and creativity. We are proud you live in our great City!

"The Push" by Danna Wilberg
"Fever" struggles with anger and confusion after her drug addicted Mom ran off to Sacramento. Fever is now a conflicted teen with psychic powers. Can Grandma help?

"Ten Minute Ride" by Wayne D. Johnson
Writing a syndicated travel column, Aaron thought he had seen it all. Sacramento? Just another City with a serial killer on the loose. Could this column be his last?

"Nightmare On K Street" by Jessica Vazquez
Above ground, Sacramento's historic streets make it a hot spot for tourists like John. But deep in the tunnels beneath Old Sac breeds a night scene to be avoided, if you can.

"City of Trees" by Mark Perrigan
Our trees provide a loving, protective canopy we often take for granted. Aiden dreams of a special tree and an opportunity lost far away and long ago in Sacramento.

"Beatrice & The Bike Thief" by Frank Casanova
Detectives come in all shapes and sizes. 12 year-old Beatrice solves mysteries. Steal her friend's bike? Now you are in trouble and the chase ensues - watch out for Beatrice!

"Cup O' Tea" story by Isaiah Tichenor
Senior year can be painful. For Marissa, her poems offer a private satisfaction but her shyness keeps her friends at a distance. Can Thomas reach out in time?

"Master of Destiny" by Julie Ivanovich
Some days, just surviving requires the strength of a superhero. Has Ryan found a way to cope or has he lost his mind?

"Detective A" by Victor Nieto
Have you ever felt that life was a mystery? Detective A discovers his life - one day at a time. Confused? Let the mystery begin as Detective A awakens to a day filled with new and unique challenges.

"Play Day" by Carrie Stroud
Skylab Youth Production Studios returns to PCS (2008's "Sweet Lemonade") with an updated version of "David & Goliath." Sophia steps up and demonstrates "empathy is a gift that can't be taught."

"641/2" by Chris Henry
Tobias and Avery are old war-horses with stories to tell but the world sees only 2 scruffy, homeless guys. When a Mustang stumbles, Tobias steps up and a new chapter begins.

"Midnight Snack" by Leilani Hernandez
The little 8 year old sweetie is nervous about her first sleep over. What monsters dwell in the minds of little ones? Be afraid - be very afraid!

"11 B Diaries" by Laura Tapia
Serving your country in any war bonds a soldier to his friends forever. With his only child now dying in Afghanistan, can Ed's buddies from Vietnam help him once again?

Victor Nieto Sunday, September 13, 2009 Email

Thanks again for everything. You've made this video production process a lot more manageable with all your help. Quick time file is downloaded and will be turned in Monday when I'll let everyone on the good news.

Eric and I are really excited about the character trailers. I haven't told the cast yet so when they're ready, be sure to email them and all of us the nice surprise. Thanks and talk to you soon.
Victor A. Nieto

3.5 Crew

Directed by

Victor A. Nieto

Writing Credits

Victor A. Nieto … (screenplay by)

Produced by

Victor A. Nieto … producer
Eric Shackelford … producer

Music by

Matt Storm … composer & performer
Alex Storm … composer & performer

Cinematography by

Jason Moore … director of photography

Film Editing by

Gerald Martin Davenport

Casting by

Victor A. Nieto … casting director
Eric Shackleford … casting director

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Jason Moore … first assistant director
Eric Shackleford … second assistant director

Sound Department

Gerald Martin Davenport … audio technician
Eric Shackleford … assistant audio technician
Gerald Martin Davenport … audio effects editor

Visual Effects by

Gerald Martin Davenport … visual effects editor

Camera and Electrical Department

Jason Moore … camera operator
Gerald Martin Davenport … gaffer
Eric Shackleford … dolly grip

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Victor A. Nieto … wardrobe supervisor

Location Management

Victor A. Nieto … location manager
Eric Shackleford … location scout
Ryan Lomeli … location scout

Music Department

Gerald Martin Davenport … additional music
Matt Storm … musician
Alex Storm … musician

Script and Continuity Department

Ryan Lomeli … script supervisor
Eric Shackleford … script consultant

Additional crew

Victor A. Nieto … craft
Bonnie Jacobson … craft

Soundtrack Credits

Bedswerver & Space Ghost (Coast to Coast)
Composed and Performed by Matt Storm and Alex Storm


CSUS Science Department … thanks
CSUS Library … thanks
Ronald W. Dahl … special thanks
Solomon Dubnick Art Gallery … thanks
United Way California Capitol … thanks
Original Pete's Pizza Pasta Grill at 2001 J Street … thanks
Hildy Ortiz … thanks

Production Companies

ADD a Productions (presents)
Aria Pictures (presents)


ADD a Productions (2009) (USA) (theatrical)
Aria Pictures (2009) (USA) (theatrical)
Aria Pictures (16 October 2009 - one day only) (USA) (DVD)

4 Release

4.1 Trailers

Gerald Thursday, September 17, 2009 journal

Worked on trailers for Detective A: Frau Hain's. I am pleased with the outcome. It is a mix between sweet and evil. Or as Victor calls it: Is she sweet, nice, angry evil, or just likes a good ole' slapping?

Gary Udell Tuesday, August 25, 2009 Email

Thank you for all of your help and advice during the filming of "Detective A". I appreciated your insight as to why scenes are filmed a certain way and how camera location and angles can result in the most "interesting" shot. I look forward to seeing the completed "Detective A" in its edited, "masterpiece" form.

Just a note that my name has appeared sometimes as Gary Eudell. Edward is my middle name (thus the E)- just Gary Udell will suffice (for the credits).

Good luck with your editing, and we will "see you at the movies" on October 4 at the Crest. Sincerely,
Gary Udell (Detective A)

Thursday, September 17, 2009 Message
1:23:12 PM Gerald: You like the music?
1:23:21 PM Victor: Okay sounds good....
1:23:31 PM Victor: music is great... where you getting it from?
1:23:35 PM Gerald: Me
1:24:03 PM Gerald: Not saying anything bad about the storm brothers, but they needed a producer and a real studio
1:24:16 PM Victor: Not to take anything away from the Storms... but a few of those melodies in the trailers would work really well with the film as well.
1:24:42 PM Gerald: I will bring their stuff back for Tyler's, dr x's trailer
1:25:28 PM Victor: Sure thing.... I'm digging it.... By the trailers it feels like we have a 30 min film !....
1:25:46 PM Gerald: looks big, epic
1:25:47 PM Victor: Time limits for a film are so stupid
1:26:24 PM Gerald: I do have a funny trailer, a goofy one, gonna make it out ot be a comedy
1:26:39 PM Gerald: Frau's is like a love story and then mystery
1:27:05 PM Gerald: Fine I'll do roman numerals then
1:27:35 PM Victor: Ha... I just like the look better
1:27:57 PM Gerald: Fine, done
1:33:53 PM Gerald: I changed Tyler credit video from him with test tubes to him being slapped
1:34:15 PM Gerald: Small change at the end when is name comes up over vid of him
1:34:30 PM Victor: That's the way he should be remembered.

Detective A (2009) Film Teaser

Detective A (2009) by Victor A. Nieto

Detective A (2009) Mr. Mason Teaser

Detective A (2009) by Victor A. Nieto

Detective A (2009) Dr. X Teaser

Detective A (2009) by Victor A. Nieto

Detective A (2009) Frau Hine Teaser

Detective A (2009) by Victor A. Nieto

Detective A (2009) Detective A Teaser

Detective A (2009) by Victor A. Nieto

4.2 Premiere

PCS 10th Annual A Place Called Sacramento.

PCS 10th Annual A Place Called Sacramento.

The screening was held at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento in the afternoon on the first Sunday in October. There were around 650 people in the over 900 seat theater to watch ten 10-minute films projected on the big screen. Only nine were entered into the contest as one filmmaker could not complete the task and Ron Cooper, the coordinator of the Place Called Sacramento films wanted there to be an even 100 films made in the ten years they have been doing the event.

Gerald Sunday, October 4, 2009 journal

Headed down to the the Crest Theater in Sacramento with Tamara, Carol, and Kyriè.

Got to the theater a little early so we waited outside. No Victor, but Gary Udell was there with his wife. When the doors opened I waited inside for Victor after I called him. There were big posters with tables and information for several of the movies. Victor showed up and said he had my ticket. I did not know. I looked at all the emails he sent and I could not find any that said he had bought me a ticket.

Tamara sat way up at the top and Victor's mom was sitting down below. Not enough for everyone, so I just sat way up top. Victor and his buddies decided to come and sit way up top.

The introduction show was long. I knew no one other than the people I did the film.

The first film they played was Midnight Snack about a child vampire. It looked like they needed one more film to make 100 movies in 10 years. It was a poorly mad: dark, out of focus, and looked like it was recorded in 4 hours and edited in 20 minutes. It was about a child vampire.

Detective A was next. Everyone saw the HD and film look.

11 B Diaries had some interesting shots about Military remembering at the wall in Sacramento.

64 1/2 was nicely shot but they never mentioned Sacramento or showed much of it. Too long at a train area.

Beatrice and the Bike Thief was scary in the fact that a child chases a grown up to retrieve a bike for a friend.

City of Trees hasd an interesting story but not well put together. Cozette was in this film.

Cup O' Tea unfortunately, I do not remember it. And it showed earlier today.

Master of Destiny was interesting and got a few laughs, but ended kind of weird. This won the Producers Choice Award.

Nightmare on K Street was a try at making a Blair Witch type horror flick, but did succeed. The ending however, was a twist. Well, the people they kill are being served at a restaurant. (Received the Overall Excellence Award.

Play Day

Ten-Minute Ride was one of the better stories. Kept me entertained. I wanted to see what happened next. This was, or should have been, the WINNER of all of them. They mentioned Sacramento often. And with three radio stations being played, it was the epitome of the contest. A PLace Called Sacramento.

The Push was another film with Cozette in it and it won the Audience Favorite Award.

When it was all over they had some sort of award ceremony where they gave each producer, as they called them, a nice poster in a frame for participating. They all gave a speech thanking everyone — just like the Oscar's or something like that.

Then they had some extra awards to hand out and when they said "For Best Technical Achievement. Detective A." I knew that was me. Victor came up and pointed to me and said "This is actually for Gerry, our editor." I saw Eric also point up to me. He was down with Victor on stage.

The award was cool. Kyriè got pictures of it. Cozette was not around, no Jason, and no Tyler. Agid was there but I missed him.

Access Sacramento had a party for $20 for the producers, but I had 3 others with me. What do they do? And Victor was not going, so we followed him to a brew pub restaurant nearby and saw his family. I thought he was going to hand me the Best Technical Achievement Award, but he kept it himself. We left after I got sick and tired of hearing Victor keep talking about how his film won the award and what he did for it.

Victor took the "Best Technical Achievement Award saying “The picture won the award, not you.” He was semantically correct, as it was presented as “For Best Technical Achievement, Detective A.” But when Victor went on stage to receive it, he pointed up to Gerald saying “This is actually for Gerry, our editor!” And since Gerald did 100% of the post-production taking the mediocre video and making it look good, Gerald even had to show Victor how to direct, “What did you do Victor to earn that award?” Tensions were building between Gerald and Victor after the premiere.

4.3 Marketing

As always, Gerald wanted to start creating a buzz about the film and to have a place to showcase the people involved.

4.3.1 Website

Gerald created a website for Detective A to showcase the hard work of the actors and crew and the fun they were having. The website had Behind-The-Scenes pictures, bio's of the cast and crew, as well as thank you's to all the supporters with links to their websites.

Gerald was ordered to cease and desist the website. Victor states “It looks like an Aria Picture Production, not mine.” It would seem that the large text with Written & Directed by with his name on the cover, side, and back of the DVD, as well as, all over the website must not have been big enough.

Victor Nieto Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Email

From: Victor Nieto
Sent: Mon, November 16, 2009 8:08:58 PM
Subject: Legal Action will be taken (urgent)

(Detective A :
Dear Sir,
It has come to our attention that your organization is claiming property ownership and creation of the Production Detective A and unlawfully selling the DVD on your website for personal monetary gain, in direct breach of Victor A. Nieto's California Copyright law.

You have 7 days, Monday the 23 of November 2009, to remove the offending website page(s), above, and confirm in writing to the address above that you will not repeat this infringement.

Falling this, we will apply for injunction, and will also seek to recover loss and damages (plus interest) for your tortuous acts and conduct.

This is our final communication on this matter and we look forward to hearing from you as matter of urgency.

Victor Nieto Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Email

From: Victor Nieto
Date: Tue, November 17, 2009 1:19:29 PM
Subject: Legal Action Will Be Taken (Urgent)
Dear Sir, Thank you for complying in the removal of the website page(s) that were in breach of the California Copyright Law. However, this situation will not be resolved until Gerald Martin Davenport (Aria Pictures) adheres to the request to send a formal Email or typed letter, confirming to the address above that you will not repeat this infringement.

The page(s) in question relating to Gerald Martin Davenport (Aria Pictures) ownership of the film Detective A and unlawfully promotional selling of the copy have been documented and recorded (16 November, 2009).

Victor Nieto Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Email

I, Gerald Martin Davenport (Aria Pictures), have not sold any copies of Detective A (since October 16, 2009, in which you were present).

I have removed any association with the aforementioned movie from the websitesC and all copies, in my possession, have been destroyed. All the media files that were on my hard drives and computers was deleted on October 17, 2009.

There is no possibility that I can repeat any of the crimes that I have been accused of. I hope this satisfies your request so we both can move on and put this situation behind us. Sincerely, Gerald Davenport

4.3.2 Poster


4.4 Distribution

Unhappy with the way Victor handled the award and not even getting a thank you or acknowledgement for getting the film the award, Gerald had the last word by created a DVD with a 16 minute Editor's Cut Extended Version that he rearranged some of the scenes to make it make more sense. Also on the DVD was the original PCS ten minute version, a preview teaser for the film and one for each character, a goof reel, and a behind-the-scenes music video with a custom cover for the keep case, and info printed on the DVD.^DIt was agreed that everyone would pay $10 to help cover material costs — Gerald was not making money at $10. Blank DVD printed, Amara Case with printed cover, and the hundred plus hours working on the project. $120 was to help replenish Gerald's stock.

Gerald was under pressure to get the DVD's completed for the screening and wrap-party for the 16-Minute Version viewing that Victor was having for those who did not see it at the Crest Theater. Gerald used two computers working continuously, and purchasing more ink and paper when he ran out at the last minute.

Gerald Friday, October 16, 2009 journal

Running late with 12 DVD's, all I could get done before I had to leave. Thanks to Tamara for getting me the ink and paper so I could get more than four.

I arrived to a small apartment that had a medium sized TV and I was greeted by Jason who was getting things ready. No Victor yet. I said we should test the DVD to see how it looks on the TV as the sun was setting and coming in through the window and curtains.

Took a while to get it up and running, meanwhile people started showing and wanting their copy. Eight people received one and Victor got the last 4.

Everyone watched the 16-minute version and enjoyed it. After the party, Victor came up to me unhappy with six disks and refused to buy copies. He spoke up and made some of the others, who did buy them, return them for a refund. "I can't show to to my family as my film." "I can't give this to graduate schools as my film." "Have you ever heard of an Editor's cut?" I said "it was my version of the 16-minute film. You only did the ten and even then, you were only in twelve hours of editing and I spent sixty hours more working on it." He replied with "We'll it's my film, not yours and it looks like your name all over it like it's yours." I asked "Where? My name is not on the front, once on the back. Yours is on there five times.." He replied with "Editors Cut for one, Aria Pictures on the front and back and the award went to the whole production not just you..." He kept talking but I tuned him out as I noticed he had five guys on his side ready to attack like hoodlums. Last thing I heard from him was "You need to redo it."

I grabbed the disks in his hand and said "OKAY." Looked around at the people that were there were staring at the conversation, some handed me the disk back and i gave them their money back, and I left with eight DVD's — four people kept theirs.

Victor Nieto Friday, October 16, 2009 Email

From: Victor Nieto
Thanks for all the hard work on Detective A and the covers, DVD. everyone I spoke to liked them.
Thanks for doing the editing but like I said, I've never seen an editors cut for a dvd. I provided script, equipment, food, and over $600 from family members that are expecting to see my film.

(Award Winner)? Tech Achievement is the entire production. No just yours. Please take that out. That's a bit insulting considering I'm the ex. producer and director. This is just how I feel. Put yourself in the same position I'm certain you would fill the same.

Plus side. We have more people that want a copy so lets make it 8 for me instead of 4. I'm trying to send them out soon so you can mail them to me. I can write you a check or paypal.

Gerald Friday, October 16, 2009 Email

To: Victor Nieto
Date: Friday, October 16, 2009, 11:26 PM

I will make it even easier. I will do one up for you without the plastic amaray case, cause sending to grad schools or even sending out a demo reel, they do not want the amaray case, just a sleeve like you mentioned earlier tonight. And the cost is on me. You can make as many copies as you need. (use toast or the OS and make a disk image — easy as pie)

It will go out tomorrow.

Victor Nieto Saturday, October 17, 2009 Email

But the family that helped pay for the video is going to want to see the case with it. Also other cast/crew members want their own DVD. You send me one without sleeve that's fine but the others should have it. It's part of what I told them they're buying.

Gerald ripped the 10 minute version from the PCS disk and put it onto 4 DVD's and left the cover blank and sent them in paper inserts.

Detective A (2009) Editors Cut Extended Version

Released: 16 October 2009
Out of Print
Keep Case

Aspect Ratio - 1.66 : 1 - Anamorphic Widescreen
Regional Information - 1: USA NTSC
English Stereo
Subtitles: English

Original PCS Screening (10 Minutes)
Editors Cut Extended Version (16 Minutes)
Goof Reel
Behind-The-Scenes Fun Music Video (AC/DC She Shook Me All Night Long)

Detective A Movie
Detective A
Frau Hine
Mr. Mason
Dr. X

Detective A (2009) Victor's Copy

Color - 10 min
Released: 4 October 2009
Out of Print

Aspect Ratio - 1.66 : 1 - Anamorphic Widescreen
Regional Information - 0: USA NTSC
English Stereo

Victor Nieto Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Email

It's been two weeks since you said you were going to send the DVDs so I'm assuming you've forgotten or just haven't done it yet.
I need 4 copies still as does.

You can send the others directly to cast and crew members or send it to me and I'll make sure to get the money for the copies.

Gerald Thursday, October 29, 2009 Email

I thought that I mentioned in my previous email that you can make as many copies as you want with the copy I sent you? The only copies that are in existence are your copy and the copies that others have — which I know you were not pleased with, so I have destroyed the copies you refused. Which included the 16-minute version from the editing app.

And had I known that all you were expecting was a disk inside a sleeve, I would have saved hours and money working on everything, but I always go overboard and often screw things up.

Anyway. Making copies from the disk I sent to you at no charge is the cheaper and easier way to go for you and for me cause I was loosing money at $10 a disk. I do not want to make anymore. It is not in my interest or joy.

I could send you the picture and you could buy some blank disks and print them yourself.

Victor Nieto Thursday, October 29, 2009 Email

I was under the impression that you changed the cover and took out (winner) and were going to send the DVDs to me in the mail. Disappointing to hear. I'll relay the message to the rest of of the cast and crew.

Gerald Thursday, October 29, 2009 Email

Victor, I'm sorry I gave you any impression that I was changing anything. I felt it best to just delete all the extra things I did as they were contradictory to the copyright clause, and a cease and desist order was given to me by me on your behalf.

I am sorry that there are copies of them around — I should have just done what I gave you — I just like cutting, creating, and sharing. But it wasn't mine to do that with. My bad.

So hopefully they will go into deep obscurity and you won't have to worry about them again. You have the original movie and the goofs, which after adding the goofs I realized I never got permission from all to create it and feel bad that it exists.

Gary Udell Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Email

From: Gary E. Udell
Hi Gerry, I read on your website about the "drama" regarding the "Editor's Cut" for Detective A. Unbelievable - the movie would not have been anything without your technical expertise and knowledge of how the movie should be constructed.

The Technical Award was all you, in no way the work of the ensemble. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that any thoughts to the contrary are really unbelievable.

4.5 Video

Detective A (2009) Short Film Teaser

First teaser (trailer) for the film

Detective A (2009) - Detective A (teaser)

Who am I?

Detective A (2009) - Frau Hine (teaser)

All about the mysterious woman.

Detective A (2009) - Mr. Mason (teaser)

The man in charge.

Detective A (2009) - Dr. X (teaser)

Genius or ?

Watch Detective A (2009) - Editors Cut

TRT - 16 Minutes

© 2009 ADD a Productions & Aria Pictures

6 Footnotes

^AIn most editing applications in the timeline the video is colored different than the audio, an L cut is when the audio from one clip extends under the video on the preceding clip and makes it look like an 'L'. Editors learn this early on as an 'L' Cut but never mention it again, they just do it. To ask and gauge an editor based on the knowledge of L Cuts is as useful as asking a Drummer if he knows what a paradiddle is.

^BThis happened exactly the way it is described. Of course no one else will corroborate Gerald's testimony as it would verify they did not know what they were doing.

^CThere is no information on the internet that references this film except this page. The film is not listed on IMDb. Wayback Machine does not have a recorded moment of Aria Pictures website to view. The media left from the film are the small trailers and a 720 x 405 of the 16-minute version. The people that lose are the cast and crew who gave their time, skills, and talents to make the film. Access Sacramento's A Place called Sacramento is to help actors and crew get experience and credits. This page on Aria Pictures Films Encyclopedia is for the actors and crew. Gerald did not sell DVD's of the Movie at anytime. The $10 fee for each DVD at the screening and wrap-party was to help cover some of the costs to make them — this was agreed uponD. If Gerald were to have even think about selling it, it would be $25 a copy, and the movie is not worth $25.