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the WATERING hole (2011) · Short Film

the WATERING hole (2011) is an American short film about David who finds himself in a strange bar where time stands still and demons drown their sorrows. Written, produced, directed, and edited by Gerald Martin Davenport and produced and story ideas by Rob Tillitz.

The film follows David, a confused man, who awakens in a strange bar and meets three men, Steve Taglia, Bill Trebor, and Lester Winters, plus an unusually dressed Bartender. But the peculiar person in the room is Nicor the Demon of Drowning.

The men make David feel welcome, but Nicor has something else in mind. As David begins to make sense of everything his mind floods images of memories and David holds his breath as he fights for air.

1 Plot

David wakes up in a strange bar with several unusual characters. The bartender offers David a glass of clear water to subside his cough, but David looks at it with apprehension. Bill, Steve, and Lester are sitting at one end of the bar, welcome David, and ask him to join them. David is escorted to the bar by two seductive beauties that just appeared. The bartender again offers David a clear glass of water and tells him it will help David's cough. David drinks the water, gains a little conciseness, and gets more concerned about where he is and how he got there. He turns to leave when Nicor, the only at the bar one wearing a red long-sleeved jacket, asks David, by name, where he thinks he is going.

When Nicor realizes that David still has confidence, Nicor morphs into an alluring female with mesmerizing eyes. David is induced into a hypnotic trance and remembers her taking his hand when he was a little boy in a swimming pool. As David's desire to leave diminishes, two more beguiling women offer to be with David forever. David almost succumbs to Nicor's bonds when Bill, tired of horrific things Nicor does to innocent people, tells David to "Swim. Keep Swimming."

David air swims and reaches the surface of the water coughing and catching his breath. As he reaches the shore, he realizes his car drove into the river and he almost drowned.

1.1 Tagline

David finds himself in a strange bar where time stands still and demons drown their sorrows.

3 Production

3.1 Development

Read the Weblog version Aria Pictures PCS Journey Part 4 - the WATERING hole

3.1.1 Power Outage Snow Storm

On Friday, February 18, 2011 2:00 AM, Gerald woke up to battery backups beeping due to the power going out because of the heavy snow. He could not get back to sleep and remembered Rob Tillitz mentioned that his bar was available for us for a film. Gerald could not stop thinking about what the story and theme would be. He got out of bed, again, and went into the living room and grabbed a battery powered camping light, turned it on, grabbed a stack of scratch paper, a few pencils, a clipboard, and sat on the couch. The sound of the wind blowing, the snow swirling, and the trees swaying put a weird mood on the morning. “What would happen in a bar?

TITLE: Liquid Lullaby or Oxygen and Hydrogen

February 18, 2011 [yes one night]


Indistinct male voices talking and underwater sounds begin to fade in. The voices become clearer and more understandable as the water sounds disappear.


**JASON**, mid-20's, handsome, desperate looking, opens his eyes to see he has his head resting on his arms on a table. Jason lefts his head up to reveal:


The voices stop as Jason lifts up his head of the table. He is groggy and does not have full control of his motor skills as he scans the room.

Jason sees four guys staring at him in a curious and strange way: ROB, a menacing-looking man who sits at the front most part of the bar, to his left is DAN, a smaller and depressed-looking man also sitting, at the end of the bar to Dan's left is STEVE, an older more understanding man who has stood up from his chair, and to his left, just behind the bar, is BILL, a disgruntled looking sour-faced man sitting somewhat hunched over at the bar. Standing not too far away from the men is a BARTENDER. All are dressed in WHITE ORDERLY CLOTHING: WHITE SHIRT, PANTS, AND SHOES. The Bartender is dressed in WESTERN BARTENDER CLOTHES.

The Bartender breaks the suspense and silence as though he was given a cue to begin.


How you feelin?

Jason looks around the room and shakes his head and coughs lightly a few times as if to clear his throat.

BARTENDER (cont'd)

That will go away in awhile.

Jason rubs his eyes and head.

BARTENDER (cont'd)

Have some water.

THUD. Bartender sets a CLEAR GLASS of CLEAR WATER on top of the bar.

Jason quickly looks up at the bartender and the men still starring at him.

BARTENDER ... Mark Hoffman
BILL ........ Bill Bettencourt
DAN ......... Dan Walters
DARLENE ..... Courtney Leonard-Maye
JASON ....... Jason Michael Shannon and/or Joseph Baldridge
ROB ......... Rob Tillitz
STEVE ....... Steve Dakota

Eight pages were written before it became light outside. Gerald thought the story was weird — even to him. The story was names UntitleSoFar, yet he knew he wanted a weird, surreal, supernatural, double-meaning title, such as Liquid Lullaby or Oxygen and Hydrogen. Before Gerald moved forward with the bar theme, he sent the first draft to Rob Tillitz, since it would be his bar they used for the film, he wanted to see if Rob liked it enough to move forward.

Friday, February 18, 2011 message
3:49:24 PM Gerald: when I was a woken by my battery back ups this morning I wrote a screenplay for pcs. Another one. And wondered if you had time to read it, ten pages that's all easy read.
3:51:27 PM Rob Tillitz: Okay, printing it now. I'll make some notes if you want.
3:51:31 PM Gerald: i wrote your character with you in mind, challenging your comfort zone.
3:52:45 PM Rob Tillitz: I have sung, danced, played guitar, and auditioning for a part in the nude next week...I don't have a comfort zone.
3:52:59 PM Gerald: Dang. should have thought of that on this.
3:53:58 PM Gerald: No title as of yet, first writing of it, all in about 5 hours, and still working on a crazy ending.
3:54:15 PM Gerald: Maybe you want part writing credit if you get some ideas?^2
3:57:01 PM Gerald: I was thinking of your bar.
4:05:52 PM Rob Tillitz: I was wondering what was going on the entire time, which is good as it was a riddle that needed solving. However, I don't feel it was solved. Will have to ponder it for awhile as I assume that's what you mean by still working on the crazy ending.
4:06:13 PM Gerald: yup!!!!
4:06:29 PM Gerald: it has to do with the glass of water.
4:06:39 PM Rob Tillitz: Also, Is there a way we can use this line: "In a neighborhood so rough the locals are said to be seen driving around in stolen police cars."
4:06:59 PM Gerald: I think these are people in a welcoming committee.
4:08:01 PM Gerald: Maybe these are people who have already drowned in the lake, levy, river.
4:08:19 PM Rob Tillitz: It's got potential, but needs more continuity as well as an answer.
4:08:21 PM Gerald: Or it is just some evil twilight zone episode.
4:08:55 PM Gerald: Been looking all over about water trying to find a title.
4:09:26 PM Gerald: Some play on words.
4:09:44 PM Gerald: Some mythology about water.
4:10:04 PM Gerald: maybe this guy jason has done something bad and he's paying for it?
4:10:19 PM Gerald: Maybe gets away? Maybe there are guys up top that grab him and toss him back in?
4:16:26 PM Rob Tillitz: ^6Okay, here is thought #2 (#1 is there must be an answer to the riddle): The Cedar Room is small, and all scary movies work best when it's a confined space. The confines ratchet up the action, thus we must create a threat — use the small indoor space to full advantage. And that will let you get creepy with your camera angles, twisting and turning the shots from high and low and cocked.
4:17:17 PM Gerald: oh yeah, and close ups, especially with your character and the bartender.
4:21:01 PM Rob Tillitz: And the water....I'm not sold on the clear water, cloudy water, water out of the lungs...don't quite get how it propels the story.
4:21:43 PM Gerald: He is drowning.
4:21:59 PM Gerald: And they are trying to keep him drowning.
4:22:10 PM Gerald: They are bad water nymphs. evil.
4:22:40 PM Gerald: Could be satin's workers, the bartender or Rob could be satin
4:22:50 PM Rob Tillitz: I must reread it.
4:23:20 PM Gerald: He's going through a series of drowning stages and it all takes place in a matter of seconds.
4:23:39 PM Gerald: They make the river water look clear so he drinks more.
4:24:01 PM Rob Tillitz: But why are they in a bar?
4:24:10 PM Rob Tillitz: No one drinks water in a bar.
4:24:19 PM Gerald: because I want to use your bar.
4:24:26 PM Gerald: I know, that's another part of the weirdness.
4:24:44 PM Gerald: That I need to explain, was going to have Jason ask why water and not a beer.
4:24:54 PM Gerald: But he was also drunk.
4:25:06 PM Gerald: Why he drove into the levy or river in the first place.
4:25:24 PM Rob Tillitz: I got that, but since we have this prop for free and unfettered, shouldn't it function as a bar?
4:25:26 PM Gerald: He crashed his car into the water and is drowning and this is what is happening to him.
4:26:15 PM Rob Tillitz: Ok, need to reread it. I sped through.
4:26:17 PM Gerald: Was going to call it water bar.
4:26:25 PM Gerald: but dumb.
4:27:34 PM Gerald: and do not feel limited on stating things as this was he very first draft I did in long hand and just typed it out this morning.
4:27:47 PM Gerald: I did it between 12 and 4 this morning.
4:28:08 PM Gerald: I have a warped mind to do something like that so early in the morning.
4:28:24 PM Rob Tillitz: I'll be honest and not spare your feelings.
4:28:31 PM Gerald: good.
4:29:20 PM Rob Tillitz: I've always said writing is about 98% editing. This is a start, a workable start.
4:33:06 PM Rob Tillitz: Ok, I must go to the Water Bar. Will look this over again later.

On Saturday, February 19, 2011, Gerald spent hours looking up water mythology, water this, water meanings in cultures, and so forth. Death, drowning, trying to connect something to it. Gerald knows it will come to him when we least expects it. Gerald started with a SHUTTER ISLAND type of story that followed Jason, and the guys at the bar were orderly's from the asylum. It then changed into a LIFE ON MARS type of story where he was in a coma. The plot changed again into a person drowning after crashing his car into a lake, river, or levy. Gerald came up with an idea of what people, or Jason, would go through as he was drowning.

Gerald needed to answer these questions to make it a better story. Why is it set in a bar? Why are they just drinking water? Who are these people?

Gerald initially thought Jason was drinking at a bar before he drove home, but not the same bar he wakes up in. The reason they are drinking water is Jason is drowning and they want/need him to drown, because these people are not people but evil nymphs of the water or spirits of previous drowning victims.

Gerald's mind wondered as he tried to answer the questions. Is the area a twilight zone area of the underwater world? A recessed dark ID in Jason's mind? All the above ideas and plot twists can change the arc of the story and the outcome. Gerald had to decide which one works best for the story, and which one will keep the audience talking about it.

Gerald's original ending was a poor attempt at startling the audience with a cheap scare tactic, but, he figured the suspense throughout the film needed an exclamation point, a jolt, an unexpected addition to the ending. Which could possibly make water even more scary at night.

Rob Tillitz Saturday, February 19, 2011 email

So, with these changes I have set myself apart from the rest with a red shirt when everyone else is in white, and have thus become the devil^3. Rob

Well the change I made was to the Rob character, who was one of the four dressed all in white orderly have Rob setting somewhat apart from the rest, thus I thought he might make the likely devil. So now with his red shirt on, him dragging Jason into the water is foreshadowed (the audience gets to make a match).

If I were to make cast changes, I guess I would like to be Jason rather than the bartender...he's more or less the lead or co-lead with the bartender, and I'm tired of playing bartender. Mark Hoffman could play the Rob/Devil part and do well I think with his goateed look. What about my friend Raghni for the bartender? Only suggestions. This is all you, I am just a supporting writer, and one of your actor minions until you can get me replaced by CG. :-)R

3.1.2 Choosing a Title

Gerald was unable to decide on the title he wanted for the story so, he opened it up to people he knew and trusted. On Friday, April 1, 2011, Gerald wrote an email to a few key people he trusted explaining the story he wrote in one night in February, and that Rob Tillitz and himself are fine tuning, but it is untitled so far and they need some input.

Bill Bettencourt Friday, April 1, 2011 email

Here are some title suggestions.

The Watering Hole
In Limbo or Suspended
Breath of Life
Wait, I Don't Belong Here
Drowning Sorrows
No Clowning Around
A Clear View, Not so Clear
David's Destiny

Mark Hoffman Saturday, April 2, 2011 email

The Man Who Drank Too Much
Bottoms Up
Murky Waters
Into the Drink
Out of the Drink

Gerald Saturday, April 2, 2011 email

I guess I will throw in my title ideas just to stir the pot and you can laugh at them.

David and Nikor
A glass of water
Drink of life
Man with the Red Sleeves [dumb]
Red Sleeved Diaries [dumb]
Sleeved in red
Bar Time II [steve dakota's idea]
Water Ripple

I am a huge mathematics geek and was trying to see if the title could be written in mathematics symbols

∇•∞ [divergence of infinity]
∫x2dx = ∞
lim ⌠f(x) = 0 life→∞ [limit of f of x = 0 as life goes to infinity.]

So essentially all I have is weird and whacked out title ideas. I have more.

On Wednesday, April 6, 2011, someone sent - A Glass of Water.

Brendan Brooks Friday, April 8, 2011 email

Well I liked it. maybe one too many characters, I thought Nikor was cool especially eating the red hots, and may I suggest the big ones you find in old town Sac, I think Nikor's character deserves big-ass red hots to distinguish his coolness? The water going from clear to dirty is brilliant. I think the flow is good. I don't get the clown references, and the nascar turning left has been done before. The ending has been done before (including me).

I think the big guy at the end should be an innocent bystander trying to help David, kind of there's hope for humanity. So there you go my two cents for what it's worth. The writer's visions are their own so I don't know all the specifics that they have in mind. I like the story I'm pulling for David, and I think the ending should be wrapped up and in this case not left up to the audience to decide. There are my comments, I think it's pretty cool.

Brendan Brooks Saturday, April 9, 2011 email

Now I see the clown thing, I really like Nikor's character (is Nikor a watch manufacturer?) — The ending is not that big a deal to me, just that I've done it (not the same getting out of the water but the narrative was the same).

Definitely David's got demons, I'd stay away from the child molester thing who wants that guy to live? I would give him something that the audiences roots for this guy for a second chance maybe a not so great father, husband, whatever but David, if given a second chance, would make amends ( I know that's been done before as well — but it's all been done before).

^7I'm just thinking a "feel good" in these times we are living in right now, Economy, money, wars all over the place. Just want people to feel good. Lester and Bill really want someone to "get out" because they can't and then their hope lies within David and in the end it doesn't matter if Lester and Bill's lives are saved but a LIFE being saved would mean more to them than their own lives.

I really like the clean to dirty water thing. 10 minutes is tough but I think you guys can pull it off just as long as you keep the cast to a few characters, Location, Time, direction, and DAMN GOOD ACTORS. I'm not asking for too much am I!!!!!!???????? "B"

On Saturday, April 9, 2011, Gerald thanked everyone for their input with their titles names and story ideas — he incorporated a few into the the story. He mentioned he removed the NASCAR reference and the twist at the end. Many of them felt it was expected, and after such a great unexpected story, the ending fell flat.

Gerald also mentioned that the majority of people polled chose THE WATERING HOLE as the title. Gerald was never a fan of the title when it was brought up. He says, “The Watering Hole does not hit me for what I want to portray. There were other great title ideas that I liked better, but since I am spread thin this year unlike with THE GOLdEN TREE when it just came to me, I think The Watering Hole will grow on me. ”

3.1.3 Submitting to Access Sacramento

After ten major revisions and a dozen or more minor revisions, the story was solid, characters were unique, and the screenplay was ready to submit. Gerald did not want to use his own name as the producer for the submission form.

Gerald Monday, April 11, 2011 email

Rob. Are we still on for The Watering Hole? We have until 5 pm tomorrow night to submit it.
I am wondering of you want to take the lead producer,^4 front man, PR spot? I want someone's name other than my own on the form, and to take the spotlight.
We can co-direct, co-write, now co-produce but you take the lead spot.
If so, let me know about your information so i can fill it in, address and so forth. the $20 for entry I will cover.
- gerald

Rob Tillitz Monday, April 11, 2011 email

I got it Gerald. I'm the producer, you're just the director. Let me do my job. oh this is going to be fun. i mean, Sir, YEs SIR!!!

Gerald also submitted the Chardonnay story under the name of Petite Chardonnay with Gary Udell as producer, and THE GOLdEN TREEs, the continuation of THE GOLdEN TREE that he submitted in 2010 and was selected, with Brendan Brooks as producer. There are no limits on how many screenplays a person can submit to the Access Sacramento screenplay contest, but Gerald does not want his name plastered in big letters on each story. 2011 is the year he writes and submits three screenplays. His only concern is, “What if all three get selected? I think we can do it. It will be tough, and a long summer. But, having three films in would be cool. Also stressful.”

3.2 Selected

Rob Tillitz Monday, May 9, 2011 email

Congratulations - You Have Been Selected for PCS 2011
Hey Partner, let's make a movie!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Ron Cooper, Access Sacramento"
Date: May 9, 2011 5:51 PM
Subject: Congratulations - You Have Been Selected for PCS 2011
Congratulations..... you have been selected to be one of the ten film writers selected to be a "Place Called Sacramento" film producer. The competition was very challenging and the final vote tallies very close. You finished in the top ten..... well done!

Call me asap this week so we can arrange a convenient day and time this week to meet for 30 minutes here at Access Sacramento. I will go over the next steps.


Invite all you know to help you (or others) "make a movie this summer" and then see it on the BIG screen at the Crest Theater Oct. 2 at 1:00 PM.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing further details..... but for tonight, enjoy the moment.
Ron Cooper, Executive Director

Rob Tillitz Wednesday, May 11, 2011 email

Had meeting with Ron today. I told him you were gone and he said don't worry you already know the drill and meeting with me was fine. Thus, I won't belabor what was said, but will pass on the judges notes. When will you return?

Comments from judges:
- I would suggest screening the film on a couple test audiences. The twist at the end when he get dragged back into the water works, but a larger group may want him to survive. Just a thought.
- The abstract nature of the story is good.
- There is not enough Sacramento in the script and it seems like there is a comparison to Sacramento as purgatory.
- Use of so many symbols may be confusing for viewer like clock ticking, demons, red items, flames, etc.
- Provocative story- very "Twilight Lore-ish."
- Good twist.
-Underwater camera problem.
-I love the creepy tale. Reminds me of Tales from the Dark side and The Twilight Zone.

On Monday, April 11, 2011, Gerald wrote in is journal how funny the judges comments were. “It makes me wonder what level of knowledge or skill these people have about filmmaking. And did any of them attend last year's event? THE GOLdEN TREE was the epitome of a film made for, about, and in Sacramento, and it won nothing. But they want to see more references to Sacramento when 80% of the other films had NO referense, and could be made anywhere in the world and still be the same film.”

Gerald insisted that this is his boycott film toward Access Sacramento. He had no idea it would be selected. He was hoping it would not. The committee chose over THE GOLdEN TREEs and Petite Chardonnay, which were more family centric and Sacramento based. “Now that it is selected, I will swap screenplays, and they get what they get.”

3.3 Casting

3.3.1 Access Sacramento's Cast & Crew Call

Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Cast & Crew Call Deborah Adair and Robtillitz at table.

Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Cast & Crew Call

Located at the Coloma Community Center on 4623 T Street, Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95819-4743

Deborah Adair and Rob Tillitz cover the table for the WATERING hole (2011)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gerald went down to attend the Cast & Crew call event to hobnob and mingle with everyone. Rob Tillitz and Deborah Adair offered to operate the casting table. Gerald pleased and honored he gets to make another movie through Access Sacramento and have it projected at the Crest Theater, he was still harboring negative feelings about the whole system.

People started coming to the table at 5:30 PM talking about the movie and dropping off their bio and headshot. They were told by some of the event organizers not to begin, but the people kept coming to the table, even during Ron Cooper's talk and introduction. When it was Gerald's turn to talk, he forgot his reading glasses and apologized to everyone.

Michelle Barbaria Thursday, May 19, 2011 email
Another Successful Cast and Crew Call

By Michelle Barbaria

Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Cast & Crew Call group at table.

Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Cast & Crew Call

Just over 200 people filled the courtyard of the Coloma Community Center on Wednesday, May 18th for the 12th annual Place Called Sacramento Film Festival Cast & Crew Call. Local actors, tech people, and community members wanting to get involved showed up. Volunteers and staff of Access Sacramento helped assist the guests as they arrived. The event opened with a welcome message from Access Sacramento Executive Director, Ron Cooper and was then followed by some local filmmakers.

Sacramento Film Commissioner, Lucy Steffens talked to the crowd about the filmmaking process and locations. Jackie from Studio24 spoke about what their studio offers including their movie studio and other services. Former PCS winner and current owner of IT Studios, Ryan McKinney, came to tell this year's winning Producers know about his studio and offer help with casting^5.

Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Cast & Crew Call man introducing self on camera.

Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Cast & Crew Call

After the guest speakers were finished each of the ten filmmakers had a chance to tell the community what their films are about and what their needs are. Filmmakers varied in ages from 9 years old, our youngest yet, to older folks with lots of experience.

Film subjects varied as widely as the ages with topics ranging from the paranormal to the fishy. Information for all the films and filmmakers are available on the Access Sacramento website at

Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Cast & Crew Call Judith Plank.

Access Sacramento's A Place Called Sacramento Cast & Crew Call

Judith Plank for BUDDIES.

After listening to each Producer talked about their needs to the eager crowd, the attendees had an opportunity to meet each of the filmmakers. Ten tables were lined up in a row each with the Producers and their assistants ready and waiting to receive resumes and headshots or just get e-mail contacts and meet people in person. The excitement filled the air as the filmmakers realized all these people are here to be a part this thrilling summer community project.

Don't think you've missed out if you couldn't make it. Lots of acting parts, crew positions, and craft services are still needed for many of these films. It's just the beginning, so log on to the Access Sacramento website and check out the film info. Come out and make a movie this summer. See you on the set!

2011 "Place Called Sacramento"
Ten Selected Film Projects

Stalag Sacramento by Patrick Ardell
Four young musicians ride the rails in their new hometown searching for life-after-dark in Midtown. Do you know the way to Elvisland?

Borrowed Time by Dänna Wilberg
Children's lives are at risk. Dr. Paulsen is frustrated by Suzanne's spiritual beliefs. A life and death story is in need of an intervention from the other side.

the WATERING hole by Gerald Martin Davenport & Rob Tillitz
David finds himself in a strange bar where time stands still and demons drown their sorrows.

CSI: Sacramento by Burt Wilson
Joe Fish is a private sock-eye. If this sounds fishy, you may be following a red herring - Ready for a whale of a tail? Welcome to River City.

The Purse by Erica Ruiz & Dwight Taylor
You can't judge a book by its cover or a purse by its contents. Matthew and Leah search for clues in all the wrong places. Think you know the whole story? Guess again.

BUDDIES by Judith Plank
Brad returns from Iraq only to lose his girlfriend. Depressed, nothing seems to help until a gift re-opens his heart and his new life with Buddy.

Reluctant by Nathan Reedy
We search for heroes in our life. Will, a Sacramento police officer, takes his job seriously. But for this cop, everything is about to change - in a flash.

The Chozen by Claire Elizabeth
New to Sacramento, Mathilde is worried about going to a new school and making friends, but is quickly accepted by the coolest girls in school. At a sleep over Mathilde discovers that being one of The Chozen is not what she expected.

The Breakup by Joyce Bezazian
Being a King's fan is an obsession for Bobby. When his love threatens to leave town, choices must be made and priorities re-examined.

Lucky Shot by Raghni Reddy
Rose takes Rick by surprise. But Rick is accustomed to bad luck. With so little in common, they are obviously off to a great start.

3.3.2 Casting Choices & Potential Crew

Yinique Thursday, May 19, 2011 email

It was great seeing you and all the familiar faces today at Access Sac.

I am so excited and look forward to imdb credit thing and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Gerald. THE GOLdEN TREE Tree and You marked a lot of First's for me, first theatrical screening, first IMDb, first Access Sac. I am working on my SAG voucher now, hint, hint, wink, wink, hahaha. But truly Gerald, thank you, if you don't need me as an actress by any chance this time, please put me down as crew or help with craft services to show you my appreciation, I just want to be on your team.

When do you have in mind to shoot? I will be done with my All Roads Lead to Occidental about mid June and who knows if will will be picked this year for Access. Let me know what i can do, ok. Maybe we should team up in writing a screen play of a story I have in mind for a feature film...
Warm Regards,

On Wednesday, May 18, 2011, Rob Tillitz emails Gerald that they have to film on a weekend due to several people's schedules. Rob does not like to, but he thinks there is no choice. He asks Gerald to get him an updated screenplay with the morphing characters. Rob mentions that he thinks they should go for the Red camera, and he will find the software they need to edit it. Rob also thinks they should get the 'Three Words for Dacia' cinematographer from last year who will add a whole new dimension to their undertaking.

Gerald Thursday, May 19, 2011 email

This could create some complications as the red files are MUCH, MUCH LARGER and take much longer to render. And as an editor, I work at my own pace and would need the stuff here at home. It would not be good to have to go to someone's home or pace of business to edit on THEIR time schedule. Creativity does not work that way.

And as a far as the Dacia guy, it would be great, but I have to research the camera he has and see if it will match with Brendan's. I already have Brendan on board. Now whether they play nice together. I do not know. :)

Rob Tillitz Thursday, May 19, 2011 18:24:53 -0700 email

Subject: the Watering Hole
From: rob
To: scoobymegh
We have added two roles to TWH for you and Deborah. You will play the "Harem" of Nikkor, and Nikkor will be played by Bill VanNoland. I hope you will accept the part. We'll be shooting on a weekend, and of course at my bar between two and ten am. No shoot dates set yet. Script is being modified thus a copy will follow soon.

Rob Tillitz Thursday, May 19, 2011 6:33 PM email

Subject: the Watering Hole
Hi Yinique. We have created a role for you. You will be asked to cry, and you will be asked to act without words. You will be the good angel, or conscious of Nikkor (the villain played by Bill VanNoland) and we will cut to you from time to time. We will film you tearfully reaching out and pleading with Nikkor to show compassion to the antagonist David. It should be a challenge for you, but nonetheless completely in your range. We are expecting you to steal the show without saying a word. Can you do it? And if you want to serve craft services that's alright too....JK!

Gerald, uncomfortable and annoyed at how things are progressing with the WATERING hole, is ready to hand it off and walk away.

Gerald Friday, May 20, 2011 7:42:12 AM PDT email

Subject: I relinquish my throne.
To: rob
You want to know what exactly do you need to edit Red files at your house?
An intel mac, which I do not have until later this year, more toward the end. but was thinking, if this guy edits, then i should do what you did and give up my positions for the betterment of the movie.

so you will need to find a director too. this feels good. there were some directors that came to the table I'm sure, or you could take it on. this way I am just the writer...
does this feel right to you?
- g

Rob Tillitz Friday, May 20, 2011 7:53 AM email

From: Rob Tillitz
NO! Not at all. Not an option. I was only thinking how we might upgrade your equipment, give you better tools to work your magic. No way. Banish that thought. I want to make this a great movie, as I know you do. We need to also talk special effects, the morphing and any other FXes we can work in. How are we going to do that? What equipment do we need. I just need to know what, and then I can start figuring out the how.

Gerald Friday, May 20, 2011 8:09:00 AM PDT email

Subject: I kind of was kidding anyway. but...
From: gerald
To: rob
I would love to use a red, but want to use it for Chardonnay, the colors would POP. We really don't have many colors except red, HA RED. I think it's a little too late to prepare for the red. It is cumbersome, in depth, and detailed to get ready for the red. Way beyond our needs and resources.

Gerald Friday, May 20, 2011 email

The fx do not worry about. I am going to try to ways, one visual ways with Brendan, we will get that figured out and two, more of a physical nature, where it's slight of camera. do not worry about that.
the key things we need to get done are:
- getting finalized with cast and contract signing (will bring them sunday?)
- shooting days / nights [how many]
- then scheduling the cast.
- wardrobe. I think i can con my wife into being the seamstress and making costumes for a few characters, if we need them.
-- gerald

Rob Tillitz Friday, May 20, 2011 8:38 AM email

from: Rob Tillitz
Oh, on costumes I have a girl at decades that I really like, not to take a job away from your wife, but I can pop for a costumes if necessary. I'm working this all out with cast.

Looks like we might have a couple of the girls cannot come until maybe as late as 4:30-5. Thus we might need to take a couple hour break. Or reschedule, however both these girls are girls I picked but we're calling in because I want you to meet and see them and give your final ok. Will you be able to stay until five or so?

Donna Faith Fultineer Friday, May 20, 2011 8:50 AM email

Hello!!! I signed up for a few movies to help out in and didn't think anyone would email me back! I thought I ha might of sold myself short in person because I did not come prepared with a resume. I was told about the project hours before at work.

It's hard to be prepared for these things and even when you are and feel you should get the position, you don't, so although it's good to be prepared and professional, in this arena, such as PCS and access Sacramento, it's all volunteer, so I look passed all that pomp and circumstance. and look for serious people wanting experience.

Anyway, you are the first to respond and I would love to help! I have done a couple of film festivals here in town. I did the 10 x 10 and The Sacramento Horror film festival. I have my TV production certificate finished a couple semesters ago. I have a MacBook pro with FCP (older book but gets the job done).

We will talk about editing assistant and so forth, sounds great. What you may need to get, unless you have room on your hard drive, is a firewire terabyte drive to put the video files onto. I am thinking I may want to give you a scene or two in either movie to cut, but would love to use you and your lights on set on both movies. I have a light kit. A Few c stands and a Sony VX2100 it is a 3CCD camera (like a canon GL2) it's digital but not HD. I love to do above the line jobs but not shy doing below the line jobs! One of my last classes was a the editing class and if you are willing to pass on your knowledge I would love to learn more and more and all I can! - Donna Faith Fultineer

Meghan Bird Friday, May 20, 2011 12:24 PM email

Seriously? Sounds great! I am not able to make the audition this weekend, is that ok? I hope so because I really want to be a part of your film!

Rob Tillitz Friday, May 20, 2011 12:37 PM email

Subject: Re: the Watering Hole
To: Meghan Bird
You don't need to audition, you've got the part. You Deborah and Yinique are not going to have many or maybe any lines. We're creating parts for you that will involve mainly facial acting. You're going to need to project emotion without saying much.

You're going to be challenged, and you're performances are going to be symbolic and the type of imagery that people will remember after seeing the movie. When they go back and rerun the movie in their heads, they're going to see your faces staring at them.
Congratulations! We're going to have Meg.

Rob Tillitz Friday, May 20, 2011 3:13 PM email

Can I dress like a cowboy in your movie? i was thinking slacks and a dress shirt and tie. not the whole suit thing eek on the props there.

Rob Tillitz Friday, May 20, 2011 3:31 PM email

It was just a whim. I could wear decent suit too, though am going to have to have same suit in the water at some point? Have to consider that before we drag a 500-dollar suit into the muddy sac river.

Gerald Friday, May 20, 2011 email

Donna. As far as the camera, we have a specific requirement from access sacramento, it has to be 1920 x 1080 in 60i for the camera. AND one more thing about above and below the line, not to make anyone upset and spoil the excitement, but getting a movie done on a indie and volunteer basis, we do what ever job is needed.

On THE GOLdEN TREE please view the interviews. I was the writer, director, editor, and I also did many other jobs that I did not credit myself. I produced the movie, I did lighting tech, production assistant, gopher for food, drinks, and I was a live marker. I got on all fours and stopped the actor where I wanted her to do the lines.

so as far as above and below, I am not below doing jobs and none of my crew should be. We do what we can to get the job done. ALL positions are important! But everyone will be utilized in their craft and skills to further their education and knowledge, as well as, learning something new.
BTW. I work fast, efficient, and prepared. There will be production meetings, storyboards, camera set sheets, and the lot. PEACE & GOD BLESS - gerald

I am now confirming you as crew: penciling you in as additional editing, lighting [grip/gaffer], and general help. This work for you? On both movies?

Shawn Flanagan Friday, May 20, 2011 email

Hi Gerald, This is Shawn P. Flanagan.
Yes I am interested in helping with your films. In the past I have worked on and been in moves that my friends and I have created. These were old highschool and college movies for classes.

I have done editing of film and of digital video. My movie editing experience included some sound editing also. As far as acting goes, I am just a beginner, but I can master many roles. By trade I am a computer system engineer. I have just begun getting back into film, with classes at Access Sacramento.

3.3.3 Auditions

Since the UntitledSoFar beginning, back on February 18, 2011, Gerald had the film already cast with actors he worked with on THE GOLdEN TREE1. Mark Hoffman, Bill Bettencourt, Dan Walters, Courtney Leonard Maye, Jason Michael Shannon, Joseph Baldridge, Rob Tillitz, and Steve Dakota were actors he had in mind for the characters of the WATERING hole. A director working with actors they have worked with before is not a new thing. They both know how each other's work. They both enjoy and respect each other's work. The relationship, chemistry, and intiment knowledge of the other person makes production go smoother, quicker, and the director usually gets the performance they envisioned. This is what Gerald was looking forward to having a quick, one location, a few day or nights production. Much easier than making THE GOLdEN TREE.

Rob Tillitz was cast as Nicor and offered a co-writing credit2 if Rob had any ideas to input to the story. Rob was fine with the arrangement and even made changes to his character's wardrobe3 to stand out from the other characters. Gerald not wanting to be the front man — the representing Producer — for the WATERING hole at the Place called Sacramento event at the Crest Theater this year as he was still hanging onto some bitterness from 2010's Access Sacramento's Place called Sacramento contest for THE GOLdEN TREE, he offered the position to Rob4. Gerald's reasoning was “if Rob Tillitz is the Producer for the WATERING hole, using his Cedar Room Bar should not be an issue or inconvenience to him. He would have ownership in the movie more than he would if he was just an actor and co-writer and we came in and took over his bar for a film.”

This decision would challenge Gerald's ability to work outside his comfort-zone for the entire production. Rob began changing Gerald's casting choices and mentioned they should open it up to new people, as well as, schedule auditions at Ryan McKinney's It Factor Studios.5 Rob began confirming a few people for the cast without Gerald's input for a few of the smaller roles. He even gave parts to a few people that were not in the story — Rob added them to the screenplay and Gerald had to clean up the action to keep it formatted and flowing properly. Gerald, not a fan of background or extra actors in his films, used these new character additions from Rob to add more dialog to tell the story and gave them a few lines. — "If you are going to be in my movie, you are going to BE in my movie." - Gerald

Auditions took place on Sunday, May 22, 2011 at It Factor Studios in Sacramento, California. Rob Tillitz, Gerald Martin Davenport were there in attendance sitting in the back. This is not the first time Gerald sat in auditions. He was a BTS camera operator on several independent films in Burbank where his job was to record what ever he felt beyond what the audition tape was recording. He could see the uncomfortableness, fear, and anxiety that people go through just to be an actor. He did know that some casting directors, producers, and so forth create that tension to see how the person reacts, handles, and adjusts to it. Something that he understood but did not agree with as you have no idea that you just let a gem walk out and hired the arrogant jackass. Gerald is not against auditions, but if you do not need to do them, and for a 10-minute film, with few people auditioning, it really is a waste of time.

However, this was Gerald's first audition session for his own film. The casting process for THE GOLdEN TREE was easy. He gave the 120 people who sent in bios and were interested the locations, the wardrobe requirements, the details about the difference between the 10-minute and 30-minute and if you might be seen in the ten but heard the thirty, and waited for them to say yea or nay. He put the people in the film that said yea, because they agreed to some difficult terms and requests. “These were real actors wanting to be in a movie no matter what. No whining, no crying, and no attitudes. The way it should be when you cast a film. ” - Gerald

Gerald was at ease with the auditions when he found out that Ryan McKinney would be the facilitator, casting director, and overseer of the introductions and auditions of the prospective actors. Gerald and Rob could watch, discuss, and make notes. Reading lines with the actors were Toni Corbett and Gary Udell — Both Toni and Gary from THE GOLdEN TREE. Operating the cameras were Dylan Nelson and Jeffrey C. Vanacore. Charla Bybee handled the door and signed everyone in who showed up and sent them into the auditions in the order they showed up.

Gerald asked a few people to try a different approach. One of them was J.P. Dunne, a handsome young man, who looked like a young Woody Allen. Gerald asked if he knew of him and “could he read his lines with gusto then back off with apprehension.” When they completed that segment of lines Gerald comments, “I hate actors that follow what I ask and do what I ask. J.P. that was brilliant.” J.P. Dunne got the role of Lester at that moment. Krystina Mae also auditioned for the role of Lester. She did pretty well, but the role was J.P. Dunne's to give away. Krystina knew she did not get the role, but offered to help as crew if needed. She wanted to work with Gerald and Aria Pictures.

Ryan gave Rob and Gerald his suggestions about who to cast. Mostly the actors actors he teaches. Casting was pretty much settled before they left It Factor Studios. Gerald was not happy that he had to let a few of his hopeful favorites know that they were not selected to be in the film.

When the film was completed, the journey was a positive and educational because it was Gerald's second film managing a cast and crew list of over thirty people. The WATERING hole was not only It would test his patients and and learned the downside of his decision

3.3.4 Confirmations

Emails went out on Monday to the actors that did not make the film. Gerald volunteered to do it since he wanted to not to burn bridges and hopefully generate some relationships from people he enjoyed watching and would use them in other films he was planning on making.

Gerald Monday, May 23, 2011 email

Mardi. I am Gerald Martin Davenport. You may not have seen me at "the WATERING hole" table on Wednesday at the cast & crew call for the PCS thing, but I was there. Rob Tillitz and Deborah Adair covered the table for me.

I am the writer, director, and editor of the film and owner of Aria Pictures. I am not only here to inform you that you were not chosen for the WATERING hole, but I want to ask you about playing in a short movie later this year of mine called Petite Chardonnay.

The bad news: no role in "the WATERING hole"
GOOD NEWS: I want you to be in Petite Chardonnay.

If you would like more info about it, please let me know, but I will tell you it will be used for marketing to find financing to make the full version.

Mardi Monday, May 23, 2011 email

Hi Gerald, Thank you for the email. I would be interested in more information on thoughts you have for me in your next film. I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Thank you for the offer and I would love to work with you. Mardi

Amresh Monday, May 23, 2011 email

Amresh, thank your for your interest in Aria Pictures production "the WATERING hole" and your audition of LESTER on Sunday, May 22, 2011 at the IT FACTOR STUDIOS.

We enjoyed your company and your performance, I know I did and that is what matters. Unfortunately the discussion around the table is, and I even started it, YOU are too handsome a man to be a wimp. BOTTOM LINE. Although you were grasping it and getting it on your third take, Ryan and others told me you were unaccustomed to playing a weak character. I wanted to give you the opportunity to stretch your acting, but I was shot down because we had a wimpy looking person show up before you that had the qualities.

Aria Pictures is a different kind of company and I do not want to burn bridges. My job, as owner, writer, director, editor, and marketing is to try and give you the bad news as easy as possible. I do not want to make enemies or create a bad relationship with people, although it is sometimes unavoidable, my objective is to keep an open line of communication with potential actors and crew for other projects — and I have many many projects.

Again, thank your for your interest and sharing your talents, and as much as I wanted to extend and increase the script to include you, which I would if my producers would let me, I truly would love to work with you sometime in the future. I would love for you to keep us in mind by connecting with us on facebook, the internet, and our newspage as initial castings will be posted there before we go to a casting service or other means.

Yes, Aria Pictures is a different kind of company in the movie world, you might have figured it out with this smarmy rejection letter. Much to the chagrin of professionals who told me to keep it short and simple. I do not follow many of the rules, and that may be my downfall, or my secret formula when I do get the chance to play with the big boys.

I wish you good luck in the future and hope to be apart of your future. With the truest and sincerest of feelings,

Rob Tillitz sent out an email to notify the actors that were cast. The email also included possible locations, nights of production, and mentioning getting the final screenplay to everyone.

Rob Tillitz Monday, May 23, 2011 11:56 AM, email

from: Rob Tillitz
Congratulations! You have been cast in our movie "the Watering Hole."

We will get scripts out to everyone very soon, had a couple last minute changes to make. Also, be aware that filming will be between 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. on weekends, and we are trying to get it together to do our first film session on June 4th and 5th...this would be starting late on Friday night/early Saturday morn, then the same thing the next night.

Basically we will be moving into the back door of the bar at 2 a.m., as my bouncers push the drinkers out the front door. I think we can get most of the work done in two nights, but may have to do pickups later. More soon, and welcome aboard, Rob Tillitz and Gerald Davenport

3.4 Pre-Production

Pre-Production officially began when Rob Tillitz and Gerald Martin Davenport received word that the WATERING hole (2011) was selected to the 2011 Place Called Sacramento Screenplay Contest. The production gained momentum and speed as people came aboard to fulfill needed roles and positions. The next task was to schedule schedule production time, make-up, and visual and digital effects.

Rob Tillitz Wednesday, May 25, 2011 11:44 AM email

Bill (William Van Noland) can shoot with us Friday 10th/Saturday 11th, but not the next day. I don't think this is any reason to scrub the entire weekend, and we will probably find it will work well to not have everybody there at is a small place!

He can come back another night, of course, but has to finish this other movie on Sunday. And after talking with him about the logistics of travel and the late hours, it is likely easier on him to drive up late on Friday after having slept in his own bed, shoot the one night then go home and sleep in his own bed again on Saturday.

In other words, it would be easier on our star to only use him one night per weekend. Though if it looks like after the 11th we will need him two nights, then I think he would do that too.

I have not heard back from the one fx guy. I am thinking that my money in that regard would be better spent in getting you the software/hardware needed so you can do these effects? --R

If you think of your gals name let me know, this gal charges $300 a day (or in this case nite). Hoping to find someone more reasonable. But you answer the question affirmatively that you would like to have a creative makeup gal at your disposal, so I will in that case make that happen.

On Wednesday, May 25, 2011, at 12:30 PM, Gerald sent out an email to Rob saying they will do everything thay can to accommodate William Van Noland to make it a one night shoot for him. The other characters can be done without him there.

Rob Tillitz Wednesday, May 25, 2011 1:30 PM email

from: Rob Tillitz
Was chatting with a makeup girl I know slightly from another film. She's a pro. Do we want to darken eyes, lighten complexions, do special things with makeup? Bill does his own, as do I and certainly the women, and I can get disposable sponges and powder the guys so they don't shine. But would you like them Zombie-like, or any other effects...what's your vision partner?

William Van Noland Wednesday, May 25, 2011 email

Hello Gerald and Rob.
I am not sure if this is the way to make it to both of you, but I would try. I am good on Sat the 11th, but the 12th I will be on set at All Roads Lead to Occidental. I will coming straight from there when it is done on Friday the 10th to The Watering Hole set, where would that be? I will be drinking energy drink :.) then I would have to go back to ARLTO for Sunday the 12th.

I am hoping you can schedule me on Sat. as late morning as you can if possible to give me some travel time. Is it at the bar? I am so excited and looking forward to working with all of you and my recent scene partner/star Mr. Bill : .)

Deborah Adair Friday, May 27, 2011 email

Gerald, I agreed to take part as an actress in The Watering Hole out of friendship for Rob. Please don't feel obligated to write me into the script. I take no offense at not having a speaking role, but I really don't have time to participate as background.

I would also like to clarify our conversation from the Cast and Crew call night that I will not be acting as Producer on the project. I was happy to help out at the table, but that is the extent of my behind-the-camera commitment. At this point, my schedule is still open on the shooting nights. If the role of "brunette woman" has developed into something other than background, I would be happy to participate. Deborah Adair

Gerald Friday, May 27, 2011 email

Deborah Adair. The role is NOT background. I just forgot to put the direction for the two when they come to stand at Nicor's side. - gerald

Randy Wynn Saturday, May 28, 2011 email

WOW, the organization of this production is impressive. You have it all covered, and then some. I regret that I am going to have to remove myself from your crew. I would have loved to be a part of the production, but after meeting with another PCS Writer/Producer today, I realized that she really needs all the help I can give her. She barely has the basic crew to get her production done and you folks seem like you can spare me without affecting your production. Please let me know that you received this email and pass the word to the person in charge of crew assignments. Thank you, Randy Wynn

Sean Stueve Sunday, May 29, 2011 6:02 PM email

from: Sean Stueve
Hello. I love your script. Unfortunately I will not be able to help out on this project. I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to working with you in the future and seeing the watering hole this year at PCS.

Gerald Sunday, May 29, 2011 email

Sorry to hear this Sean. Is it the job description, duties, or another project with a higher up position? Just wandering, because I have not labeled them as clear as they will be when getting the job done. More like assistant director to camera 1. we will have a 2 camera shoot. - gerald

Randy Wynn Monday, May 30, 2011 7:20 PM email

from: Randy Wynn: The Break UP. Again, I am sorry to have to drop out. We just got the crew together yesterday, but we are bare bones and don't have any backup crew at this point. You look like you have it together, otherwise I would have spoke to you in person to see if my leaving would impact the project. Hope to work with your group next year. Randy

Rob Tillitz Wednesday, June 1, 2011 9:39:45 AM PDT email

From: rob
To: Gerald

Just read through the script again as I sit here in here cedar room imagining how it will all go. This is going to require some very complex acting on my part. I welcome the challenge. But what I want to say is it really is a good script. Also, if I am going to wear a cowboy hat I'll need to be lit from underneath. Most of my acting in this role is going to be in the face and without words. I need to figure out how best to present my face.

Well, anyone whose worn a cowboy hat knows that your hat and your dog are the two most important possessions in a cowpoke's life, are what he will save before anything else. All your ideas are fine. I'm not sure that it is a question that will be in anyone's minds, but we can foreshadow as you see fit. I'm starting to concentrate on my role and how to sell this character, thus letting you worry about the details more and more.

Gerald Wednesday, June 1, 2011 10:18 AM email

I really like the hat floating at the end idea. A cowboy hat is so iconic. The hat WILL get wet, so something cheap. At the end when david begins to swim at the bar, he should take the hat off, so when he comes up out of the water, it is in the hand as he treads water. It is on him at the bar and with him at the end outside of the car. I think that will tie it in. As far as reality, people may ask, "Why did he save the hat?" We could make a joke toward the end about saving the expensive stetson hat and not his car?

Miles Fargo Wednesday, June 1, 2011 email

Gerald, Don Carlos told me you are possibly looking for help on you PCS project. I am a writer director and can edit as well. What's the project about and what is the deadline? When do you plan on shooting and what phase of pre-production are you in? As long as the dates are clear in my schedule I am willing to help in most any position you might need filled. I look forward to hearing back from you. Miles Fargo

Greg Marker Wednesday, June 1, 2011 email

Gerald, Not too much, not too little - whose to say if just right? - but, yes, I'm still interested. The hours for "Watering Hole" will be a challenge but I can surmount that, though I'll certainly be bleary eyed in the middle hours. Perhaps I have a little more crew experience than you understand, not really sure. Either way, I bring professionalism along with me and hope to find it in place on set. As long as that is in place, especially when shooting in a bar after hours, I'm good to get it done. If that works for you lets move forward from here. Assuming the affirmative, when is your crew meeting prior to the actual shoot? Greg Marker

Miles Fargo Wednesday, June 1, 2011 9:05 am email

From: Casting @ Aria Pictures
To: silverscribe2
Subject: Re: PCS cast and crew call

I read your PAGES note and understand you are sort of new to the BEHIND THE CAMERA other than writing? I may have several spots for you on crew, depending on who does and does not show. and in no particular order.

Production Audio: hold boom, hold recoding device, record sound.
Script / slate position
PA / Light / BTS photography & video

But before we actually get to that point. let me explain the situation to you. I am the story idea, co-writer, director, and editor for the WATERING hole. And that production will be commencing SATURDAY, JUNE 11, at 2 am - 9 am and SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2 am - 9 am — in the early hours of the morning at the CEDAR ROOM BAR ON MADISON. One more evening will finish it near a levy or river bank. [location, day, and time still investigating]

The crew that works on the WATERING hole, has the option and first dibs, to be a part of the crew for BUDDIES, Judith Plank's story. I am the First-Assistant Director, 2nd-unit-Camera-operator, Editor, and production company for that one. NOT the Writer or Director. Judith is planning on JULY 15 - 17, a friday - sunday. where and when are still being determined. Both productions will be done with two (2) canon 7d's and two (2) separate mics. Tell me if any of this is too much, too little, or JUST right, and we'll go from there about more info to you. - gerald

Gerald Thursday, June 2, 2011 email

Hey everyone. 3 pm, this Saturday at Rob Tillitz house. Bring goodies for the director he likes ... jk. Come if you can, please. Crew would be great to meet everyone and discuss some issues and things in another room or afterward. It should not take long it is a 10 minute script. Maybe an hour or so.

reply to confirm either way so we know who will or won't and when. cannot wait. see you there. technically the screen writing software says 13, but there is a full page of action and description, so on my end there really is only 11 pages. :) but post is my forte. I make movies so I have something to edit.

Brendan Brooks Thursday, June 2, 2011 3:40 PM email

from: Brendan brooks
Hey I've been playing with some cine style settings in my camera so you can have more room to color grade. I was wondering what the parameters for access sac are can we do 24fps? Anyway Mark and I are going to have to be on the same page as far as our cameras are concerned. Here is an extreme example of what I'm talking about. I've played with a couple different settings and I have one that I think will work best for what we are doing.

Victoria Elizabeth Melshaw Thursday, June 2, 2011 email

Yeah the cast seems amazing and you are very organized it helps a lot! Thanks for all your help and I'll email you pics when I get everything together. If you have any ideas on hair in particular that can help me make sure i come looking the part : )

DeVaughn Keys Thursday, June 2, 2011 email

Gerald, Hello. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, some unexpected traveling came up. I am still interested for doing visual effects for the movie.

To clarify, the effects we discussed are:
1. Girl appearing out off thin air with a watery transition.
2. One person morphing into another.

I wasn't sure if you wanted to do the person through the wall effect. I'll definitely take on more effects if you'd like. Let me know what effects are final. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Hope to talk with you soon. DeVaughn Keys

Daniel Roberts Friday, June 3, 2011 email

Gerald and Rob, I came to my senses to realize how important the read through is. I will be there at 3:00pm tomorrow eagerly looking forward to the read. In regards to the script I have some feedback. The audience doesn't like to doubt. They know it's a bar but there's no mention that it's in purgatory. The devil is in Hell. What's he doing in a body of water waiting for victims or a bar or did he send Nikor as his right hand man to do the dirty work? The body of water: Sacramento has the American River, Sacramento River, and Folsom Lake. The audience doesn't know where the water is. Thank you and see you tomorrow. Daniel Roberts.

William Vannoland Friday, June 3, 2011 1:35 PM email

from: William Vannoland
Hello gentlemen, I truly appreciate your attention to detail. Looking forward to working with the both of you. All the best, Bill. Some people have called me anal and crazy. but I have been doing it this way for many many years and I feel I get the best from the actors and crew, most of them anyway, by keeping them in the loop and showing them that the movie, project, production is taken seriously by us and should be done so on their part...

Robyn Jean Springer Friday, June 3, 2011 email

Okay so I Read all the PDFs, In regard to working with Jason on bartending outfit. will he be at Rob's on Saturday. I don't know Jason. so I don't know how to get a hold of him on working on matching character outfits. I can start with simple black pants. I can downplay myself of course. And thank you for sending this info to me. Let me know if Jason will be there on Sat at 3pm. or if I need to call him.?

Frank Cosgriff Friday, June 3, 2011 1:19 PM email

from: Frank Cosgriff
Hi Gerald & Rob, Congratulations on being selected in the PCS competition! I just wanted to send a quick message, introduce myself, and offer a hand.

I'm an experienced film worker, dabbling in just about every department: Camera, Grip & Lighting, Sound. I've been on several features, including the locally produced "Bloodline" as a sound assistant. (Feel free to check out the IMDb and Resume links below.)

My main interest in the PCS competition is gaining experience in the production office, possibly working as an Assistant Director or Production Manager. These (or similar positions) are my top priority, but I would be open to helping out however possible. I can only firmly offer my experience and another pair of hands on set, but I may be able to secure other crew and equipment, including camera, light kit, and sound gear, all depending on your situation and production dates. So let me know how I can help, and I'll do all I can for you.

JP Dunne Tuesday, June 7, 2011 email

Hey Gerald. For Lester's outfit I have picked out the following:
- Black framed glasses (my real glasses that I can wear instead of my contacts)
- A standard dress shirt in medium grey color
- Black and grey diagonally striped tie (nothing crazy)
- Black dress pants
- Black belt for pants
- Black dress shoes

I chose these items as I feel that Lester would not be brave enough to wear anything flashy. Also, from what I have gathered so far, there is an overall "darkish" feel to the film, with brighter symbolic elements reserved for the wardrobe of characters such as Nicor. That's why I chose muted colors. What do you think? JP Dunne

Brendan Brooks Tuesday, June 7, 2011 email

So I was checking out the watering hole website and noticed Crista Bella is on board, and if its the same one I'm thinking about (and I'm sure it is) she did one of these shorts a couple years ago that I thought was freakin GREAT, but she didn't win because they gave it to "one of theirs." This is right up her alley -- I'm just saying if you need to bounce some ideas off someone, or if your stuck I would get her opinion, I've seen her stuff and it does not suck! I'm happy to see her on board, especially since we are shooting in the wee hours of the morning. "B"

Brendan Brooks Wednesday, June 8, 2011 email

Okay so it looks like we got Nikkor for one night and a couple other actors aren't going to be there, so we got to get all our his shots down and dirty, and have someone who fits the suit the next night. Also if we have time (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) I would like to shoot the alternate ending where David LIVES IT'S ALIVE. So there you go I'm also thinking about equipment, more importantly what don't I have to bring, do we need the crane (if we do I'll bring it) Stedi cam for some of those dutch tilt shoots you want. Keep writing, we got a good story we just have to nail it! "B"

DeVaughn Keys Wednesday, June 8, 2011 email

Hey Gerald, Yes, I would like to come on set to help with the shots.The morphing effect does require a green screen. If you'd like to do that on set, the screen will need to be lit very well, and I'll need to know if you want the shot stationary or moving. If the camera is moving, the effect will be more difficult, but still doable as we'll need tracking markers on the green screen.

Rob Tillitz Thursday, June 9, 2011 email

I forgot to ask you, or forgot whether I asked you: Is there going to be a shot of the front of the bar with the sign? Can we let the audience know which bar? Maybe at the end or in the beginning? Not a must, but an idea. A completely selfish idea and one that will not further our goals for the movie at all.

So I told him I'd give him a couple hundred tomorrow night, and that you would monitor his hours and effort and let me know if it seems like we should slip him another couple hundred as it goes along. Don't have unlimited money, but want to keep him focused and happy. He could really make this film. Mention to him the wonderful credit he will be getting for not only in front of the entire Sac movie crowd, but his resume.

3.4.1 Screenplay Breakdown, Camera Setups, and Storyboards

the WATERING hole (2011) Storyboard 1.3 - 1.4

Crudely-drawn storyboard by Gerald Martin Davenport

View the camera setup and storyboard gallery for the WATERING hole (2011)

Since the story does do not have more than two locations, Gerald used camera setups and character codes to identify the takes instead of scene numbers. The screenplay breakdown was not by scene, but by segments, character, and character groupings.

Gerald remembers scheduling the THE GOLdEN TREE and creating the complex camera setups. “It was a nightmare scheduling so many actors and the locations. I can only imagine the madness scheduling a big budget film. Of course they have a budget that gives them time and opens doors. But when you are an independent filmmaker using actors that have real jobs, getting them to have the same day off is a nightmare.”

Although THE GOLdEN TREE had more locations and characters, the WATERING hole (2011) screenplay breakdown and storyboards were oddly different to do for a film that has most of the story in one room. “I have seen one room locations in television shows such as The Twilight Zone, Dick Van Dyke, and many others that captured their show on film. And I have seen movies that used one room or location for most of the story. They have the luxury of having a crew that they had a long relationship with, actors that have experience, and the experience to plan the camera angles they only need. The majority of my crew, and actors, were amateurs, including me. So, it was really different breaking down a screenplay without scene numbers and drawing the camera angles that I wanted. But we did it.” - Gerald.

Gerald created crudely-drawn storyboards by hand using stick-figures and chicken-scratch, as he calls it, along with computer-aided images for the camera setups to show the view, angles, and action that he wanted Brendan and the other camera operators to capture.

3.4.2 Gathering Wardrobe

Rob Tillitz, being meticulous about his appearance and performance, looks for feedback on the look the character David would wear.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Pink Shirt with ball cap.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Pink Shirt with ball cap.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Pink Shirt with cowboy hat.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Pink Shirt with cowboy hat.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Dark Blue Shirt with ball cap.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Dark Blue Shirt with ball cap.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Light Blue Shirt with ball cap.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Light Blue Shirt with ball cap.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Light Blue Shirt with cowboy hat.

the WATERING hole (2011) Rob Tillitz Wardrobe Light Blue Shirt with cowboy hat.

3.4.3 Craft Prep

Karen Orcutt Friday, June 10, 2011 email

OK, so here's the breakdown of yummies I got today, let me know if you want all or some or more.
Doughnuts, glazed and variety, for the morning hunger before wrap up, cookies (one bag oreos, and box chocolate chip), tortilla chips and salsa, buns, veggie burgers, 8, sliced cheese, turkey ham, sliced low salt, and non sliced reg,(I will slice it myself), vegetables: carrots small bag, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes 3 large for buns and small for munching, celery, lettuce, to make salad or put on bun, fruit platter and strawberries, two boxes of hot pocket cheese with pastrami and 5 cheese pockets can be heated in microwave, each box has 12. So some can have 2 of them., one kielbasa sausage, can be heated and sliced use with toothpicks, peanuts mixed, small can, Bag of 50 plastic plates, I have some plastic utensils.

What we don't use one day will be used for the second, and I'll also know what extra will be wanted for Sunday. Any other suggestions. I will bring some tea bags, do we need hot cups? I will bring roll of paper towels for napkins.

Friday, June 10, 2011 message
12:32:25 PM Rob Tillitz: Got 8 bottles of 5-Hour energy for you.
12:56:45 PM Gerald: Sweet, how much i owe?
12:56:47 PM Gerald: let me know
12:57:15 PM Rob Tillitz: You owe me a decent role in your film, The Watering Hole.
1:05:10 PM Rob Tillitz: Plus, you gotta let me say action and cut a couple of times.
1:05:43 PM Gerald: don't play games with me, it's my honor and privilege to be working with you again.

3.4.4 Finding Crew & Equipment

Brendan Brooks and Jim Heck were the only two from Aria Pictures previous productions, most notably THE GOLdEN TREE. Gary Udell makes a small appearance as one fo the casting assistants. The rest of the crew is new to Aria Pictures and Gerald Martin Davenport.

3.4.5 Locations

Knowing they had the Cedar Room Bar for the majority of the production made it a little easier trying to find a lake, stream, river, or pond for the scene when David swims to shore — or so they thought.

One evening a few of the crew show up at Rob's house to see if his pool would work as a place for the shore and the hat disappearing. Unfortunately, the pool was too well lit, and looked like a pool.

Rob Tillitz Thursday, June 23, 2011 email

So where did we end up yesterday? I did not hear back from the park lady about whether a ranger/monitor was available, thus don't know yet that shooting on park land at night is possible.

I know you're tripping on the money, but I'm not so don't let that spoil the shoot. It's just a couple hundred and if that means the difference between whether we can get it done or not it's cheap. And I can afford it. I guess I need to run up to North Granite as that is what they're suggesting. It's on Folsom Lake. I think this is it: North Granite Park, Folsom Lake map.

OAK POINT: To me this place is perfect. Sand perfect. Close to cars.

Rob Tillitz in Folsom Lake at Oak Point.

Donton's Point. Several great spots here too, and you can drive right to the water.

Donton's Point on Folsom Lake.

Donton's Point on Folsom Lake.

Donton's Point on Folsom Lake with tire tracks on shore.

Donton's Point on Folsom Lake with tire tracks on shore.

Donton's Point on Folsom Lake with tire tracks going into the lake.

Donton's Point on Folsom Lake with tire tracks going into the lake.

3.5 Filming

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Schedule Day 1.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Schedule Day 1

3.5.1 Principle Photography Cedar Room Bar: Saturday, June 11, 2011: 01:00 hours
the WATERING hole (2011) Production codes and procedures.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Codes and Procedures

Brendan, Jim, and Gerald left Grass Valley on Friday, June 10, 2011 around 11:30 PM and drove down and showed up at the Cedar Room Bar on Madison Avenue on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at around 1:00 AM.

Most of the crew arrived a little after 1:00 am and preparation for the production started with Brendan, Rob, and Gerald deciding where the action should take place, where the actors would be, and where to put the cameras for the best angles. Once that was decided on the extra chairs and tables were moved in a corner where the waiting actors could sit, and the food could be located off-camera.

Frank Cosgriff, Scott Slotterbeck, and Jim Hick set up the audio equipment and found a place for their workstation and extra equipment. Brendan, Donna Faith Fultineer, Shawn P. Flanagan, and Don Carlos Sanders set up the lights and turned off any brand-name neon light in the bar. Eleanor Tyler and Krystina Mae found a place to turn into their script supervisor and second assistant camera production area.

Some of the cast arrived at the time the crew did. Most of the cast members arrived between 1:30 and 2:00 am. Toni Corbet was the check in for the cast and crew to make sure all paperwork was signed and received before production could move forward. Actors took turns changing in the small facilities the bar offered.

Gerald was not prepared for so many people to arrive in a small room so soon. He likes being already set up, prepared, and waiting for the actors to show, not being pulled in so many directions. Actors wanted to ask Gerald and Rob about their wardrobe while the crew was still rushing to get lights set up, camera settings set and in position, tables and chairs moved, food brought in, and discussing the order of capture so they could get the production started.

After the set was prepared, wardrobe finalled, cameras ready, lights up, and audio recording and boom pole connected, things began to settle down just after 2:30 am for Gerald and Rob to greet, thank, and introduce everyone and explain how this production was going to proceed. After the actors were in their spots and the action was worked out, principal photography for the WATERING hole began on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 2:50 am — 10-minutes earlier than scheduled.

Since the story does do not have more than two locations, Gerald used camera setups and character codes to identify the takes instead of scene numbers. The screenplay break down was not by scene, but segments, character, and character groupings as the story took place in one location. The first character to be captured was Rob Tillitz character David when he wakes up coughing. SEGMENT 2 - INT. ECU (DAVID'S FACE AND EYES) - SOME TIME.

Rob Tillitz Saturday, June 11, 2011 email

First, I thought the shoot went VERY well. You were on top of it and worked your magic. You're making a name for yourself partner; they're all talking about you. I am sorry I missed the new script version 20....had me somewhat confused. I get my script and mark it and make notes and break it down and make it my own. Little process I do to get on top of it. But when you had a new one it threw me off.

Anyway, see you tonight. Let me know if there's anything I can do. I have your 5-Hour energies. Should have listened to you and cancelled the room. Or maybe I should go sleep there. Nah!

Victoria Elizabeth Melshaw Saturday, June 11, 2011 email

It was awesome to work with such a dynamic and talented group of people :)

Scott Slotterbeck Saturday, June 11, 2011 email

Personally, I don't know how you do as good of a job as do. Having so many actors showing up only one day must have made it a logistical nightmare. You did really well, in my opinion, under trying circumstances.

You are a talented director and you should give yourself some credit. I sat down this morning, telling myself that you seemed to have boundless energy, and glad it was you at the helm and not me. I would have no idea where to begin.

You also should realize that you have much of the same crew and cast as you did last year. People don't follow people they don't like or trust. That has to tell you a lot. See you tomorrow!

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 1: Cedar Room Bar in Carmichael, California - Saturday, June 11, 2011.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 1 Gallery

Cedar Room Bar in Carmichael, California - Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rob Tillitz

Photo by unknown - © 2011 Aria Pictures Cedar Room Bar: Saturday, June 12, 2011: 01:00 hours

Sunday morning was a little different than Saturday morning considering it was the second day the production was together. There was a hint of familiarity in the air that made set-up much easier and smoother. Also the crew did not have that long period of introductions and the getting to know each other time.

William Van Noland was not planning on showing up on Sunday, but he did arrive which allowed Brendan and Gerald to do a few more takes of some of his close-ups. The days schedule was still hectic, sporadic, and chaotic with twenty people in such a small room.

There were yawns, some people rested, and quite a few eye-brow wipes, but never a raised voice, argument, or disagreement. Everyone knew the way to get through this with dignity and respect is to be professional and have patients.

The day did not go as smooth as they wanted it to due to several issues. Brendan's camera went out of service, the A camera, and luckily Rob had the same camera on hand; however, it had to be prepared. The time it took to get it set up to the proper settings we use and the time to rearrange the bar ate into Gerald's prepared plan of attack. Gerald took the blame for expecting a smooth, uninterrupted, and easy morning.

Monday, June 13, 2011 message
8:29:42 AM Tyler Eleanor: Hey Gerald, it was so much of a learning experience for me and I want to say thanks for giving me the chance to work on the Movie. I look forward to working on your next movie! You did a wonderful job and also your crew and actors!
8:30:10 AM Gerald: thanks for the kudos, you were also one who set my mind at ease
8:31:04 AM Gerald: what some people do not know, and it is most important to me, the smaller, less spotlight jobs like PA, Script supervisor, the guy that stands by the door making sure no one gets in who should not, are the most important. to me anyway
8:32:19 AM Gerald: If I do not have to worry about the small things, like SS notes, what you did, I can then concentrate on what I need to really worry about
8:33:10 AM Tyler Eleanor: Glad to help Gerald, and I hope I did capture what you wanted. If you need me to do the same job on the next film or what ever job you need just count me in. I will be happy to help! Look forward to the showing of the movie and the next project. Please keep me posted and keep my contact information for the future.
8:34:05 AM Gerald: what you did, may have felt like a menial and unexciting job or duties; to me, it was a trust and relaxation factor that I cherish more than an actor hitting their lines.
8:34:44 AM Tyler Eleanor: Well good. I was trying to make things as easy for others as I could.

After production when Gerald was home looking at the material he sent out an abandonment of the project or a plea with the crew asking them for one more morning of production.

Gerald Monday, June 13, 2011 email

WE NEED ANOTHER MORNING or the movie will NOT be what it COULD or SHOULD be. There are several components missing, lots of disjointed characters, story, and acting elements that are either MISSING, inconsistent, or weak. I do not want to waste my time working with the footage I have and make a hap-hazard, weak, amateurish movie that should have been the best one we could have done. I will not do it. I blame myself for the predicament we are in.


The Audience sees the movie through David's eyes, and if he does not look frantic, panic-stricken, worked up, agitated, distressed; frenzied, frenetic, fraught, feverish, hysterical, desperate, in a tizzy, wound up, Confused and Drowning, then the audience will not be either. Well. They will be confused, and we will be drowning as filmmakers.


I know everyone worked hard, sacrificed their time, and sleep, but I will not do it. I have done enough mediocre stories that need to be explained, and I am not going to do it on this one. I am sorry for the inconvenience, and my disposition But WE NEED ANOTHER MORNING to help fill in some of the blanks, if this is even going to work. And the powers that be have all decided that Saturday morning the 18th, will be the day. 4 am - 9 am

crew call should be 5 am to get the set in order. cast at 6. and the cast, if NOT in scene, should be OUTSIDE. - gerald

Those we need will be receiving a WE NEED YOU email. If you do not receive one then you are not needed. But would be nice to have everyone again for some pickups. But the one's we really need, will get the WE NEED YOU email.

Gerald Monday, June 13, 2011 email

If you are receiving this WE NEED YOU email, then WE NEED YOU to help fill in the blanks and disjointed holes in the story we already have.


CREW NEEDED: all who can show: two camera's again.
Brendan, Mark, Shawn, Krystina, Eleanor, Jim, Frank, Donna, Laura, DeVaughn.

CAST NEEDED: Rob Tillitz, Paul T. McGee, Don Carlos, Robyn Jean Springer, Jason Michael Shannon, Christa Quinn, Victoria Melshaw.

Let us know if you can make it, we really need to get this thing right. It is nothing to do with your performance, but just your presence in a shot to make it fit.

· Victoria, Christa, and Robyn: we need the ladies in front of the bar when the female bartender says "how can you turn down verona and naamah?"
· Jason & Robyn need to morph
· When David runs into the big guys they are not suppose to fight, david is just suppose to back off.
· Our main performance we need to get is Rob's character of David.

Krystina Mae Monday, June 13, 2011 message

Gerald, you are an excellent director, creator and person, you need not to be so hard on yourself. Having read your notes, I felt I needed to say and state that it was a pure joy, and pleasure working for you. I am sure I am not the only one that feels that way. You have much class and spirit and though you may not like all that was done as of right now, this happens on movies and tv so don't throw so much blame on yourself or be so hard on yourself for things that were not your fault. You have been draining yourself too much and it will all work out in the end. I have faith in you and your work. And I will also say, I look forward to working with you in the near future. :)

Rob Tillitz Wednesday, June 15, 2011 email

Just heard back from Bill. He cannot make it this Saturday but could come the following Sat. We talked about flat performances and so forth and he said he felt like the set was cold and not conducive for actors. He suggested there be more time devoted toward rehearsals and warmups, like what he and I did when we did our scene....we went over it several times and then you went into action. Let the actors work through it, get into character for when it's action time. I know I never really felt in character. Although he and I's best take was not recorded when we did a warmup, that's the downside of that.

There are other things that the set did not have, and that is a gaffer putting down tape and marking spots, also someone on scripts. You had your script and would go from actor to actor, but it would have been cleaner to have another person going to each actor in a scene and handing them a script open to the proper page and with their part highlighted, pointing and saying, "here, you will be doing these 3 lines in this scene." As well, someone always on book could have prompted with lines, while you meanwhile watched the actors with a sharp eye so you could direct for the next take.

Part of your talking too much was doing too many jobs that should and could have been delegated. I know, you had a lot to do to prepare, and this hindsight is really just another way of saying we didn't allow enough time to get ready. You're only one guy and there are only 24 hours in a day.

So, in short, from my and Bill's standpoint, the set was not actor friendly. Not necessarily anyone's fault, just the bottom line and something we can take steps to fix.

I am spending 6K on a new air conditioner to be installed this Friday, thus believe we can now cool the room in between takes and that will help. Less talk more acting....oh, and a large pot of coffee maybe. I said I had instant but it was suggested we should have had a regular pot of regular coffee on set.

Okay, just talked to Bill again and he says he'll come up. He didn't feel 100% about his own performance. Thus, Krista Quinn and I could still do it if you want, and I'll get a rehearsal out of it, and who knows what else might pop and framing ideas/issues might become apparent for you.

Rob Tillitz Wednesday, June 15, 2011 12:46 PM email

Oh, and I like looking into Krista Quinn's eyes, though when we did my scene she forgot and started looking down. Can she do it? Would that work? If so, let's ask her to memorize those lines and have her seriously act out that side.

I've been working on lines since mid-afternoon and realized why this thing is so's without a doubt the most complicated blocking I've ever encountered. I mean with the water drinking, and the coughing, and the breathing, and the dirty and clean water, its very complicated. Thus, filming in as short of bursts as possible might simplify it. Pre run-throughs just for blocking sake will help too.

I'm still reeling with all the things going on this week. Full plate. But my priority is to memorize my script front to back and back to front. A big part of my problem too was I didn't know my lines. I am famous for showing up knowing my lines word for word....pride myself on it. Guess because of my executive status I though I could get away with it. Sorry for letting you down partner. We'll do better this time. I think in the rush we forgot some of the basics....know that I did.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 2: Cedar Room Bar in Carmichael, California - Saturday, June 12, 2011.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 2 Gallery

Cedar Room Bar in Carmichael, California - Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brendan Brooks, Meghan Malia Bird, Rob Tillitz, and Debra Adair

Photo by unknown - © 2011 Aria Pictures Cedar Room Bar: Saturday, June 18, 2011: 03:30 hours
the WATERING hole (2011) Production Schedule Day 3.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Schedule Day 3

Day three started at 3:30 AM at the Cedar Room bar. This was at Gerald's request to capture some new takes and missing takes of lines and camera angles that will help the story come together.

There were fewer people at the location which gave them a little more room to work with. And it was much cooler and quieter. There were not many issues, just the agreement or disagreement that the take was good from anyone who spoke up. It was always a greed upon to go ahead and take another one just in case.

Through-out the production there were few times Brendan or Gerald did a play-back of the scene. Most of the time they would capture another one. When they did view the play-back, everyone who could squeeze in wanted to watch it on the twenty-two inch monitor they used for framing, instead of looking at the small two inch screen on the camera. Cedar Room Bar: June 24, 2011
the WATERING hole (2011) Production Schedule Day 3.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Schedule Day 3

Rob Tillitz, William Van Noland, and Ryan McKinney showed up along with others to redo a serious scene between David and Nicor.

Gerald spent hours looking through the video that was captured for the film and he was not happy with what he saw. His unhappiness could have been influenced by several things that happened during production. The way a few of the cast and crew treated him on set as though he was a guest. What he overheard from a few of the cast and crew that it was Rob's movie. Or was he just exhausted by the production schedule and hours? Either way Gerald reacted without taking the time to rest and think clearly by sending out an email of apology.

Gerald exhausted with the production schedule, keeping everyone on the same page, and disappointed with himself not able to make the cast and crew understand the nuances of each character, each scene, and the story. He was not happy with what they captured so far and he blamed himself. He either wanted to start over, which was not an option, or withdraw from the event. Gerald sent an email stating his frustrations and apologized for everything that went wrong.

Gerald Monday, June 27, 2011 5:06 PM email

As we gear up for the last hours of principal photography, I reminisce over the mornings past and the days of post ahead and want to say thank you. This was an unusual situation for me as it did not go as I planned it.

Unusual in the fact that it was my first time being the director on an early production like this. I am usually just camera, audio, lights, or some other job, but not director — the hours did not allow us to get comfortable — Well, I was not comfortable, and it probably showed.

On top of which, it was my first directorial debut with TWO camera's, and although I planned it to be quick and easy, my organization got lost in translation to the crew. Speaking of crew, it was a new crew with the exception of Brendan and Jim whom I have worked with before. So there was that adjustment time.

If I had to put my finger on the area that makes me want to go back in time and do it differently would be the explanation of the story, the blocking, the action, the feelings, the reason we are doing this character first instead of this one, and so on.

I just feel not everyone understood the story, their role, or the concept behind the weird odd script, which includes me, and it all started from me being late to the table read. Had I been there on time I would have put everyone in their respective places and would have one a walk through with blocking and so forth. but as it was, I was late and it put the production on a bad note and I apologize for that — you have no idea.

So what this email is suppose to say is — I hope your experience on the WATERING hole was a joyous and fruitful time for you in meeting other actors, crew, and myself. And that if it were not as favorable as you were wanting or expecting, please understand the circumstances that went into this and do not judge me, or anyone else, so harshly — we really do better work than this. - gerald martin davenport

unknown Monday, June 27, 2011 email

Thanks for having me and don't stress it's a lot to take on and if you're a perfectionist like me it's hard to ever be satisfied with outcomes and it's always easy to look back and see things clearly and want things to be get points for perseverance and sticking it out to the end and it takes a lot as a person to admit mistakes so for that I tip my hat to you :) take care and don't be so hard on yourself!

Brendan Brooks Monday, June 27, 2011 email

Is it that $()#&*% bad? I'm going to follow through but we need you to be upbeat (the director is the leader who we look up to), after reading your e-mail I want to go home and beat the dog! Dude, realize that this is pretty "fly by the seat of your pants" production, we are all having fun, we all have "day Jobs" and families, it's not the end of the world, besides that I thought you did a good job directing, and I asked people how they thought you did and they thought you did a good job, I wouldn't shit you, what's the point in that.

If you want to do a masterful production than you need a budget (bigger the better) and "real" actors, and a DP who Dp's for a living, not some guy with a camera who likes to make movies, who owns his own business and has a family who at times may or may not understand.

No more SELF DEPRECATING emails, Your a kick-ass editor, I'm beginning to think you might be able to direct, but these projects are done by, the most part, by wannabes (myself included) this is the a SACRAMENTO ACCESS CHANNEL contest, not the New York Film School. I'm having fun, and I'm sure everyone else is having a ball. Lighten up don't get too down on yourself — stop apologizing, and *$^# EVERYBODY, if there too serious — this is Sacramento if they were at all serious they'd be in New York or L.A.

My two cents, "B"

Laura Marie Tapia Monday, June 27, 2011 email

Hi Gerald, Your too hard on yourself, it was a great crew, cast and Director. regardless of what you may think.

Sincerely, Laura

Scott Slotterbeck Tuesday, June 28, 2011 email

Personally, I felt things went fine. I heard no grumbling from anyone, not the crew nor the actors. (Maybe you did, but I didn't.) I enjoyed getting some experience running the boom and trying to record sound (I hope that turned out OK). I'm sure with your editing skills, and the good performances of the actors that I witnessed, this project will turn out just fine.


Frank Cosgriff Tuesday, June 28, 2011 email

Just a note on this: you did well on this production, all things considered. What you lacked (and most small productions do) was an AD - you were stretched thin, trying to handle both the logistics and the creative aspect of the shoot. You needed someone else to control the crowd, keep the pace, and help keep everything organized so you could focus on telling the story.

That said, I'm certain you learned a lot through this shoot, and it'll make the next production all the better.

Rob Tillitz Tuesday, June 28, 2011 email

I think I can speak for everyone Gerald, we are all in this because we love it. Actors and filmmakers are a diverse lot, an eclectic mix of personalities to say the least. Some are loud and gregarious, others are quiet and introverted, meantime I've seen my share of eccentrics. But the common thread is everyone in the business of entertaining loves it, and when doing it or thinking about doing it or talking about doing it, they're happy and positive and excited.

Thus, you're talking like there was something wrong is foreign, and just plain crap. There were good moments, and great moments, but no bad ones. The planning was good, and in some instances excellent, and a few times impeccable. There has been nothing bad happen....not mistakes made....and for God Sakes no one to blame.

Onward and upward, we have a water scene to film, less than 48 hours to do so, and need to make sure we hit this one out of the park. Let me and the rest of us know what you need and want, we're here for you, and willing to work.


Hmmm, this has all of a sudden gotten very complicated when it should be getting easier. We need to choose one direction and work out the details to getting there. You said you had video of a full moon, and I assume you plan to a cut to that in order to show a light source, and to me the light source is the largest problem you raise. I say we forget the moon, and cut to a rising sun, and make this an early morning scene which would allow for us to use more light and thereby get the story told better and in less time. Shoot it under whatever lights it takes, then decide what light source you will cut too later: Rising sun, full moon, a floodlight on a nearby power pole, whatever it takes to sell it.

Stay with the hand dragging my ankle/leg, that is my suggestion, then we work out details from that premise.


After getting a talking to by most of the people that were comfortable doing so, Gerald came out of his self-indulging pitty and realized that you cannot control everything all the time. He knew everyone was right, and he needed to get up and make the best of what everyone spent some much time doing. He was focused on making his story that he got tunnel vision when anyone added their own creativity to it.

Gerald Wednesday, June 29, 2011 journal

I spent so much time with this story. It came from my imagination. I have a vision for what it should be. I realized that my first few productions I had more control. You have to learn how to deal with change and lack of control even though I know being prepared is best, it does not happen that way all the time. And when you share something with others and you ask them to help you make it come to life, it may not be exactly the way you want it to be. But that does not make it a bad thing.

I have to learn to adapt and go with the flow once in a while. I pride myself on being prepared and organized, and the days, or mornings, on the WATERING hole, I did not feel that organization. It reflected on my professionalism what others thought about being on a film set with me. Folsom Lake: Wednesday, June 29, 2011: 19:00 hours

Rob Tillitz contacted the Folsom Lake State Park to ask about using a private spot on the lake for a four-hour block of time for an independant film. They wanted to know what kind of film, how many people, and what was going to be captured. The State Park granted Rob Tillitz a Film permit and a spot on the lake after Rob explained that he and others were making a movie for Access Sacramento's film festival. All they were capturing with twelve people was a person coming out of the water. No fireworks, no gun play, no weapons, no crowds, and no car chases.

The evening was a little warm, but began to cool off as the sun went down. The location was not easy to find as the road to it winded through the sand, brush, and tress that are usually underwater during the winter. Everyone found it by following the lights in front of them.

Gerald, having a better mood and a positive outlook, acted out the action in the water to show Rob Tillitz that he wanted him to be splashing, panicky, and slowly crawl up to the shore. trying to catch his breath before Nicor pulls him back into and under the water. This was also for Brendan's and the crew's eye and ears as well to know what to capture.

Gerald shows Rob Tillitz and the crew what he is looking for by acting it out.

Gerald Martin Davenport & Rob Tillitz on the set of the the WATERING hole (2011).

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 5 Gallery 1

Folsom Lake in California - Sunday, June 29, 2011

Brendan Brooks, Meghan Malia Bird, Rob Tillitz, and Debra Adair

Photo by unknown - © 2011 Aria Pictures

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 5: Folsom Lake in California - Donna Faith - Sunday, June 29, 2011.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 5 Gallery 2 - Donna Faith Fultineer

Folsom Lake in California - Sunday, June 29, 2011

Rob Tillitz, Antonio Mears, and Gerald Martin Davenport

Photo by Donna Faith Fultineer - © 2011 Aria Pictures

3.5.2 Additional Photography Rob Tillitz Pool: Friday, July 19, 2011
Rob Tillitz Friday, July 19, 2011 email

I did the hand in the pool tonight and am sending via I know it's slow but I didn't know how else to do it. I went with just lantern light and you could hardly see my hand. Can send you that file if you would rather work with that. So ended up bringing out a drop light. You should be able to get something from this (if you are so inclined!). You should get it in 45 minutes or so. Oh, and does it come HD like this?

3.6 Post-Production

Gerald began assembling the WATERING hole after the first morning's production so he could get it done as soon as he could because he was also working on Judith Plank's BUDDIES film also for A place called Sacramento. He is being pulled in many directions; however the nice thing about being prepared and organized is he does not send the WATERING hole info to the BUDDIES cast and crew, or vice versa. Gerald also begins assembling a production team for Petite Chardonnay film during this time. Gerald, Brendan, Jim, and others are now spread between three different productions at the same time.

Editing for the WATERING hole goes much smoother now that Gerald has a new outlook and focus, thanks to everyone who put him back on track.

3.6.1 The Ending

The only hurdle to the story is the ending. Jim Heck, Brendan Brooks, Rob Tillitz, and Gerald have different views and ideas of why the ending should be what they suggest.

Jim Heck Wednesday, July 13, 2011 email

Hope it's alright if I give a suggestion about the ending of TWH. If I'm off base here please let me know.

As your well aware, a lot of movies are made with multiple endings. Hopefully when the movie is released the best one is picked that will stir the audience. I understand some are held or not made until the societal conditions are right for the story. I'm guessing there are a lot of factors that go into the final selection. Timing, targeted audience, current events, mood of the country, etc. And its really an art to know when things are just 'right' for the release.

Right now we are in a time where a lot of families are 'underwater' and drowning in their mortgages and other debt. Each day we here about someone loosing their house, their job, their wages garnished, etc. We are overwhelmed with 'drowning' news. Once in awhile we hear of someone saving their house or finally getting that job and we feel good about it.

I'm not sure if David's drowning is a metaphor for whats going on in today's society (we all feel like were drowning) but it seems that way to me. Considering this- What if David didn't drown?? -- he survived!

The last scene he's lying in the water alive next to the plate, coughing. Multi colored lights are are flashing on his face from a distant (unseen) rescue vehicle as the camera zooms out perhaps past a broken sign or a run over sign warning of the 'Danger of the Sacramento river levee'? Or something to that effect.

Of course I could be 180 degrees out and reading this all wrong. Just because I'd like to see David survive this near death experience it would be best if David does drown?? Just a thought.


Gerald Wednesday, July 13, 2011 email

Jim, you are not 180 degrees way off. The original story had david getting away from the red-sleeved arm, and standing there dripping wet trying to catch his breath he says, "I need a drink."

Rob Tillitz came along and said, the riddle6, and it is a riddle, a very confusing and complex riddle, but nonetheless, a riddle indeed, needs an ending. The simplest way to end it and explain to the audience without a lot of rigmarole, David is taken under by Nicor. End of story. Come up with your own conclusions, reasons, and explanations.

I do agree about the connotations that 'drowning' invokes. Brendan actually had the same thoughts and feelings as you do7, and I sway back and forth now and then. But I see the easiest and simplified way to put an end to the movie is "It's David's time to go."

Why? it is the easiest way to end the movie. Since I have two more coming down the pipe this year, and the deadline for two of them is the first week of September.

Bad reason? Probably.

Will it hurt the story by not giving it more options? Possible.

Do I just want it over with? YES!

My thoughts are that if we try and change the end when we already have the foreshadowing, on top of which, do we really think we are going to get any better performance out of the cast? Which we have to go and redo some of our redo's. Do we all have that time just to make a positive statement when in the long run, it really will not make any difference. I just want this one over with.

It's a roller coaster of a performance and emotions: David is confused then confident. He is surprised then blank. He is never scared, he cries, then he is tough. Why compound the problems with a different ending? ALTHOUGH a very good one, and one I would rather do.

Brendan Brooks Wednesday, July 13, 2011 email

Jim put it much more eloquently than I could, and everybody who I have had read it thinks he should live as well — much the way Jim put it with all that societal crap. I don't give a $*@# how YOU end it, I'm just happy to be a part of it. I totally agree with getting close ups of Rob coming out of the water and I'm pissed that we didn't get those shots, maybe we could do those somewhere else since they are going to be close ups. Peace my brother, keep your head up talk to you later, "B"

Rob Tillitz Sunday, July 17, 2011 email

I don't know what's wrong with me. Have myself spread too thin maybe. Whatever, cannot seem to make creative decisions very well. However, today I watched Harry Potter and saw how they several times brought several different heroes back to life and how good it felt. Made me think about recent discussions we've had about the ending, and how maybe everyone else but me is right! ;-)R

3.6.2 Visual Effects

Devaughn Keys came on board the film with a promise of some money to pay for his time, although Access Sacramento's rules and spirit of the contest was that everyone was a volunteer. There were things you did have to pay for, but for the most part it was all no pay. But Gerald looked the other way when Rob hired Devaughn for the visual effects of the girls coming out of the watery wall, which is what was decided on by Gerald and Rob. Rob Tillitz in the beginning wanted to have water-snakes and other complicated effects — Rob just watched Snakes on a Plane.

Rob Tillitz Sunday, July 17, 2011 email

I got a call from Devaughn today...he was returning a message I left a week ago but have talked to him since....and he said he was waiting for more clips from you? Also, that he sent you the "out of the wall" finished product and was waiting to have you say that was okay or tell him what it needed?

Is there a chance (an easy way to share) I could take a peek at the out of the wall stuff? Is there a link you can send?


Gerald was not impressed with the visual effects that Devaughn sent. “I could have done a dissolve from the wall in final cut. Done that many, many times, and in less time that he took. And the morph. Eek. Think I am going to take my name off of this and use a pseudonym like Maynard L. Walkaberry. This thing has been cursed from the beginning when I wrote it. This is not THE GOLdEN TREE.

Brendan Brooks Wednesday, July 20, 2011 email

Well that sucks. Chalk it up to a learning experience? What happened to shooting with Rob this weekend? Alright $*#& it onto buddies. I don't know how we are going to get all the shots for that one either, but we'll give it a go.

TIME, I think people don't understand how time consuming doing these things are. I think they think it's a ten minute short so it should only take a couple hours to do. When we did the dorados chocolates (I have the 60 second commercial as well) commercial down in L.A. it took two full days with a paid crew. It cost $5000.00, and we had people who do this for a living as Director, camera operators, gaffers, set designer, etc. And all the audio was music he put in later.

What we are dealing with here are weekend warriors who think they know what it takes. I don't want to bash these people because I think they are all doing the best we can, and they are good people. So what you have then is the same scenario that happens at all these sacramento 10X10, 48 hour, sac access. You have ten films, 1 stands out above the rest, 2 or 3 are well put together, and the rest suck. I believe you get really lucky with a kick ass script and some actors that can pull it off (Clerks, napoleon dynamite, ect.) otherwise you got to get your talent from L.A. or find a gem in your own backyard. Let's continue to Kick Ass on Buddies, I'm sure the WATERING hole isn't as bad as you think it is. And let's keep learning.


Gerald believes in Brendan and always has since they worked together for the first time on THE GOLdEN TREE. Gerald trusts Brendan's eye when he sets up a shot. He also trusts his opinions and words of wisdom. Gerald told Rob to have Devaughn do it over and give them what he promised he could deliver or do not pay him and Gerald will do it. Gerald wanted to get the film finished as best that it can be. People are depending on him to deliver including himself. He has in the past turn mediocre material into something watchable. Brendan is correct in saying that it is not as bad as complains about. It is just the entire production that got out of his hands and went into a different direction than he wanted it to go.

3.6.3 Music

Gerald at first thought he would have time and the creativity to write the score for the WATERING hole (2011). As the days passed during production, his joy, excitement, and enthusiasm for the film lessened which drained his creativity. But more importantly, he had no time as he was working on BUDDIES for Judith Plank, and beginning the production process for Petite Chardonnay.

Gerald wrote and played music with a Musician Friend since the 90s whose sound “Was impeccably dreamy and perfect. A clone of Eddie VanHalen. His lead guitar work was super thick icing on top of the cake.” The two of them were working on an album project when the Musician Friend had to quit and moved away. Gerald had to find others to help him finish the album project, but it was never the same without the Musician Friend, and he gave up on it. Gerald wanted a new way to get the Musician Friend back into writing music in the 2000s. They discuss doing videos, but it never came to fruition.

When Gerald did Paint 2006, he tried doing the music himself and with his son, Aria, but editing took more out of his creativity than he expected. Also the Musician Friend was living more than two hours away. Eleven Minutes Late was a student project. Detective A, Treasure Chest of South Sacramento, and An Ignoble Caper were not Gerald's to choose who did the music. When Gerald made THE GOLdEN TREE in 2010, he was looking for someone with experience doing music for film. He did think about the Musician Friend and mentioned the project to him to see if the Musician Friend was interested.

When the WATERING hole (2011) was selected, Gerald thought he would give the Musician Friend another chance and sent the screenplay to him asking if he had time and would be interested in doing music for the WATERING hole (2011).

Friday, June 3, 2011 message
10:24:28 AM Musician Friend: I'm sorry Gerry, I have a gig tomorrow. :^/
10:24:46 AM Gerald: That is cool. Where?
10:25:57 AM Musician Friend: I need a couple days notice if possible. I might be able to make it another time.
10:26:58 AM Gerald: Have you been reading the screenplay and getting an idea about what to create?
10:35:45 AM Gerald: and SEND ME a BIO, INDFO and head shot for the website
10:36:47 AM Musician Friend: I don't have any of that right now.
10:37:29 AM Gerald: well, write about yourself in the third person.
10:37:56 AM Musician Friend: I'm sorry, what's the "third person"?
10:37:57 AM Gerald: Musician Friend has been playing music since.... his appreciation for ... you know that kind of thing, make it good, real, and positive
10:38:30 AM Musician Friend: how much time do I have to do that in?
10:41:12 AM Musician Friend: No, I have met a very nice lady who supports what I am about!
10:41:42 AM Musician Friend: And what I have a passion for
10:41:50 AM Gerald: ABOUT TIME and I knew it would happen
10:45:45 AM Musician Friend: you sent me an email, so I will check it out

Gerald was excited about finally being able to showcase the Musician Friend's musical talents to more people than those that get drunk at a bar listening to music not knowing or caring who the band or musicians are.

Friday, June 3, 2011 message
9:38:18 AM Musician Friend: That's pretty cool there pardoner!
9:38:36 AM Gerald: Well, we hope so and it gets put into an interesting movie
9:38:46 AM Gerald: With eerie and awesome music from this guy i know
9:38:57 AM Gerald: you may have heard of him
9:39:18 AM Gerald: some Musician Friend guy.
9:39:46 AM Musician Friend: have not heard of em
9:39:58 AM Musician Friend: does he play cowboy music?
9:40:08 AM Gerald: really. Nice guy, great musician
9:40:26 AM Musician Friend: there ya go!
9:40:28 AM Gerald: Awesome guitarist.
9:40:36 AM Musician Friend: really?
9:40:39 AM Gerald: But he sucks at brain surgery
9:42:02 AM Gerald: We need one more morning of production, and as soon as I can, maybe three weeks or more, get you a picture lock to get started on music, so the timing is impeccable.
9:42:47 AM Musician Friend: cool!
9:43:19 AM Gerald: I KNOW, it's going to be... the music is the icing on the cake, it is what finishes the movie and puts it together and adds the emotion
9:44:17 AM Musician Friend: we'll see how it goes
9:44:46 AM Musician Friend: so you want dreamy stuff or western, experimental, ???
9:45:53 AM Gerald: all of it
9:46:38 AM Musician Friend: whatever fits the BIG screen..
9:46:54 AM Gerald: think more like WEIRD!!!!
9:46:57 AM Gerald: eerie
9:47:31 AM Musician Friend: ok
9:56:50 AM Musician Friend: I hope my keyboard is up to par for this along with my Fractal Axe Fx unit, I should be able to do the world next door, lol!
9:57:37 AM Gerald: i was thinking some guitar effects like tones and feedback sounds, under water type of weird stuff
9:57:59 AM Musician Friend: I have some under water effects
10:04:41 AM Musician Friend: great, if I have something to watch, I can come up with something.
10:04:48 AM Gerald: i know that...
10:05:47 AM Musician Friend: so about how long do you think the movie is going to be?
10:09:12 AM Gerald: 10-minutes. Projection at the crest theater on October 2, 2011
10:09:28 AM Gerald: need to have it turned in by first week of september
10:10:40 AM Musician Friend: should not be a problem
10:20:33 AM Musician Friend: looks like you are getting somewhere finally!

On Friday, June 24, 2011, Gerald received an email from the Musician Friend who was panicing that he was missing something. Gerald had to explain the production process to him again and calm him down. and let him know that he was the one he wanted to do the music for the WATERING hole (2011). “I promised it to you. You promised you to me. You are just a little paranoid, and I am sorry about that. keep your cool. All is fine. You just have to let me do my job so I can get it to you so you can do yours. ”

On Monday, June 27, 2011, Gerald received messages from the Musician Friend letting Gerald know that he does not sleep well which makes him get confused and irritable causing him to go into panic attacks. The Musician Friend also complains about the lack of jobs in the area, and the way people take advantage of him when he works on their equipment. Mostly other musicians who want him to play for them, but never pay him for his time and effort. Gerald tells the Musician Friend, “just be happy doing what you are doing, and make whatever it is you are doing, the best it can be. And be proud of it.”

On Wednesday, July 27, 2011 2:55pm, the Musician Friend sent Gerald a message that he and his father were having some health issues. He told Gerald he should use the composer he used last year for THE GOLDdEN TREE. And he mentions that he had to sell a lot of gear that he would need to do the music. “I think I am through this time for good. Good luck! ” [*1*]

On Friday, July 29, 2011, Gerald receives an unexpected link from the Musician Friend for music for the the WATERING hole (2011). Gerald should have told him that he (the Musician Friend) already quit, but Gerald was too excited to have the Musician Friend back on the project.

Friday, July 29, 2011 message
10:35:56 AM Gerald: Pretty darn good, for a first take, yeah, pretty close to what I was thinking of
10:36:42 AM Gerald: with some fine tuning and stuff, it will get better, but that wasn't the cut to do the final score with... but great so far...
10:36:48 AM Musician Friend: even added a little room ambience to the voices
10:37:01 AM Gerald: nice and freaky
10:37:17 AM Gerald: So, are you back on? You have time now? Better frame of mind? Or you just need something to pass the day with?
10:37:23 AM Musician Friend: don't want too much going on, just a mood set
10:49:18 AM Musician Friend: so am I on the right track with this, so far?
10:49:50 AM Gerald: oh yes... erie, wateryish
10:50:04 AM Musician Friend: listen to it a few times when you have time and let me know any ideas/suggestions that you may have.
10:52:09 AM Musician Friend: when her eyes lit up, I wanted to get a scary sound
10:52:25 AM Musician Friend: that should be more intense
10:55:50 AM Musician Friend: the end (my part) went from intense to ahhhh, because the time ran out, so it needs work.
10:56:06 AM Gerald: but it is a great, really great start
10:56:10 AM Musician Friend: well its ideas as you go
10:57:43 AM Musician Friend: The band thing is not working for me, so maybe I should look at doing this kind of gig.
10:58:32 AM Gerald: that's why we are giving it a try... learn, love, laugh, experience, do it or sit in the chair and wit to die
11:01:37 AM Musician Friend: I always wanted to do soundtrack/jingle stuff and write, but these people here just want me to make them look good, then take all the credit. My only high is maybe I complemented someone and the music overall came together. sounds like an eargasm or something.

Gerald had already done what the Musician Friend told him to do, he contacted Danny Gray the composer for the music on THE GOLdEN TREE. When someone says they cannot do it and to find someone else, it is time to find someone else. Gerald toyed with the idea of two composers like he was for THE GOLdEN TREE. He could use the Musician Friend's music at certain times to at least get his music and talents in a film for people to hear.

Danny Gray Friday, July 29, 2011 2:55pm message

Hey - this looks like a lot of fun. The creepy twilight-zone quality is the sort of thing I naturally gravitate toward, and I think I could give you something you'd be really happy with.

I do have to mention, that one of the nice things thats developed for me this year has been the chance to work with a NY-based music production library, 4 Elements Music, as a staff composer. We provide a lot of the music used on major news shows such as 20/20, PrimeTime, and Good Morning America, and even though its freelance work it keeps me pretty busy. So what this really means is, I've had to give up working on non-paying projects, simply because as fun as they can be, they force me to turn down the paying freelance work I would otherwise be doing.

Which is not to say that I'm expecting you to blow your budget on music! But if arranging a small composer fee is not a deterrent for you, I'd be more than happy to discuss and negotiate what you feel is appropriate. As I said, I'd love to work on this for you and I had a great time on your last film, I just need to know that I can affordably give it the time it deserves. - Danny

Musician Friend Tuesday, August 9, 2011 email

I want it to be pretty good before anyone really hears it, get out any snags etc. I appreciate any suggestions possible since this is really the first time doing such a composition. When I do the sounds, I do not see the video anymore as I record the voice tracks and listen as close as I can as if it were an "Old time radio show" which makes the imagination think more and envision the events, hopefully it sinks up with the event of the moment.

Rob Tillitz Wednesday, August 10, 2011 8:24am email

I played the music the Musician Friend sent you (titled "Watering Hole 2a mp3-2.mp3") along with "The Watering Hole" movie and was not impressed. I assume the music is meant to be the score as the download .mp3 attachment to the email he sent ran the exact same length as the movie. It contained the audio from the movie (people talking, me coughing, etc.). I was able to sync it to the movie and turn the movie volume down. It just seemed to me like he took one spooky-sounding sequence and looped it over and over and it really coincided with nothing.

Gerald Wednesday, August 10, 2011 8:27am email

TO Rob: It is a work in progress. We are building it.

Gerald Wednesday, August 10, 2011 8:54am email

TO Musician Friend: okay. I have been thinking about what the producer wrote, and what I want. And I like what you have been doing. It may sound like the same chords or passages over and over, but that is the base. The majority of movie is under water, so why shouldn't the music basically be that same similar track underneath with a few added stings, themes, and interludes throughout to give it some texture?

Keep doing what you are doing. build on it. I forgot he also sees those emails sent to the watering hole address. just never thought he's listen to it the right way and add it to the video.

Rob Tillitz Wednesday, August 10, 2011 9:03am email

Wish we had the guy from THE GOLdEN TREE. I liked what he did A LOT!

Gerald Wednesday, August 10, 2011 3:31pm email

TO Musician Friend: I really like what you did for the intro, but maybe lower in octave. really deep.

2:29;00 when the girls show up to help him, maybe add a sting, a special sound, so when ever we see these girls again, it's their little them, instrument, or sound. Call it theme Y.

at 2:00;00 the music stops. keep it going with some sort of sound. don't forget you can add low rumbles o percussion... be creative. let go.

again at 2:35;00 the music stops. if you have to, record a foundation track that runs through the whole movie so there is at least some sound.

2:49:00 - 2:58;00 when he drinks the second glass of water and we dissolve from image to image. get crazy. maybe a falling tumble with plucked strings off the neck. echo reverb, not sure what I am trying to explain. just something to break up the underlying sound.

03:24:00-ish AREA {LOVE THAT STING!!!! CALL IT "THEME S" after he says "in the stock market."] chilling. something like that for theme Y, and when he's drinking, but different. make them each slightly different.

WHAT YOU DO FROM 3:43:00 - 3:50:00 area. the in and out of sound, I like that, the sound and quiet together, so i guess, adjust your base track to have some silent moments. builds tensions. but I like the way it is done here, sounds like for a reason, the others above just sounded like the music stopped and the musician fell asleep.

at 03:57:00 "it's later than you think" give me a discording sting of sorts.

04:04:00 area, when he picks up the glass of dirty water insert another discomforting sting or two.

from them on, it is good other than the music stops too often. maybe slower chords let them ring and decay. but I like the silent spots too, just have something under them so not too silent.

GREAT STUFF up to 08:12:00 [use what you have as a base and build on it. keep in mind dynamics though, sounds great, fantastic start]

at 08:12:00 when we see nicor looking at the weeping woman, we need another slight change a sad, inner battle with in him. =end it when she dissolves away. at roughly 08:30;00

LOVE THE BUILD UP AND SUSPENSE at the end as bill tells him to keep swimming.

but when he comes out of the water hit a note and let that fade. [almost like you have but you hit another note and it should be silent there. I want silence until 09:11;00 when nicor's hand grabs david THEN put in an ugly, loud, sharp, sting [scare the bejesus out of people] and make it busy until 9:14:00 when the music is the base track and slow.

keep the ending music going and add a few changes when the moon comes up, the hat, and let it all fade away by about 09:53:00

then the craziest sting, scariest, obnoxious, disturbing HIT you can conjure up at 09:56:00 and let that fade away.

again, sounds great so far, just build on it. make some stings at certain points, but try not to make it obvious, some of them, YES, make obvious, but others I like the flow you have.

On Tuesday, August 16, 2011, the Musician Friend messaged Gerald that he is trying to get things done but his old computer not being able to handle the workload, and not being able to afford a new one.

Richard Altenbach Tuesday, August 16, 2011 email

Dear Petite Chardonnay,

I am composer Richard Altenbach (Grass Valley/Hollywood) responding to your call for crew to work on your project. Do you need original music for your film? I have recently composed music for a travelogue episode featuring Sonoma city. The music is available to be licensed through me, or I could compose to suit.

Gerald visited the links that Richard sent of his music, and it was absolutely beautiful, but way over the top for this little film.

Late Tuesday, August 16, 2011, Gerald received an email from Musician Friend saying how upset he is about his computer locking up on him when he needs to record and after it does record. He apologizes for not being up to par with better computers and struggling to survive, and the computer is testing his final patients. He does end with he will see if there is something else that he can do to make it better, and he will continue to try. Please bear with him.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 message
9:27:40 AM Musician Friend: Hey, trying to get things working. I have had to delete some programs that I think were freezing things up. Whats up?
9:28:40 AM Gerald: you heard of Richard Altenbeck
9:30:45 AM Musician Friend: no, who is he?
9:31:05 AM Gerald: just wondered if you knew him. some musician
9:32:08 AM Gerald: A local guy saw a notice for actors for a movie and sent his music bio
9:32:18 AM Gerald: I never said I was looking for music
9:32:49 AM Gerald: just wondered if you knew him or knew of him
9:34:13 AM Musician Friend: Yea, he composes for movies
9:35:02 AM Musician Friend: So what are you saying here?
9:35:54 AM Gerald: On 9:32 AM Gerald Wrote: A local guy saw a notice for actors for a movie and sent his music bio
9:36:30 AM Gerald: I am not looking for music. I am looking for actors.
9:37:18 AM Gerald: People do that, they do not read. They assume. The notice even says we have a director and an editor. But I get requests from people wanting to be those.
9:38:08 AM Gerald: just wondered if you knew him.
9:38:27 AM Musician Friend: Well he definitely has more credentials than I do, and probably has enough backing behind him to get the job done, so if you are thinking about using him, let me know now and I will move on
9:39:04 AM Gerald: where the heck does this come from?
9:39:25 AM Gerald: did you not read what I wrote?
9:40:23 AM Musician Friend: What do you think? When you send me something like this and because I am having computer issues, what am I to think, what timing, we know you have a deadline, and last time you went with someone else before talking to me, that's where this coming from.
9:41:04 AM Gerald: you said you were not sure if you could commit to the project.
9:41:22 AM Gerald: i was asking if you know the guy
9:41:32 AM Gerald: who cares if he's a musician? he could have been a mechanic
9:43:03 AM Musician Friend: It's happened before.
9:41:22 AM Gerald: it only happened because you were wishy washy about it and I needed a commitment.
9:43:03 AM Musician Friend: So maybe you should. go with Richard, my computer is giving me lots of headaches and I don't want to hold you up
9:43:09 AM Musician Friend: now probably would be a good time to do so, if that's what you want
9:43:36 AM Gerald: do i have to walk on eggs around you?
9:44:51 AM Musician Friend: Point being, he sent you a notice or is promoting his compositions, and has his act together. I am struggling as I always have, and always end up not getting the job. He probably has money in the bank, where I am selling off gear to survive. I am not sure that I am right for your movie
9:45:00 AM Gerald: And there it is again, the same thing you did last time. You have a low self-esteem. All I was doing was talking about people sending me things when I wasn't looking for them
9:45:32 AM Gerald: and he happened to be a composer.
9:45:46 AM Gerald: the next guy I was going to mention was Michael Rainwright.
9:45:49 AM Gerald: he's local.
9:45:54 AM Gerald: but wants to be a director.
9:46:01 AM Gerald: he also sent me his info
9:46:03 AM Musician Friend: well there you go, good luck![*2*]
9:46:06 AM Gerald: I don't need a director and I do not need music. I thought you were doing it?
Musician Friend Wednesday, August 17, 2011 10:14am email

It is just really strange that all the sudden when I am struggling with my computer this guy just sends you an email wanting to do music. How convenient. I really think you don't believe I will come though for you in time for your deadline, and are looking for some one that will, which is understandable, and I would much rather hear that then for you to ask if I know this person or that person and end up being replaced after all the work I have put into it already!

I don't appreciate being in the middle of something and have to compete with these people when I cannot even think to compete with someone of his/her caliber, not mention his experience, and a known name would be better than an No name like me right? SO if that is what you want to do, that is fine, just say so. This has happened before, I get replaced because of what ever and I am tired of it. So maybe it's time to say good bye.[*3*]

Gerald makes a decision to find another composer to have just in case the Musician Friend does not deliver. When he does deliver, he will find some place to put it. Not the best situation to be in with a long-time friend. “At this point in the process, I think I have put too much pressure on Musician Friend who thinks he needs to deliver a masterpiece. I cannot sit here and hope that he delivers. I need to have music for the film. I do feel sad he is having issues, but I cannot help him when he is more than two hours away.”

Gerald Wednesday, August 17, 2011 email

TO Musician Friend:
>> It is just really strange that all the sudden when I am struggling with my computer this guy just sends you an email wanting to do music.
Strange and all of a sudden? Excuse me, I get these weekly. There is nothing strange about it. He lives in the area and I wondered if maybe Musician Friend knew him. And he was asking about doing music for Petite Chardonnay not the WATERING hole.

I am not a go-around-your-back type of guy. You should know me by now, I am not that kind of person. If I have a problem with you, you will know from me, not from someone else, the newspaper, or see it on tv.

I am sorry and feel sad you are in dire needs with health, computer, life, work, and everything. I was trying to give you some hope, some positivity, and to get you back into your passion by bringing you on this project. You need to get some self-confidence and stop sulking in a corner. You take things way to literal. Too personal. And take it as though it is a reflection of you.

I am wondering if this is your way to tell me you cannot hack it. You are afraid of success and you want to give up. I have in NO way ever have felt, said, or even given you any sign of me wanting to replacing you. You manifest these ideas, thoughts, and images in your own mind. Why would I put your name on the poster, the website, the film's IMDb profile, and the credits in the movie, if I were going to replace you? It's not that easy to change a name on several of those things and I do not have time to do that, nor is it what I want to do.

if you actually will read this and soak it in to your thick skull. I AM NOT looking for those kinds of people.

>> This has happened before, I get replaced because of what ever and I am tired of it.

Well, I was hoping you would have remembered our history. I have never replaced you. I always gave you respect and praised you, your talents, skills, and your creativity. But to be lumped into a group of people that has treated you otherwise, makes me feel really bad. I am NOT one of those jerks that takes advantage of you then tosses you aside. If you cannot see that or did not know that, I do not know what to tell you. I cannot hold you hand all the time. I am and always have tried to give you a RESPECTABLE and POSITIVE avenue, venue, path for you and your musical career. I really do not need to have to worry about what I say or talk about with you.

I was going to surprise you and give you some money out of the producers budget when the music was finished as a thank you and a surprise.

Build up your self esteem man. I am not here to kick you, make you feel bad about yourself, and point fingers. I do not have time to play games or babysit.

I was excited and proud to bring you aboard. Please get over your PLOM disease [poor little o me] and realize: I have always been there and tried to help you pick yourself up off the ground. I am not perfect, but I have always been someone you can count on and have taken the time to listen to you. And for you to toss me into the group of jerks you complain about, is not right. it's just not right.

Do not feel guilty, embarrassed, or anything around me. Except love, happiness, and friendship. We have known each other too long to be shy.

Musician Friend Wednesday, August 17, 2011 4:04pm email

Ok, well I will continue to do what I can and go from here if your are in agreement. I am trying to figure out how to track better, with my dummy track and record the new tracks beside it etc for a clean recording of each track for final mixing. I think my computer is somewhat stable for the time being, and I hope I can finish this without anymore issues. Sorry, have a lot going on here. Talk soon.

Gerald Wednesday, August 17, 2011 email

TO Musician Friend: I was going to surprise you and give you some money out of the producers budget when the music was finished as a thank you and a surprise.

Build up your self esteem man. I am not here to kick you, make you feel bad about yourself, and point fingers. I do not have time to play games or babysit.

I was excited and proud to bring you aboard. Please get over your PLOM disease [poor little o me] and realize: I have always been there and tried to help you pick yourself up off the ground. I am not perfect, but I have always been someone you can count on and have taken the time to listen to you. And for you to toss me into the group of jerks you complain about, is not right. it's just not right.

Do not feel guilty, embarrassed, or anything around me. Except love, happiness, and friendship. We have known each other too long to be shy.

Musician Friend Wednesday, August 17, 2011 4:17pm email

Ok, thanks. I am tired of feeling guilty here, just want to make something good happen, with all the frustrations, It's not hard wanting to throw in the towel. So appreciate your understanding. I will keep working on this!

Gerald Wednesday, August 17, 2011 2:49pm email

TO Mikail Graham: The only caveat so far is the deadline for music is Friday, August 26.

Mikail Graham Thursday, August 18, 2011 8:34am email

Hi Gerald, Well yes that is one heck of a caveat. Interesting film, nice idea, could be fun. So do you have a sense of what kind of tone you are looking for? Ambient - other worldly mixed w/say a Morricone oddness for example? or?

Also is this a pro-bono project at this point or? At this point in time are you looking for just a temp work score here & there? or something more solid throughout the entire film including the opening and credits? Do you need a sound bite for the motion logo section at the start as well as in the credits?

Please let me know the answers to the above and we'll go from there, however I am not 100% certain I can make your deadline due to my own current schedule, but I am willing to possibly have a look at it.

Mikail Graham
Nevada City, CA 95959

Gerald Thursday, August 18, 2011 email

Mr. Graham. I appreciate your reply and honestly. I was truly amazed and awed that someone of your caliber would be interested in an unknown project.

I do not think Homer Wills explained the project or situation enough for you to understand and make your inquiry.

With some criteria that may interfere with your normal life, I think we should allow you to worry about more important things in your life — this is a volunteer project that is in its final stages and the due date is real soon.

I do appreciate the reply, but let us not cause any more problems than we have.

thank you. God Bless. Gerald.

On Wednesday, August 17, 2011, Gerald sent out a frantic email to Doug Hammer who had just agreed to do the music score Petite Chardonnay. With Doug in his graces, Gerald offered Doug $200 to do some music for the WATERING hole (2011), if he was interested.

Gerald received a reply from Doug Hammer on Wednesday, August 18, 2011, “Sure Gerald! How much music do you need? Do you have a rough cut I could see? ” Gerald sent him the WATERING hole (2011) picture lock, and told him he is still working on coloring and audio. “Doug, I am looking for something ethereal, odd, weird, under water, demonic, and strange. let me know if you can do it, deadline is next friday. have to get it exported. if you really want to do it and have a sound for it, i can send you the music cue sheet.. ”

Doug Hammer says he is game to do it, and he would like a quicktime version to sync it to his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to be more accurate regarding timing of cues.

Gerald tells Doug that the name of the person on the poster, website, and the imdb page as the composer was suppose to do it but is having equipment issues, and he may not complete it. Gerald needs solid answers which is why Doug was asked in a panic. Gerald mentions to Doug that it could be a two composer thing if he does not mind.

With a more confident composer signed on, Gerald's anxiety lessens, but he still has a deadline to meet.

Mikail Graham Thursday, August 18, 2011 8:34am email

Well alrighty then, do keep me in mind if something comes up down the road with more time/backing and we'll go from there.

And FWIW (for what its worth) from me to you - I do think you have something here.

Good luck to you, Mikail Graham

Richard Altenbach Thursday, August 18, 2011 email

Hey Gerald, hope all is well with you.

I remember when we talked at Broad Street Bistro you mentioned your film with the eerie, demonic edge and the drowning scene! Is this the film you are talking about?

Thank you for considering me for the picture. I already have some ideas swimming in my head for the ethereal sounds!

Re: a fee, I have some questions:
1) What is your budget for water fx (and/or music)
2) How many minutes of sounds (music?) total do you require?
3) Do you just need a few short duration water fx, or longer ambient pads?

I am confident I can work within your budget. Thanks!

BTW, will you be needing any music for "Petite Chardonnay?"



Gerald Thursday, August 18, 2011 email

Richard what would be a fair price for you to do some ethereal, weird, underwater types sounds for a 10 minute weird movie?

On Monday, August 22, 2011, Doug Hammer sent Gerald an email that included an AIFF file for Gerald to review to let Doug if he is going in the right direction with the music. Doug mentions that he is having fun working on the project.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2011, Musician Friend sent some new clips that sounded good other than a few volume anomalies. Gerald's stress was up and his energy was depleted dealing with three productions, two of which are due for delivery, and all the individual issues and problems with each of them — he should have waited to send the email.

Gerald Wednesday, August 24, 2011 7:21am email

TO Musician Friend: Hey hey. yeah, got it. Sorry so busy with new movie and the others, it is crunch time. They moved the time up for delivery or i miss read it, and now I am struggling behind.

I hear it and the dialog is still there, but yeah, i hear the ups and downs on the volumes, a bit od when i first heard it.

I know your struggling with an archaic machine, but it is getting there. At least you are making some noise right?

Musician Friend Wednesday, August 24, 2011 email

Hey Gerald, You don't sound so thrilled with it. If you don't like it that's ok. I am pretty frustrated with it myself. My computer is crap and it's taken all my inspiration out, especially when I cant even mix anything. I can try to remixing the jumpy spots at a slightly less volume so it sounds more even. But without a way to sync the video to what I am putting down, I don't know if it syncs up or not.

The music itself may not even fit. Be honest with me, maybe your best to have someone that has the right stuff do it. I have spent literally days/nights fighting with this computer to the point I don't like what I did anymore. So if you tell me now yes/no or just try to remix a little better, that's fine. I really wish I had better tools.

I am getting pressure from my folks to get some other things done around here as they don't understand what I am trying to do. My creative juices are drying up if there was any in the first place. Sorry If I wasted your time with this noise.[*4*]

Gerald Wednesday, August 24, 2011 9:04am email

TO Musician Friend: No not. Not wasting. I just sense that you are not able to do your best work. I feel bad by putting so much pressure on you. I never meant to put you in a situation where it stresses our friendship.

You have been and always will be my first choice at music, it is warm and inviting, but the timing and your situation is putting a strain on you, and I can sense it in your emails and music. like you are rushing and you are not able to put your best work down.

It has nothing to do with your talent, you have it baby you have it, do not give up on you now. Let us just step back and reassess the situation.

If you are not the music guy on this, it is NOT the end of the world. Ha ha 2012. There will be MANY MANY other times, trust me. I plan on doing this for a living and maybe the Lord has plans for the two of us down the road when I can pay you and set us up with a great studio, a house, and great pay. Trust me, that is what I want too. Oh my gosh to have some of those worries gone.

what you have done so far solidifies my truths that you have talent, but you tend to get side tracked and frustrated, not that you do not have the right or the reasons right now, but putting yourself in that mood, for that matter or ME putting you in that pressure cooker is something friends should not do to friends.

I know you tried. and it was great and almost there. but again you are frustrated, it is not working and the creativity is struggling under those conditions. You deserve better.

Let us step away from this one, it is not the end of the world, it is not. Again, I have many, many other projects in store. I am saddened that I put you through this, yes, I am crying now. and no, please do not feel bad cause I do not want to make you feel worse that you probably already do.

Here's the next project. PAINT. a paintball movie. Going to get it going next year in the fall. It is action packed. And it is a full-length feature. It is yours if you want it. This way you have a head start, a time frame to get your frame of mind together, and for me a much better outlook so not to pressure anyone. And in a year. THINGS WILL GET BETTER! I can feel it in the air. It is weird like that. but I do. And one of my dreams and goals has always been to share the art and soul of you with the world and get you out of that mess. YOUR FRIEND NOW AND FOREVER!!

Gerald Wednesday, August 24, 2011 9:30am email

Hey. I have an idea to try. Instead of trying to get all the pieces synced to where you think they should go all in one music clip, why not separate them into individual clips?

Create the music bed that does not need to be 10 minutes, just give me one to two minutes and I can loop. Create the stings and other mood music individually and tell me the time code the clip should start. Additional_intro.mp3 (this starts at 00:00:02;00 and so forth.

Sure, you will be exporting thirty or more clips, but they are smaller, and you do not have to worry about the timing and being smaller, your computer should not have any issues.

Musician Friend Wednesday, August 24, 2011 email

Thank you Gerry, I don't think we will be doing anything here in the future, Thanks for the chance to try, but by today's standards, being realistic here, I am not in the same league as you are or these other "Composers" and I really don't think it is gong to happen.

I have spent endless hours away from other things that needed my attention hoping I could do this, hoping just maybe this would be a break for me and to have it not work out, which I was concerned about this happening from the beginning.

I tried to be optimistic through all my negative issues and feelings. I have stopped, taken a break from it all and gone back trying to get it right, then with computer problems from the start, did not help. We have tried several times over the years and for me it's always ended up this way, which I am not a rocket scientist or a stupid idiot to know by now if it is not going to work, it never will. Good Luck! I feel pretty much of a failure here, and I have NO interest at all to do anymore! and all the best. [*5*]

The last email gutted Gerald, not because of losing someone to do music for the WATERING hole (2011), but because he lost his good friend to depression, again and there is nothing he can do about it. “I want to be mad at him because at no time was he ever optimistic about himself or the doing the music, but I just feel sad and helpless I could not pull him out of the ditch he is in. I will pray for him to find his positive spirit.”

Doug Hammer Friday, August 26, 2011 email

Cool Gerald! I love what you added. I need to watch it a few times before commenting but overall A+! After one watch. My only comments would be that the underwater to splashing water effect that I did cuts out too soon (placed a hair too early) at 8:51. There is a sliver of silence rather than the crescendoing water effect transitioning into your splash. I think the 9:10 scary effect needs to be as loud as it can possibly be for shock effect.

Those are the nitpicks after one watch. Maybe the music can crescendo and get louder from 8:11 to 8:51. A crescendo over time though. But you are the mixer! Looking good! Can hear all dialog. Lots of things lightened up. Love the water drop sound you added. Love the ferris wheel carnival music you added. Love all the audio elements you added. Very tasteful! More later (but not much more!).

3.6.4 The Journey and Relationships

Gerald Friday, August 26, 2011 email

TO the Cast and Crew of the WATERING hole (2011):
As the WATERING hole (2011) comes to completion on this day, on behalf of the Crew and the Producers, I would like to extend a warm gratitude to you all for being a part of it and making it happen.

I feel the Journey is nearly at its end for the movie, once it is projected at the Crest on October 2, 2011. But our journey, and the relationships we made during the process, will hopefully grow and prosper though the ages.

It has been an interesting excursion we took together — some more than others, and you know who you are — but without everyone's input, presence, and dedication to their craft, talent, and themselves, this would still be a little story on a computer screen.

I look forward to seeing you at the premiere, and do not just come to see the WATERING hole (2011). There are nine other movies, such as, Stalag Sacramento, The Purse [with none other than Dwight Taylor], Borrowed Time, CSI, Sacramento, BUDDIES, Reluctant, The Break Up, The Chozen, and Lucky Shot. This is not the year to miss this event. it will be a grand outing. THANK YOU or your time and talents. God Bless - Gerald Martin Davenport

Krystina Mae Friday, August 26, 2011 email

You have a way of writing such poetry. Very nice, Gerald. It was an honor to contribute even in a small dose. I can honestly say YOU have been a gem and a pleasure to work with. I too look forward to the future. Thank you for putting trust into a 'stranger' that now turned friend. :)

Krystina Mae

Dwight Taylor Friday, August 26, 2011 email

AWESOME. Thanks for having me apart of it. - Dwight Taylor

Scott Slotterbeck Friday, August 26, 2011 email

Congrats! I think I will always remember The Cedar Room at 5:00 in the morning on a toasty summer's night, surrounded by 50 of my best friends and co-workers.

Seriously, it was fun working on another one of your projects. You're a talented and interesting fellow, and I enjoyed talking with you at the park that day between shoots.

Man, you did a great job editing! The best version yet. Super, super, super. Chilling. And spooky. Loved the coyote howl at the end. A really professional job. Congrats! Also, glad the sound turned out fine!

This should wow them on October 2. My hat is off to you!


Shawn Flanagan Friday, August 26, 2011 email

Hi Gerald, Good job!

It was fun, and once it is done you can look back at it and enjoy. Thanks for having me on your crew.

Thanks, Shawn Flanagan

3.7 Access Sacramento Deadline

Ron Cooper Tuesday, August 16, 2011 email

PCS filmmakers. The deadline is rapidly approaching. Here are the guidelines for turning in your final film. Previous years we asked for mini-DVD tape but these tapes and recording devices are now difficult to find. Therefore, these specs may be different and please forward to your editor asap.

Ron Cooper, Access Sacramento
Format requirements:

All final screening copies must contain the following elements for acceptance.

Final prints must be file-based on a DVD format. Please shoot and edit using HD (16X9) formatting.

Here are more specific guidelines to share with your cameraperson and editor. They need this information right from the beginning.

  1. Final Master should be a .mov on DVD.
  2. Format only 1080/60i. Nothing else will be accepted.
  3. Only file-based DVDs (the final product in 1080/60i .mov format) will be accepted.
  4. Nothing recorded in standard definition or DV format and then bumped to 1080/60i after editing. This is not high definition.
  5. Your film should not be recorded in 24p.

To sum up, the only acceptable format will be DVD with a .mov file at 1080/60i codec. No tapes.

Your camera person and editor need to know and accept these specifications to be successful.

Final screening prints must contain one minute of color bars and tone at the head of the tape followed by a slate containing Title of film, name of producer, name of director, and Total running time (TRT) for the film. This time must be exact.

All films must be ten minutes total running time (TRT) or less including all credits. No exceptions will be made. If more than 10 minutes are turned in, we will only play ten minutes at the Crest.

DVDs must be clearly labeled on the case or face with film title, producer and TRT information.

The deadline for turning in the films is Friday, September 2, 2011. Gerald must have forgotten, or thought it would have been the 9th considering that the 3rd was the weekend for Labor Day. Gerald looked into last years deadline and saw that it was also Labor Day Friday. That put extra pressure on Gerald to finish the WATERING hole (2011) and BUDDIES.

3.8 Crew

Directed by

Gerald Martin Davenport
Brendan Brooks … co-director

Writing Credits

Gerald Martin Davenport … (story by) and (screenplay by) &
Rob Tillitz … (additional writing)

Produced by

Rob Tillitz … executive producer
Brendan Brooks … executive producer
Jim Heck … producer
Mark Hoffman … producer

Music by

Doug Hammer

Cinematography by

Brendan Brooks … director of photography

Film Editing by

Gerald Martin Davenport

Casting by

Rob Tillitz

Makeup Department

Laura Marie Tapia … visual effects make-up

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Shawn P. Flanagan … second assistant director
Dwight Taylor … second assistant director

Sound Department

Gerald Martin Davenport … sound editor
Scott Slotterbeck … boom operator / sound recordist
Frank Cosgriff … boom operator / sound recordist
Jim Heck … boom operator / sound recordist

Visual Effects by

DeVaughn Keys … visual effects director & visual effects compositor
Gerald Martin Davenport … digital effects

Camera and Electrical Department

Brendan Brooks … camera operator: "a" camera
Jim Heck … camera operator: "b" camera
Mark Hoffman … camera operator "b" camera
Sean P. Flanagan … first assistant camera
Krystina Mae … second assistant camera
Donna Faith Fultineer … second assistant camera & still photographer
Dwight Taylor … second assistant camera
Shawn P. Flanagan … gaffer / best boy electrical / dolly grip
Scott Slotterbeck … still photographer
Rob Tillitz … still photographer
Don Carlos Sanders … still photographer

Casting Department

Ryan McKinney … casting director
Charla Bybee … audition assistant
Dylan Nelson … audition assistant
Jeffery C. Vanacore … audition assistant
Debra Adair … casting associate
Gary Udell … casting associate
Toni Corbett … casting associate

Location Management

Rob Tillitz … location finder

Music Department

Doug Hammer … composer & performer

Script and Continuity Department

Eleanor Tyler … script supervisor

Transportation Department

Brendan Brooks … driver
Arch's Automotive … transportation maintenance

Additional Crew

Karen Orcutt … craft services
Yinique Myo-Flores … craft services
Krystina Mae … production assistant


Rob Tillitz … location - Cedar Room Bar
Folsom Lake … location - Folsom Lake Recreation Area
Jason Rector … State Park Peace Officer

Production Companies

Aria Pictures (presents)


Aria Pictures (2011) (USA) (theatrical)
Aria Pictures (2012) (USA) (Blu Ray)
Aria Pictures (2011) (USA) (DVD)

Other Companies

IT Factor Studios (audition and casting facilities)
Brendan Brooks (camera, lighting, audio equipment)
Jim Heck (camera equipment)
Mark Hoffman (camera equipment)
Rob Tillitz (camera equipment)
Donna Faith Fultineer (lighting equipment)
Scott Slotterbeck (audio equipment)

3.9 Production Photo Galleries

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 1: Cedar Room Bar in Carmichael, California - Saturday, June 11, 2011.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 1 Gallery

Cedar Room Bar in Carmichael, California - Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rob Tillitz

Photo by unknown - © 2011 Aria Pictures

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 2: Cedar Room Bar in Carmichael, California - Saturday, June 12, 2011.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 2 Gallery

Cedar Room Bar in Carmichael, California - Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brendan Brooks, Meghan Malia Bird, Rob Tillitz, and Debra Adair

Photo by unknown - © 2011 Aria Pictures

Gerald Martin Davenport & Rob Tillitz on the set of the the WATERING hole (2011).

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 5 Gallery 1

Folsom Lake in California - Sunday, June 29, 2011

Gerald Martin Davenport & Rob Tillitz

Photo by unknown - © 2011 Aria Pictures

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 5: Folsom Lake in California - Donna Faith - Sunday, June 29, 2011.

the WATERING hole (2011) Production Day 5 Gallery 2 - Donna Faith Fultineer

Folsom Lake in California - Sunday, June 29, 2011

Rob Tillitz, Antonio Mears, and Gerald Martin Davenport

Photo by Donna Faith Fultineer - © 2011 Aria Pictures

4 Marketing

With Rob Tillitz, Ryan McKinney, and Ryan's IT Factor Studios involved with the WATERING hole (2011), marketing the movie was not an issue, many people knew about it. So much that these same people and more were also attached to the bigger talk of the Sacramento Film Community, Aria Pictures' film Petite Chardonnay which was in pre-production.

4.1 Website

Gerald created an the WATERING hole (2011) Official webpage for the WATERING hole (2011), as he does for all of his films and populated it with info about the film, actors, crew, and teasers.

4.2 Posters

Gerald bounced back and forth from editing the movie to other creative endeavors on the WATERING hole (2011). Looking for pictures to use for the poster, he asked one of the photographers to send him the pictures he has. This photographer told Gerald to get them from the facebook page.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 message
9:25:42 AM Gerald: I was wondering if I could get the pictures on disk. I will reimburse you a disk, two, three, what ever it takes.
9:27:47 AM Photographer: you know alot of them actually all of them are online. look at the page
9:27:56 AM Gerald: those are compressed and smaller
9:28:28 AM Gerald: I need the unfettered, just out of the camera ones
9:28:42 AM Photographer: for what?
9:28:53 AM Photographer: u plan to "edit" my pics?
9:29:01 AM Gerald: that was the plan.
9:29:11 AM Gerald: for posters and marketing
9:29:11 AM Photographer: ohhhh whoaaa
9:29:17 AM Photographer: Photographers hate that
9:29:17 AM Gerald: you signed a contract that said you give me all the pictures and I can do with them as I want.
9:29:47 AM Photographer: you didnt tell me all that ...was an actors contract
9:31:02 AM Gerald: You were given privilege to be on set and take pictures. they are my pictures. Why would I allow you to be on my set to take pictures of my movie and then not give me those pictures? It does not make sense. Thank you for your time. Please delete all pictures of the production you have.

The photographer went on about how he felt he was going to be left out of the credit of the pictures he felt were just his. They are the property of Aria Pictures, Gerald Martin Davenport, the photographer that did the work, and the people in the photographs.

The cast and crew signed a contract agreeing to and understanding that there will be photographers taking pictures on set. These photographs will be used only for marketing the film which includes, but not limited to posters. The photographs will also be posted on Aria Pictures website, the film website, and Aria Pictures social media sites. Once these photographs are posted to a public place, they are now able to be posted and shared by the person in the film to whom ever they choose. No one will post them for sell without the permission of everyone involved.8 The other four photographers on set had no issues.

Gerald made a mental note that he needs to make a more clearly labelled and explained contract for photographers for the next films. For a while Gerald was calling it the "name of the photographer clause." Gerald mentioned this to Rob Tillitz and Rob said that the guy was selling some of them on production day two. Going to the actors and crew asking if they wanted a copy. Deborah Adair heard about this and told Rob to do something. Rob called him on it and told the photographer “you cannot sell pictures of people in it without their consent. ”

Gerald's wife Tamara asked, “Who would be sellable? ” Gerald replied, “The girls. Of which he mostly took pictures of. ” Gerald was getting upset about who is supposed to get what and why when Scott Slotterbeck said he emailed the pictures he took to Rob. “Have I been taken out of the loop? I mean I never got any pictures from a photographer which really makes me mad since I have been asking him since day one. And now you email yours to Rob? What is he going to do with them? I knew I never had any control on the movie. And Rob never told me he got any from anyone.

Rob Tillitz Tuesday, July 19, 2011 email

I looked at movie posters online and most have the protagonist predominantly displayed. I felt from the start that David needed to dominate this poster and believe I make this suggestion not egotistically but rather pragmatically. I know it goes against your "team" mentality and that you would rather have a group picture of the entire cast and crew on there — or nothing at all, which is what I think you're leaning toward. But, this is not about the C & C, it's about David.


Official movie poster for the WATERING hole (2011).

Official movie poster for the WATERING hole (2011)

Altered Official movie poster for  the WATERING hole (2011).

Altered Official movie poster for the WATERING hole (2011)

the WATERING hole (2011) poster with hat.

the WATERING hole (2011) poster with hat

the WATERING hole (2011) poster with arm and hat.

the WATERING hole (2011) poster with arm and hat

the WATERING hole (2011) poster with David and Nicor.

the WATERING hole (2011) poster with David and Nicor

the WATERING hole (2011) poster with David and Nicor with actor names Rob Tillitz and William Vannoland.

the WATERING hole (2011) poster with David and Nicor with actor names Rob Tillitz and William Vannoland

Nicor poster from the WATERING hole (2011).

Nicor poster from the WATERING hole (2011)

Gerald was happy with the all water with bubbles poster, and maybe the hat, but not the faces of David and Nicor. BUt he made them anyway because Rob wanted them.

4.3 Collector Items

Gerald created many customizable products to share with the cast & crew and anyone else wanting an Aria Pictures the WATERING hole (2011) collector items. T-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, sweatshirts, hoodies, clocks, and more.

The Aria Pictures Collector shop for Aria Pictures logo and the WATERING hole (2011) items has shrunk over time as it was meant to be for a limited time to keep the items unique, special, and collectable.

5 Release

5.1 Theatrical

5.1.1 Crest Theater

Ron Cooper September 13, 2011 newsletter

Water, Art, and Basketball: what do they all have in common?

A: They are all part of this year's A Place Called Sacramento Film Festival.

I was lucky enough to pre-view the films and I'm here to let you in on some fun inside information. This year's set of films are very diverse and there is something for all tastes and styles. From the super creative art and music scenesters to the paranormal and some stories that hit close to the heart. It's all there this year.

We are a river city and water is a common theme around here and at least 5 of the films touch on this, but in very different and unexpected ways. CSI:Sacramento (Something's Fishy) will tickle your punny bone with a fishy tale. Drown your sorrows at The WATERING Hole where mysteries abound. Watching Reluctant will be a very stimulating experience and features some shockingly beautiful views of the city. Learning to weather the storms is challenge for a war vet in Buddies and the healing properties of water and love will send shivers up your spine in Borrowed Time.

Ever see that mysterious package or box in film and wonder what's in it? Well, sorry, but with The Chozen you'll have to wait for that special day to come. Dig through The Purse to find out about these quirky characters and their mischievous ways.

Those of you who visit, live, work, and play in the Midtown area of Sacramento will appreciate Stalag Sacramento. And those of you who watch this film and aren't familiar with the creative music and art scene in the heart of this city will be intrigued to learn more about it! Kings fans unite! two of our wonderful films feature some avid sports fans. Some fans take it too far for their teams in The Break Up and just wait until the buzzer rings for Lucky Shot.

the WATERING hole (2011) poster in the lobby of the Crest Theater in Downtown Sacramento.

the WATERING hole (2011) poster in the lobby of the Crest Theater in Downtown Sacramento

Sunday, December 2 ,2011

Quentin the Fish with the WATERING hole (2011) poster in the lobby of the Crest Theater in Downtown Sacramento.

Quentin the Fish with the WATERING hole (2011) poster in the lobby of the Crest Theater in Downtown Sacramento

Sunday, December 2 ,2011

On Sunday, December 2, 2011, Gerald was not really wanting to attend the Premiere Event this year due to still having some ill-feelings about last years snubbing for THE GOLdEN TREE and the issues he went through on the WATERING hole (2011). But remembering the word lashings he received from a few people, he put aside the dark cloud and attended the event to show support for the film and the people who worked on it. Tamara made him order a poster and get it mounted on hardboard so they can display it on an easel as people walk into the Crest Theater. Gerald mingled with some of the attendees, but let Rob Tillitz do the bulk of the PR work since he was the producer.

Gerald was impressed with, and enjoyed, several stories this year. Dänna Wilberg's Borrowed Time was interesting, The Purse Erica Ruiz & Dwight Taylor was odd but entertaining, Reluctant by Nathan Reedy had some cool moments, The Breakup by Joyce Bezazian was brilliant with the double meaning of the title, Lucky Shot by Raghni Reddy was just over-the-top funny, and of course BUDDIES by Judith Plank was heartwarming.

When the films were finished playing, the filmmakers were asked to come up on stage.

Gerald October 3, 2011 journal

This kind of thing irritates me about anything written or spoken. Please be consistant.

1) This is not a film festival, which I have heard and seen it called by Access. It is a screenplay contents, and the winners are displayed at a premiere event.
2) The people submitting the screenplay, fill out a form that they put the name of the Producer, not the writer or director, but the producer. Access calls them producers up to a point when they call the same person, or the duo, filmmakers.

So, the filmmaker/producers were asked to come up on stage. Rob Tillitz went up to represent the film, even though he was in a few of the other films, he was the producer of record for the WATERING hole (2011). Each lead filmmaker/producer received a framed image of all the films and gave a speech about their film and thanked everyone who helped. Rob did a great job as the front man making sure to name everyone that helped on the WATERING hole (2011). He even mentioned Gerald as the main person behind the film and points to him in the audience. Gerald ducked his head and gave an apprehensive wave.

The Audience Favorite Award was the first award given, and it was tallied by everyone in the audience selecting their favorite after the films were projected. Of course most of the audience was connected to a film or two. They had to choose where their loyalties lie. Gerald swore it was going to go the Claire and the Chozen because she was the youngest filmmaker/producer. “Novelties always get it.” Gerald was happily surprised that it went to a deserving film, The Breakup, by Joyce Bezazian.

The Producer's Choice Award was chosen by the ten filmmaker/producers. They were asked to choose a film other than their own — but did they? Gerald sat next to Jim Heck and said “Say The Chozen. Go on say it and get this thing over with. You know it is going to be, because she is the novelty. Come on Chozen.”

Ron Cooper says “Three votes was the most that any of them got. ” Gerald was told by one of the higher-up event coordinators that the WATERING hole (2011) actually received four votes, and BUDDIES, the other film he worked on, received three. Three of the films received one vote, but Gerald tuned out which ones received the votes. The event coordinator asked Gerald not to say where he got the info. He thinks they wanted to keep Ron's mistake under-wraps, or they did not want the WATERING hole (2011) higher than some of the films in the past, or, and the one that Gerald believes is, they did not want to give Gerald any extra kudos because he has been a thorn in their side since the event last year.

After Ron Cooper said ^9The winner for this years Producer's Choice Award is, Rob Tillitz and Gerald Davenport for the WATERING hole (2011) ” Gerald looked confused, bewildered, and shocked and looked at Jim and asked, “What did he say ?” “He just called your name. You better get up there. ” Jim told Gerald. As Gerald walked down to the stage he looked at each of the filmmaker/producers and realized that “they voted for the WATERING hole (2011). Well, a majority did. ”

Gerald did not have a speech prepared, he had no idea the film would win anything, and he is still stunned that the film was selected. Rob Tillitz spoke as Gerald made his way up to the stage. He received his award and shook hands then waited fromn Rob to finish. Gerald gave an impromtu, scatter-brained, bumbling speech about how chaotic it was and how much he learned. He also recognized his fellow filmmaker/producers and their hard work.

Gerald and Rob's name are not the only names attached to the WATERING hole (2011). The award is not just theirs, it belongs to everyone involved. The cast and crew can say they were involved in a film that won the Access Sacramento 2011 A Place Called Sacramento festival Producers Choice Award.

700 Attend "Place Called Sacramento" Festival - 12th Annual Event Selects "Audience Favorite" and "Producer's Choice" Awards

Another large crowd cheered as the ten films were shown on the big screen at the Crest Sunday October 2nd.

Another large crowd cheered as the ten films were shown on the big screen at the Crest Sunday October 2nd. New Board Chair Jo Ann Fuller, Chair Emeritus Carl Burton and many other Board members were very pleased by the enthusiastic audience. Burton invited everyone to use the resources of Access Sacramento to express their free speech rights as protected by the Constitution.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Phot by Nathan Schemel

Since 2010, the PCS Festival only gives out two awards.

Since 2010, the "PCS" Festival only gives out two awards. The "Audience Favorite" award is selected by collecting audience ballots, and the "Producer's Choice" award is selected by the ten producers who are asked to vote for a film other than their own.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Phot by Nathan Schemel

Joyce Bezazian for The Breakup was selected by the audience.

The balloting this year was very close in both categories. After completing the tally, Joyce Bezazian for The Breakup was selected by the audience.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Phot by Nathan Schemel

the WATERING hole (2011) by Gerald Martin Davenport and Rob Tillitz was selected by the producers.

the WATERING hole (2011) by Gerald Martin Davenport and Rob Tillitz was selected by the producers with four votes. BUDDIES by Judith Plank received three.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Phot by Nathan Schemel

Ron Cooper with the Producers.

Access Sacramento 2011 A Place Called Sacramento festival gallery

Crest Theater in Sacramento, California - Saturday, October 2, 2011

Ron Cooper with the Producers

Photo by unknown

5.1.2 Crocker Art Museum

Access Sacramento decided to screen the 2011 A Place Called Sacramento films one more time due to the success and popularity of the films.

Sac City Express February 9, 2012 article
Crocker Art Museum.

Crocker Museum hosted the filmmakers event that happens every February. Access Sacramento kicks off the film project with scriptwriting and production workshops in which only 10 of several hundred entered are chosen. Photo by Matthew Blackburn

A Place Called Sacramento hits home

Local landmarks and actors were showcased on the silver screen as the Crocker Art Museum hosted the 12th annual A Place Called Sacramento film festival Feb. 2 in collaboration with Access Sacramento, the local public access television station.

The sleek, modern auditorium was packed with local actors, directors, moviegoers and Crocker members through 105 minutes of 10 short films — 10-minutes each — of varying genres. As part of the Crocker's Thursdays 'til 9 series, drama gave way to horror and mystery, but the audience found themselves humored with nearly every film.

Am I in hell? ” asked the hallucinating man in the WATERING hole (2011). “No, you're still in Sacramento,” replied the Bartender. The audience erupted with hysterical laughter.

“I'm not a Sacramento native, so hearing about this film festival is a really neat experience for me,” said Rika Nelson, coordinator and facilities associate of the Crocker Art Museum. “When you watch this film festival, every scene — you just get that great feeling, I've been there! I know these people! ”

Every February, Access Sacramento kicks off the film project with scriptwriting and production workshops. Several hundred scripts are entered by April, but only 10 are chosen in May to begin production using Access Sacramento's studios, production equipment and gear. “In the year 2000, we looked around Sacramento and realized that there were many folks who were interested in making movies,” said Ron Cooper, executive director of Access Sacramento, “and feeling very talented without any kind of opportunity to express those skills and abilities, particularly actors in the community.”

Stories varied in artistic style and ability. Many of the writers who had their scripts chosen had no writing or film experience. Some films portrayed a low-budget feel, while others showed off their special effects — a Sacramento police officer flexed his super-hero strength with lightning bolts that sparked from his hands. First-time screenwriter and director Joyce Bezazian won the Audience Choice Award at the premier of the A Place Called Sacramento film festival in October for her film The Breakup. “It was pretty exciting!‰ said Bezazian. “I didn't expect it.” Bezazian had no previous experience writing, directing or working with actors. “I'm very resourceful and a quick learner, so I just put everything together and jammed,” Bezazian said. “In college I wanted to do screenwriting for TV, but then my family said I should do something more practical, so I did. Then my partner said, There's a class, you should take it.” Bezazian only had an hour to register for the class because it started the very next day. “I was shocked that they picked it, which is why I wasn't even slightly prepared,” Bezazian said. Bezazian's film about an obsessed Sacramento Kings' fan was a favorite among the audience at the Crocker — no one could have known it was a rookie's film.

When it came to the puns toward Sacramento, patrons continued to laugh about the one-liners. “The digs in Sacramento were pretty good,” said Christine Kenny. “Ten minutes is tough,” said Patrick Monahan who has taken screenwriting classes in the past. “There were some little, hidden gems.”

The Crocker Art Museum is located at 216 O St. Visit Crocker Art Museum's website to find out more about the Thursday 'til 9 series. For information about A Place called Sacramento, please visit Access Sacramento's website.

5.2 Distribution

5.2.1 DVD

the WATERING hole (2011) was released on DVD. The DVD was distributed to all the members of the cast and crew.

the WATERING hole (2011) was one of 9 films on a compilation Blu-Ray of Aria Pictures short-films that was screened at the Sierra Cinemas in Grass Valley, California on April 9th, 2017 — Aria Leven Davenport's 27th birthday. Aria was not in attendance.

Limited Edition

Out of Print
Released: 5 December 2011
Runtime: 40 min
List Price: $10
Printed Keep Case
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 - Anamorphic Widescreen
Regional Information: 1 - USA NTSC, Color
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Subtitles: English

• 10-minute version from Access Sacramento's 'A place Called Sacramento' Film Festival 2011 Winning Selection
• Teasers

5.2.2 Video

the WATERING hole (2011) Teaser

the WATERING hole (2011) 10-minute version

6 Reception

6.1 Awards

6.1.1 Access Sacramento

the WATERING hole receives the Producer's Choice Award9 at Access Sacramento's Place Called Sacramento Film Festival.

6.1.2 ACM West WAVE Award

Michelle Barbaria Wednesday, October 3, 2012 email

HI Gerald, I just wanted to let you know that each year Ron (Cooper) submits the PCS films to the Alliance for Community Media WAVE Awards, and your and Rob's film "the Watering Hole" is a finalist. Congratulations! The award ceremony is being held at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Sacramento this year on October 20th from 6-8pm. You can find out more details on the website. You can also call Ron or me.
Congrats again!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 message
8:14:40 AM Gerald: Are we going then?
8:15:20 AM Rob Tillitz: Of course, it's very prestigous just to get nominated Michelle says.
8:15:33 AM Gerald: Only three movies made it
8:15:43 AM Gerald: Reluctant, The Break Up, and the WATERING hole.
8:16:45 AM Rob Tillitz: We are in a different category than those two. It looks like we have one movie as competition.
8:17:52 AMGerald: You mean we are competing against Trapped Inside?
8:18:09 AM Gerald: We are 26_Experimental _Innovative
8:18:44 AM Rob Tillitz: Yes, Experimental_Innovative, other movie is "Trapped Inside"
8:20:02 AM Rob Tillitz: The link to our moive is only 480p and I changed it with my FB post but then when I watched Traped inside I saw they had 10 views and we 101 so I changed the link back in case they're going on views.
8:21:25 AM Gerald: It is 2:46 long, no dialog, predictable, and boring. Nothing really exciting, but I am not a judge.
8:23:03 AM Rob Tillitz: Yes, don't count our chickens, or in this case predict how the judges will vote and on what criteria. I guess it looks like the oscars and the envelope will get opened and the winner announced.
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 post the WATERING hole Facebook Page

This is a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Gerald and Rob are beside themselves. Our first nomination for something we were not expecting is a good feeling to know that everyone's hard work is appreciated.

Reluctant, The Break Up, and the Watering hole, a Davenport/Tillitz film are the only movies from Access that were nominated.

The event is local on October 20 afrom 6 - 8 pm at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Sacramento. Not expecting anyone else to go as we do not want to be sad in front of you all if we do not win, but tickets are $25 and it is a prestigious event, from what we hear.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 message
11:49:45 AM Gerald: the WATERING hole is up for a WAVE award this year
11:50:16 AM Scott Slotterbeck: Really??? That is great news!
11:51:00 AM Gerald: Ron Cooper submitted it, along with The Break Up and Reluctant.
11:51:34 AM Gerald: Do not see you often, so I thought I would chime in and say hi. HI!!!
11:55:04 AM Scott Slotterbeck: how are you doing?
11:58:20 AM Gerald: Busy. Wrote ten 5 - 7 minute episodes of the WARTERING hole
11:58:47 AM Gerald: Not sure if I want to do a web series, but trying to stay, or wanting to stay, busy in production with something
11:58:57 AM Scott Slotterbeck: so this is the web series you were discussing?
11:59:52 AM Scott Slotterbeck: I agree that it will keep you busy.
12:02:59 PM: Scott Slotterbeck: Keeps your name out there
12:04:34 PM: Gerald: depends on where "out there" is
12:04:47 PM: Scott Slotterbeck: true!
12:15:11 PM: Gerald: It is all about staying busy and working on the craft and skills
12:15:26 PM: Gerald: Hate to have a blank time slot in my career.
12:15:34 PM: Scott Slotterbeck: I get it. Learning and growing
12:15:52 PM: Gerald: even when the season is over, athletes still train
12:16:07 PM: Scott Slotterbeck: true
ACM West Finalists 1.
ACM West Finalists 2.

October 20, 2012 the WATERING hole (2011) Wins WAVE Award

Gerald Martin Davenport and Rob Tillitz holding a WAVE Award for the WATERING hole.

Gerald Martin Davenport and Rob Tillitz holding a WAVE Award for the WATERING hole.

7 Proposed Spin-Off

Gerald thought about redoing the film with different actors and locations to get the story, plot, characters, and emotions where he felt they should be. “If people liked the film as it is now, imagine its popularity if it were what it should or could have been ?” Plans changed when finding a location for the bar was not as easy as Gerald thought it would be. He even pondered creating his own set, but finding a location to build it in was another hurdle.

The idea changed from redoing the film to creating a reoccurring episodic show that could be viewed monthly, just like his idea with THE GOLdEN TREE. Gerald was not convinced that is what he wanted to do, but came upo with a budgeting plan, sponsor ideas, and possible story lines.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 message
8:52:50 AM Gerald: Did I tell you I have a story for you in the WATERING hole?
8:53:49 AM Bill Bettencourt: No but as I am reading your posts I knew you would not forget about me. You love me too much

8:54:45 AM Gerald: I do. yes, I do. One of my first guys on screen. You know you made Rob mad cause you got first screen appearance and first billing in THE GOLdEN TREE
8:55:17 AM Bill Bettencourt: hahahaha oh well thats show biz hahahaha
9:00:53 AMGerald: I think that was the reason he wanted the lead in the WATERING hole
9:01:38 AM Gerald: So the story i have for you is 180 away from who you are and what you do
9:01:54 AM Gerald: Gonna push your acting abilities and let you have fun with it
9:02:38 AM Bill Bettencourt: And I think that is one of my flaws I do not have that ego or mentality. I am as good as I can be and you can use me or not.
9:02:50 AM Bill Bettencourt: sounds fun and interesting I like that
9:03:40 AM Gerald: One thing I have learned is to give the actor some credit, they are human beings too and want to grow, so giving them a challende that they are comfortable that they can do, but also not making it too easy for them
9:17:17 AM Gerald: Everyone has demons, or demons are trying to get inside them. I even have a hero story where they are trying to get into the hole to meet and defeat the nicor regime
9:18:10 AM Gerald: Each episode will have a different feel, not all the same, some will be down right scary, others comedic, and such.
9:19:21 AM Gerald: No walls, no roof, the sky is the limit on creativity and story. The general connection is that it is part of the WATERING hole world. And not all episodes will be done in a bar.
9:19:36 AM Bill Bettencourt: so a one out show like twilight zone
9:19:46 AM Gerald: no no no. characters will reappear in other episodes.
9:20:33 AM Gerald: kind of like satueday night live, once someone creates a gripping role with their character, than we want to revisit them in some way
9:20:55 AM Bill Bettencourt: oh ok. but will each episode have an ending or will it continue like a cliffhanger
9:21:11 AM Gerald: But yes, there will be some one outs, but if the actor is fun and good, i want to keep then doors swinging
9:21:36 AM Gerald: there will be a cliffhanger in some, of sorts, kind of like a foreshadowing
9:22:35 AM Gerald: some will end. but it is a continuing story unlike twilight zone.
Thursday, October 4, 2012 message
10:29:24 AM Gerald: so do you have some odd and weird stories in your pen?
10:29:33 AM Danna Dennis Wilberg: always
10:30:26 AM Gerald: I think the macabre can mix with the paranormal
10:31:42 AM Gerald: So if you can think of a tv show that is weird and cool like fringe, twilight zone, and such, plus movies like that, that is what it is about, once apon a time, but being the demons try to take people. Are the people always bad? No.
10:31:45 AM Danna Dennis Wilberg: watering hole...the new american horror?
10:32:03 AM Gerald: that started out pretty good.
10:32:19 AM Danna Dennis Wilberg: it started out brilliant!
10:32:21 AM Gerald: Paranormal, sci fi.
10:33:54 AM Gerald: It is is STORY. STORY, STORY
10:34:12 AM Danna Dennis Wilberg: like Twin Peaks
10:34:19 AM Gerald: Oh yeah!
10:34:41 AM Gerald: We need some good thrillers with good story lines that interconnect and tell a tale.
10:34:51 AM Danna Dennis Wilberg: yep
10:35:03 AM Gerald: though, I want people, to find out later it is truly a story about good verses eveil
10:35:09 AM Gerald: GOD and SATAN
10:35:39 AM Gerald: Snd mankind are the bargaining chips and the reward
10:35:52 AM Gerald: That is the underlying theme. between you and I
10:36:35 AM Gerald: Do, both sides are manipulating humans, the world, and the universe. but why, to what means. what purpose.
10:36:52 AM Gerald: Scary, thrilling, and thought provoking.
10:36:55 AM Danna Dennis Wilberg: heheh one in the same...ying and yang, both sides of the coin, ALL. perhaps Satan is the ego of God
10:37:10 AM Gerald: You read my mind
10:38:33 AM: Danna Dennis Wilberg: who invented "bad" anyway?
10:40:23 AM: Gerald: That is it. you cannot have light without dark
10:40:42 AM: Gerald: if you did not, we would not know the meaning of light
10:43:17 AM: Danna Dennis Wilberg: yep
10:43:28 AM: Danna Dennis Wilberg: balance
10:44:17 AM: Gerald: We are not saying God is bad, but what if He is both, split in two, to be the good and bad parts of him and he is battling himself, like people do
10:44:19 AM: Danna Dennis Wilberg: ie grey areas
10:45:47 AM: Danna Dennis Wilberg: caught in the grey...which way to go?
10:46:19 AM: Gerald: That is the WATERING hole
Thursday, October 4, 2012 message
10:40:49 AM: Gerald: Mr Danny Gray!!!
10:41:03 AM: Danny Gray: talk to me about "The Watering Hole"... anything that gives a nod to "The Twilight Zone" gets my full attention!!
10:42:06 AM: Gerald: It is a story, you have already seen right? we did a 10-minute the year after THE GOLdEN TREE and won and award for Producer's Choice at the festival.
10:42:49 AM: Gerald: We are now up for a WAVE award, and there has been some interest or buzz about redoing it or making more, or a full-length feature
10:43:27 AM: Gerald: I am not a TV guy or even a WEB Show guy, but a TV series gives you the ability to add more and continue a story easier and with more fluidity than a movie
10:43:57 AM: Danny Gray: I actually didn't see the 10-minute, it got past me somehow
10:44:12 AM: Danny Gray: web tv is very big now
10:44:41 AM: Gerald: I know, but not a fan, but others are, or have, kind of talked me into it
10:44:57 AM: Danny Gray: i know a few people who are getting into it because it gives an easy platform for exposure and feedback... in a sense, the entire online community becomes your focus group. which i guess has pros and cons
10:45:31 AM: Gerald: True, true. Not much money in it, but a good way to stay busy and creative
10:45:40 AM: Danny Gray: easy to get a fanbase if you strike gold with it ... hard to save face if not
10:45:56 AM: Gerald: I am looking at the positive, actually just want to stay busy and another film right now is kind of exhausting
10:46:36 AM: Danny Gray: yeah... depending on which contracts come through, I'll have anywhere between one and four short films on my plate this fall/winter
10:46:52 AM: Gerald:
10:46:56 AM: Danny Gray: i'd love to have all four, but these things are so unpredictable I'd settle for just one
10:48:40 AM: Danny Gray: and yes I do remember this now that I'm watching it
10:48:54 AM: Danny Gray: only saw the concept though
10:50:08 AM: Danny Gray: looks great as a finished product
10:50:15 AM: Danny Gray: nice sound design too
10:50:22 AM: Gerald: of course it's me your talking too
10:51:03 AM: Gerald: Truth be known, I was not going to turn it in after the first two days of photography
10:51:14 AM: Gerald: Or put my name on it. it was aweful
10:51:59 AM: Gerald: After another 4 days of pick ups and redo, still not happy with it, but others said I was crazy, so I spent 2 weeks in a hole, by myself, no contact and cut the crap out of it and came up with this and it won an award. who knew
10:52:53 AM Gerald: Now up for another crazy? I wrote the first draft in 3 hours on a cold, winter, power outage night by long hand, and using a camping light at 1 am
10:53:19 AM Gerald: can you say freak?
10:54:18 AM Danny Gray: the good old fashioned way
10:55:02 AM Danny Gray: getting to the end now.
10:55:35 AM Danny Gray: nice
10:56:14 AM Gerald: still have the golden tree ideas. thought about a web or TV series for that as well
10:56:33 AM Gerald: but we have lots of westerns
10:57:42 AM Danny Gray: You should do more of the psych/suspense stuff
10:57:50 AM Danny Gray: maybe i'm just partial to the genre
10:58:06 AM Danny Gray: this one came out really well
10:58:47 AM Gerald: they say twilight zone-ish, but it has its own elements
10:59:08 AM Danny Gray: it does, twilight zone sort of comes instantly to mind for me
10:59:28 AM Gerald: how the reveal is at the end, and not sure what is going on?
10:59:36 AM Gerald: each episode will have that, I hope.
10:59:38 AM Danny Gray: when you're looking at these short, small-cast, distorted reality concepts
10:59:46 AM Danny Gray: yes that too
11:00:23 AM Danny Gray: it is the sort of thing m.night shayamalan fleshed out into full-length features

The plan was put on hold in November of 2012.

8 Miscellaneous

8.1 Just Kidding

Rob Tillitz Saturday, July 30, 2011 email

My secret sweetheart is the lead in Borrowed Time and she asked me to be on set with her the other night so I went and took a bunch of pictures and Danna made me Admin on her page so I could upload them. Guess that is where the favorite thing could have happened. I took pictures but only gave her a few for her site and told her I'd sell everyone the rest......just kidding. ROB

8.2 Information Error

On October 21, 2011, wrote an article stating Don Carlos Sanders wrote and directed the the WATERING hole (2011). It was brought to Gerald's attention on Wednesday, February 29, 2012, and who wrote to the paper to correct their error. He was told that several other people did the same thing. The paper did not remove the incorrect information, they just put a "Correction" at the top of the article.

Sac City Express February 13, 2012 article

SacCityExpress Article Information Error.

10 Footnotes

8The caveat to that is that the poster(s) will be for sale, and the profit of each poster sold was no more than $2. Gerald wanted to keep the price low for people to get one, but the place did require a minimum of $2 more than the base price. Not going to make a huge profit selling twenty posters.