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An Ignoble Caper (2011) · Short Film

An Ignoble Caper (2011) is an American short film directed and produced by Vincent Dee Miles for the 48-Hour Film Fest & The Sacramento International Film Festival.

The story follows Detectives Fearless Fred played by Richard Ryan and Styles played by Jay P. Stone as they try and solve a murder or accidental death.

Their travels lead them to the morgue where they talk to the Coroner played by Cameron Johnson, and a meth woman played by Elise M. Hodge. The clues lead them to a beverage maker and the face of the company Dominique played by Mark Hoffman, but he is always one step ahead of them.

1 Plot

The story opens up to a woman coming home to a house with the music still blaring from the party the night before. She finds Zoe dead in the bathtub. The Police Chief does not believe it to be an accidental death and puts Detectives Fearless Freddie and Styles on the case to solve it.

The Coroner gives them an idea of what the cause of the death could be. The Detectives ask a meth woman and several other characters. The clues lead them to a beverage maker and the face of the company Dominique. Just when they think they have him, he is always one step ahead of them.

1.1 Tagline

For my worthy adversaries, stay sexy my friends.

2 Cast

  • Richard Ryan
  • Jay P. Stone
  • Marcas de Leon
  • Elise M. Hodge
  • Kat Ramirez
  • Eva Kim
  • Cameron Johnson
  • Patricia Anderson
  • Latashagina Ketchens
  • Janet Martinez

3 48-Hour Film Fest

3.1 The Contest

The Sacramento International Film Festival holds an annual 48-Hour Film Fest for the local filmmakers and actors in the area to showcase their talents, have fun, and meet & work with new people getting involved with filmmaking.

3.2 Rules

The rules are simple. Although, Gerald does not remember them and he was not really involved with that portion of the production.

· The film's Run-time cannot be longer than 7-minutes
· It cannot already be a pre-made film, or any portion of the film be made prior to the 48-Hour time frame
· The film must be turned in at the specific location and specific time of the contest end
· To curb the pre-writing urge people may have before the Film-Fest, the contest creators made the producers choose a theme and other items from a blind grab — the filmmakers must incorporate the theme, a character name, and a prop into their film that is randomly selected.

4 Production

4.1 Filming

Production for An Ignoble Caper began late in the evening Friday, March 11, 2011 and ended 48 hours later. An Ignoble Caper had to be written, produced, edited, and delivered within that 48 hours — 23, if you read the rules.

The cast and crew assembled at a table and began hashing out ideas, locations, and who would play the roles. Patricia Anderson took on the role of writing the screenplay while others threw out ideas. Vincent Dee Miles was the person producing and directing it as he was the one who paid the fee to have a team in the 48-Hour Film Fest.

They came up with an idea about a murder to be solved by two detectives that would showcase Laura Tapai's make up talents and Mark Hoffman's suave acting ability as the elusive bad-guy.

Locations were places that the Director, Producers, or an actor knew they could use or borrow having connections with hotels and law offices that were not in use during the late, early morning hours that the contest was in progress.

The Producer knew the event was takening place and assembled a small crew to do a fun commercial for the fake beverage Igno Bull to be shown at the festival but not be a part of the contest.

Vincent Dee Miles March 8, 2011 email

Ladies & Gentlemen,
First, I'd like to say thank you. Thank you for wanting to be part of this journey. Short yes, but a journey indeed. Wednesday evening is the "Ladies Night." Sorry Mark, but it's all about them this time.....sort of. You're still my leading man.

Anyway, our Sgt.-at-Arms character, Mr. Jay Stone has graciously opened up one of his humble abodes to us to get the final scene of the "IGNO BULL" commercial to be featured at the "48 Hour" Film Festival, which a part of the Sacramento International Film Festival. The call time for my wonderful cast of sexy women; Kathlyne Markham, Janet Martinez, Rita Leon-Reyes & Jay's Girls will be 6:30 p.m.

Mark I know I told you 6:30, but if you can get there sooner it would be beneficial since you have the camera. If not, don't sweat it since you are traveling from Cameron Park. Richard, if you can make it to work camera again it would be great. Perhaps, I can assist you with transportation if needed. Gerald, my fearless editor, if you're available it would be great having you there too. Maybe we can actually transfer all the shots to you there so you can begin working your magic.

Ok, actresses, regarding your wardrobe please bring me 3 different options as I'll choose what I want. Mark, what I want from you is to bring your tuxedo and maybe another black suit. I'll choose what I want when I see everyone else and the set up. Jay, I've already told you to be in your basic black. However, maybe a nice dress shirt this time. If you have a black suit coat that would be very cool.

Ladies and gentlemen, the scene is you all are at a party or club having a good time. Nothing over the top. You are a sophisticated group of individuals, but can switch to ghetto fabulous at the drop of a dime. Ha, ha, ha.
Love, Peace & 2 Seam Fastballs,
Vincent Dee Miles
CEO, "Igno Bull 42" Films

4.2 Post-Production

Final Cut Pro 7 was used for post. Gerald Martin Davenport brought his Apple 17" Laptop to the sets to cut while the production was in progress. When a scene was done, the card was off-loaded, labelled, ingested into Final Cut Pro, and put into the time line. If new takes or different angles were needed, the team could immediately know and to do them before moving the entourage to the next location.

A few visual effects and unique editing tricks were done to fix some of the things that did not need to be re-captured if they did not have time, or if Gerald felt they could not accomplish them with the limited camera equipment they had.

4.3 Music

Music was supplied by Jay P. Stone for the intro scene and the end credits, but Gerald supplied the intense music used during an interrogation of one of the characters.

4.4 Crew

Directed by

Vincent Dee Miles

Writing Credits

Cast & Crew … story
Patricia Anderson … screenplay

Produced by

Patricia Anderson … producer
Vincent Dee Miles … executive producer
Mark Hoffman … executive producer
Gerald Martin Davenport … associate producer

Music by

Jay P. Stone … composer / performer

Cinematography by

Mark Hoffman

Film Editing by

Gerald Martin Davenport

Set Decoration by

Jay P. Stone

Make Up

Laura Marie Tapia

Sound Department

Mark Hoffman … sound recordist
Steve Robinson … sound recordist
Gerald Martin Davenport … Sound Editor (uncredited)

Visual Effects by

Gerald Martin Davenport digital … Digital Artist (uncredited)

Camera and Electrical Department

Mark Hoffman … camera operator
Kat Ramirez … assistant camera operator
Keenan Johnston … gaffer
Steve Robinson … gaffer / grip

Original Songs

The Dog N Me
Raise The Roof
Jay P. Stone … performer
© The Kontinuous Groovin' Beat

Gerald Martin Davenport … additional music

Additional crew

Elise Marie Hodge … craft services & production coordinator
Eva Kim … craft services


Martin Anaya
Pro Style Barbershop
C.J. Brobeck
Linda Dankman
Adam Gvenzler
Matt Haven
Cheryl Leff
Jay P. Stone
Angela Welch
Sharon Wright

Production Companies

Aria Pictures
Capital Arts & Entertainment
Igno Bull 42 Films

5 Release

The release of An Ignoble Caper (2011) took place on April 9, 2011 at 6:00 or 6:30 PM at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.

Vincent Dee Miles April 10, 2011 email

Ladies & Gentlemen,
First I want to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart for collaborating a wonderful piece piece of film making. Those 48 Hours were tough and Lord knows I paid for it later with walking pneumonia, but I'm wobbling.....

Anyway, this Saturday April 9th as I mentioned earlier will be the World Premiere of "AN IGNOBLE CAPER." There will be 24 other films shown as well. All between 4 to 7 minutes long. What the order our film will be shown is unknown. The start time will be after the intermission from "EVERYDAY SUNSHINE." So, it can be anywhere between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. @ the Crocker Art Museum: 216 "O" Street Sacramento, CA 95814.

Tickets are $10 and you can purchase them online. Get them soon because the theatre will fill up fast. Remember there are 24 other teams and everyone will try to make a strong front or showing. Needless to say, we need to represent. For those that were just in the commercial, it will be shown prior to all of the films being shown. Speaking of which, thank the good Lord for Gerald Davenport, our editor, drove all the way down from Grass Valley to my office to make copies of the commercial and film for everyone. I will pass them out at the premiere.

I do hope you all can make it. There will be an after party too. If you can't make it be sure to let me know and we'll coordinate a way for you to get your copy of the film. Again, thank you all for your hard work and professionalism. Here is the website:
Love, Peace & 2 Seam Fastballs,
Vincent Dee Miles

5.1 Video

An Ignoble Caper (2011)

7 minute film for the 48-Hour Film Fest


An Igno Bull commercial