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Aria · A character in Paint (2006)

Aria is the lead character in the movie Paint 2006. The story revolves around his beginner's luck playing paintball. Trevor, Aria's older brother, asks him to play on his paintball team, just to fill out the number of needed players, they have no desire to actually let him play in the tournament.

Aria is the nerd, math and science geek in the family. He also has a sister Kyriè who is older than him.

1 Key Character Traits

The original screenplay character outline for Aria was a character similar to the young Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon long before the older Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory ever existed.

The first draft of the screenplay was written in 2004. And before that Adam Veseley had the concept and idea of a weak, non-athletic, ultra-geeky character beating experienced paintball players. The film was made in late 2004 and completed in early 2005.

We are not saying we wrote that type of character first. In fact, that type of character is commonly used, in so much as, overly-used.

Aria Leven Davenport's wonderful portrayal of Aria in Paint 2006 is no where near the original idea in the screenplay for the character and no fault of the actor, but a poor casting decision by the director Gerald Martin Davenport who chose his six-foot son to play Aria, the lead character in the first Aria Pictures film production. This was the first mistake that people noticed and did not buy into the character not knowing how to do things. His age and height did not fit the character.

The Aria character in the screenplay and novel is friendlier and courteous than the one portrayed by Jim Parsons and then by Iain Armitage, but both actors played a character that is unforgettable.

The director for the up-and-coming remake of Paint will have to work closely with the actor portraying Aria so that Sheldon Cooper is not recreated.